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1. "As a nation we may take pride in the fact that we are softhearted; but we cannot afford to be soft-headed"
Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
2. "A stray dog, I might understand," she said. "But this? You are too softhearted."No, Mabry," Ravus said. "I am not." He looked in Val's direction. "I think she wants to die."Maybe you can help her after all," Mabry said. "You're good at helping people die."
Author: Holly Black
3. "I didn't care much for being called stupid and softhearted. But the boyfriend bit I could live with."
Author: Mike Mullin

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Quotes About Softhearted
Quotes About Softhearted
Quotes About Softhearted

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Ah, what he is; that is quite another thing. I have seen so many remarkable things in him, that if you would have me really say what I think, I shall reply that I really do look upon him as one of Byron's heroes, whom misery has marked with a fatal brand; some Manfred, some Lara, some Werner, one of those wrecks, as it were, of some ancient family, who, disinherited of their patrimony, have achieved one by the force of their adventurous genius, which has placed them above the laws of society."
Author: Alexandre Dumas

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