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1. "This book is like a supreme car which can drive the world to a new horizon. N.DAS Humans declared themselves masters of their own lives,producers of cities and history,and inventor of heaven.Antonio Negri[EMPIRE]"
Author: Antonio Negri
2. "I watch James's face. His expression is an open book to me, because I took the time to learn the language many years ago."
Author: Cristin Terrill
3. "I was inspired by the marvelous example of Giacometti, the great sculptor. He always said that his dream was to do a bust so small that it could enter a matchbook, but so heavy that no one could lift it. That's what a good book should be."
Author: Elie Wiesel
4. "A book may be compared to your neighbour: if it be good it cannot last too long; if bad, you cannot get rid of it too early."
Author: Henry Brooke
5. "Then one day I read about a book that said that the church is the only army that shoots its wounded."
Author: Keith Miller
6. "Louis said, "There ought to be a comic book about geeks."Dr. McNaughton said, "There are books about geeks."He said, "There are?"Dr. McNaughton said, "I'll read you some Faulkner sometime. I'll read you some Eudora Welty, some Flannery O'Connor. Geeks, midgets, anything your heart desires. Better than comic books."Louis looked at his father. He said, "You'll read to me? Really?"
Author: Lewis Nordan
7. "Books were everywhere in their large apartment. Histories, biographies, novels, studies on Quebec antiques, poetry. Placed in orderly bookcases. Just about every table had at least one book on it, and oftern several magazines. And the weekend newspapers were scattered on the coffee table in the living room, in front of the fireplace. If a visitor was the observant type, and made it further into the apartment to Gamache's study, he might see the story the books in there told."
Author: Louise Penny
8. "Nothing leaves a scar upon an Authors heart more than a book they've written with purpose going unread."
Author: Mark W. Boyer
9. "I could put a book in his hands, but I couldn't take him by the ankles and dip him headfirst in another world. And for some reason, I knew even then that he needed it."
Author: Rebecca Makkai
10. "I had written a book of short stories which was published under the title of "Uncle Tom's Children". When the review of that book began to appear, I realized that I had made an awful naive mistake. I found that I had written a book which even bankers' daughters could read and weep over and feel good about. I swore to myself that if I ever wrote another book, no one would weep over it; that it would be so hard and deep that they would have to face it without the consolation of tears."
Author: Richard Wright
11. "It was more exciting to get that first book published, I think."
Author: Robert McCloskey
12. "I often find that a novel, even a well-written and compelling novel, can become a blur to me soon after I've finished reading it. I recollect perfectly the feeling of reading it, the mood I occupied, but I am less sure about the narrative details. It is almost as if the book were, as Wittgenstein said of his propositions, a ladder to be climbed and then discarded after it has served its purpose."
Author: Sven Birkerts
13. "Did you read the Outlander book by the Gabaldon lady?" She nods. "Yeah." I sigh. "I wish Will was more like Jamie." She sighs and whispers back, "I think we all wish men were like that."
Author: Tara Brown
14. "The book is like the spoon, scissors, the hammer, the wheel. once invented, it cannot be improved"
Author: Umberto Eco

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Quotes About Smaug The Hobbit Book
Quotes About Smaug The Hobbit Book
Quotes About Smaug The Hobbit Book

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