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1. "Clary?" he thought.Her voice came through, tinged with alarm. "What is it? What's happened? Did my mom find out I'm gone?""Not yet," he thought back. "Is Azazel the cat from the Smurfs?"There was a long pause. "That's Azrael, Simon. And no more using the magic rings for Smurfs question."
Author: Cassandra Clare
2. "I was a big fan of 'The Smurfs' growing up, even though by default - my mom used to force me to watch because she was a 'Smurfs' fan."
Author: Jayma Mays
3. "My mom was a big 'Smurfs' fan, so she would force me to watch every Saturday morning. I had no choice in the matter. I would jump downstairs on Saturday morning, 'Hurray, cartoons!' and she would say, 'Smurfs! That's what you're watching.'"
Author: Jayma Mays
4. "I´ve been Obeahed by an Obeahman? Is this like how the smurfs say they smurfing smurfed all the time?"
Author: Kendare Blake
5. "Tayla cursed under her breath. "I was just explaining to Eidolon that Sin is a Smurfette."Wraith swung his big body around to study Sin with blue eyes that were very different from Shade's, E's. and Lore's. Sin's, too. "Nah. Smurfette is way hotter.""What the fuck is a Smurfette?" Eidolon was seriously getting annoyed now."There's this cartoon called The Smurfs," Tayla explained, slowly, as though Eidolon were the child here."They're these little blue people, and they're all male. But one day a female shows up. She shouldn't exist, but she does."Eidolon considered that for a second. "How did she get there?""An evil wizard named Gargamel made her," Tayla said. "In a lab or something.""So you're suggesting that an evil wizard made Sin?""Of course not, silly. I'm just saying she's a Smurfette. A lone female amongst males."Eidolon frowned. "Did the Smurfette mate with the males?""Dude." Wraith grimaced. "It's a cartoon."
Author: Larissa Ione
6. "Why is there blue stuff on your face?i was partying with the smurfs. i wanted to fit in."
Author: Lesley Livingston
7. "Wow! First vampires. Then gods. Now…vampire—gods? What's next? Werewolves? Smurfs? Were-Smurfs?"
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
8. "I do a lot of books on tape for Beverly Cleary, and another 'Smurfs' shout-out for that demographic."
Author: Neil Patrick Harris

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