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1. "Doctor Simons? This is Thomson... No, without a ‘P', as in Venezuela..."
Author: Hergé
2. "Later: Midnight. Just woke up with this thought; Maybe Simons right. Maybe there is a spirit that ejects from the body. Even stars, when they die eject hydrogen and helium from their bodies, which fly out in space into infinity."
Author: Kelly Easton
3. "Catherine thought Simon was in the locket, and in heaven, and with them still. Lucas hoped she didn't expect him to be happy about having so many Simons to contend with."
Author: Michael Cunningham
4. "Mennonites formed themselves in Holland five hundred years ago after a man named Menno Simons became so moved by hearing Anabaptist prisoners singing hymns before being executed by the Spanish Inquisition that he joined their cause and became their leader. Then they started to move all around the world in colonies looking for freedom and isolation and peace and opportunities to sell cheese. Different countries give us shelter if we agree to stay out of trouble and help with the economy by farming in obscurity. We live like ghosts. Then, sometimes, those countries decide they want us to be real citizens after all and start to force us to do things like join the army or pay taxes or respect laws and then we pack our stuff up in the middle of the night and move to another country where we can live purely but somewhat out of context."
Author: Miriam Toews
5. "This is the reason the whole ‘keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel, use the hands-free handset' idea is a silly thing," Simons said. "Having your eyes on the road doesn't do any good unless your attention is on the road too."
Author: Tom Vanderbilt

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