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1. "I'd been painting rats for three years before someone said 'that's clever it's ananagram of art' and I had to pretend I'd known that all along."
Author: Banksy
2. "That's what it is every time you walk into the room to write with someone new. It's like, oh god I have to take my clothes off 'my creative clothes' and let them see all of my flaws."
Author: Cynthia Weil
3. "I have the mentality that sometimes a role is just meant for someone else. If you're supposed to get a part, the light will shine on you. And if not, nothing you do is going to help."
Author: Dawn Olivieri
4. "If someone is mean, harmful, or evil, they're out of my life. I cross them out."
Author: Doris Roberts
5. "And if sometimes, on the stairs of a palace, or on the green side of a ditch, or in the dreary solitude of your own room, you should awaken and the drunkenness be half or wholly slipped away from you, ask of the wind, or of the wave, or of the star, or of the bird, or of the clock, of whatever flies, or sighs, or rocks, or sings, or speaks, ask what hour it is; and the wind, wave star, bird, clock, will answer you: 'it is the hour to be drunken! Be drunken, if you would not be martyred slaves of Time; be drunken continually! With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you will."" (He grins at his father provocatively.)"
Author: Eugene O'Neill
6. "Neverfell was tired, so very tired. Waiting in her room to learn of her fate, her mind kept dropping away into sleep for numb instants no longer than a blink. Next moment her thoughts would jar her awake again, thrashing and crashing and clattering like a monstrous waterwheel, turning and turning without end or purpose. She jerked and stared and barely knew where she was, dream pieces floating like iceberg shards across her half-waking mind."
Author: Frances Hardinge
7. "Its not that he didn't appreciate his dishwasher. There was something about washing dishes by hand that was therapeutic, as if he could wash away the regrets of the past and photos he wanted to wipe out of his memory forever."
Author: James L. Rubart
8. "„Did you just…clean a dish?" Dee backed away slowly, blinking. She glanced at Daemon. "The world is going to end. And I'm still a vir—" "No!" both the brothers yelled in unison. Daemon looked like he was actually going to vomit. "Jesus, don't ever finish that statement. Actually, don't ever change that. Thank you."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
9. "So I ask you: whose job is it in this country to wake up comatose parents? Someone better do it soon because knowing television's potential for harm and keeping that knowledge to ourselves instead of sharing it with parents amounts to covering up a land mine on a busy street."
Author: Jim Trelease
10. "There is no getting away from the past or from one's destiny."
Author: Laxmi Hariharan
11. "You find a lot of junk when you're searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you'll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you're certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you're hooked for life."
Author: Ransom Riggs
12. "So don't go, she wanted to say, but she couldn't. Not when he looked so happy, so excited about what his future might hold. That was the way normal people felt when they were trying to move up, when they'd found someone to love who loved them back. Not the way Chess felt, like she was trying to stem an arterial bleed with her fingertip."
Author: Stacia Kane

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Quotes About Someone Pushing You Away Tumblr
Quotes About Someone Pushing You Away Tumblr
Quotes About Someone Pushing You Away Tumblr

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