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1. "Giving the rugged repairman the eye was one thing -- but Charity had no intention of snogging away a whole rainy afternoon when she was supposed to be catching up on her work. Lady Margaret was counting on her! But then again, Lady Margaret didn't have big brown eyes and a cheeky grin."
Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard
2. "What I like about limousines is they have tinted windows, so no-one can see if you're snogging in the back seat."
Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard
3. "Sever sarcastic snakes, sting six soulless slaves, severely smack saucy sin, scar sooky saps' spines snogging snug sexy slang, 666 I'm glad yourang…"
Author: Initially NO
4. "Our Teddy! Teddy Lupin! Snogging our Victoire! Our cousin! And I asked Teddy what he was doing-----James Sirius Potter"
Author: J.K. Rowling
5. "...there us a difference you know, between the male and the female ghost-""What is the difference?" Georgina asked."Oh, the male ghost is obsessed with venegemce, I find." Lear said, drinking again."And what are females obsessed by?" Hugh asked."Prick songs," Lear said. "Snogging. Same as when they are alive, really."
Author: Julia Quinn
6. "Look, girls and boys are different. Girls like to be touched twenty times a day in a nonsexual way to feel good about themselves - that is why I tickle you and link arms with you - but boys think about sex, snogging and football, and also snogging whilst playing football. Simple."
Author: Louise Rennison
7. "I could have quite literally snogged until the cows came home. And when they came home I would have shouted, "WHAT HAVE YOU COWS COME HOME FOR? CAN'T YOU SEE I'M SNOGGING, YOU STUPID HERBIVORES???"
Author: Louise Rennison
8. "...Then it said on the news, "And tonight the Prime Minister has just got to Number Ten."I looked down at Jas and said, "Ooer." Meaning he'd got to number ten on the snogging scale. And then we both laughed like loons.Vati just looked at us like we were mad."
Author: Louise Rennison
9. "Myrnin came in from the back room, carrying a load of books, which he dropped with aloud bang on the floor to glare at the two of them. "Excuse me," he said, "but when did my labbecome appropriate for snogging?""What's snogging?" Shane asked."Ridiculous displays of inappropriate affection in front of me. Roughly translated. Andwhat are you doing here?"
Author: Rachel Caine

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