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1. "- Deitei-me diante da tua lareira e falei contigo sobre a tua vida. - disse. Não tinha nada a ver com o assunto.-Humm... Sim. Fizemos isso.- Recordo o nosso duche juntos.- Também fizemos isso.- Fizemos tanta coisa.- Ah... pois. Está bem.- Se não tivesse tanta coisa para fazer aqui em Shreveport, sentir-me-ia tentado a visitar-te para te recordar como gostaste de cada uma dessas coisas.- Se bem me lembro - afirmei -, também gostaste.- Ó, sim.- Eric, preciso de desligar. Tenho de ir trabalhar. - Ou de entrar em combustão espontânea. O que acontecesse primeiro."
Author: Charlaine Harris
2. "Would Eric enjoy being a Sooner? As I navigated through Shreveport, I wondered if Oklahoma vampires wore cowboy boots and knew all the songs from the musical."
Author: Charlaine Harris
3. "In the Shreve High football stadium,I think of Polacks nursing long beers in Tiltonsville,And gray faces of Negroes in the blast furnace at Benwood,And the ruptured night watchman of Wheeling Steel,Dreaming of heroes."
Author: James Wright
4. "Mirnin: Where's Shreve?"
Author: Rachel Caine
5. "Quentin did not answer, staring at the window; then he could not tell if it was the actual window or the window's pale rectangle upon his eyelids, though after a moment it began to emerge. It began to take shape in its same curious, light, gravity-defying attitude--the once-folded sheet out of the wistaria Mississippi summer, the cigar smell, the random blowing of the fireflies. "The South," Shreve said. "The South. Jesus. No wonder you folks all outlive yourselves by years and years and years." It was becoming quite distinct. He would be able to decipher the words soon, in a moment; even almost now, now, now."I am older at twenty than a lot of people who have died," Quentin said."
Author: William Faulkner

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