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1. "As a kid, I loved doing puzzles, solving riddles, and reading mystery books. I also loved animals and always had pets."
Author: Bonnie Bassler
2. "Thus we arrive at the singular conclusion that of all the information passed by our cultural assets it is precisely the elements which might be of the greatest importance to us and which have the task of solving the riddles of the universe and of reconciling us to the sufferings of life -- it is precisely those elements that are the least well authenticated of any."
Author: Sigmund Freud
3. "On what can we now place our hopes of solving the many riddles which still exist as to the origin and composition of cosmic rays? It must be emphasized here above all that to attain really decisive progress greater funds must be made available."
Author: Victor Francis Hess

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Quotes About Solving Riddles
Quotes About Solving Riddles
Quotes About Solving Riddles

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