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1. "It's never possible to know for certain the "true" source of any given interpretation, the dividing line between our association (i.e., projection) and reality. The question quickly becomes, What is real? It is always possible to consciously or unconsciously "see" almost anything we want. I can look at the ceiling and see an image of the Virgin Mary, or I can look at the ceiling and see that the spackler did a damn good job."
Author: Derrick Jensen
2. "My front door had seen jean skirts, dresses, even a see-through tube dress over a string bikini. A handful of times, spackled-on makeup and glitter lotion. Never pajamas."
Author: Jamie McGuire
3. "...Is it just another pore expanding? God, I already have pores the size of pudding cups, that's the last thing I need, another fill in with spackle."
Author: Laurie Notaro
4. "Pain gettin' cum spackle out of your pubes once it dries solid, you know."
Author: Mark Alders
5. "Spackle!" Manchee barks, tho he's too chicken to attack now that I've held back. "Spackle! Spackle! Spackle!""Shut up, Manchee," I say."Spackle!""I said shut up!" I shout, which stops him."Spackle?" Manchee says, unsure of things now.I swallow, trying to get rid of the pressure in my throat, the unbelieveable sadness that comes and comes as I look at it looking back at me. Knowledge is dangerous and men lie and the world keeps changing, whether I want it to or not.Cuz, it ain't a Spackle."It's a girl," I say.It's a girl."
Author: Patrick Ness
6. "But the Spackle War was over a long time ago, wasn't it?""Thirteen years now.""Thirteen years where you could have righted a wrong."She finally looks at me. "Life is only that simple when you're young, my girl."
Author: Patrick Ness
7. "Free, I think. They're free.(is this why she joined them?)I feel so-So relieved.I pick up the pace as I near the opening, my hands gripping my rifle but I have a feeling I ain't gonna need it.(ah, Viola, I knew I could count-)Then I reach the opening and stop.Everything stops.My stomach falls right thru my feet."They're all gone?" Davy says, coming up beside me.Then he see what I see."What the-?" Davy says.The Spackle ain't all gone.They're still here.Every single one.All 1150 of them.Dead."
Author: Patrick Ness
8. "And what other kind of man would you want leading you into battle?" he says, reading my Noise. "What other kind of man is suitable for war?"A monster, I think, remembering what Ben told me once. War makes monsters of men."Wrong," says the Mayor. "It's war that makes us men in the first place. Until there's war, we are only children."Another blast of the horn comes roaring down at us, so loud it nearly takes our heads off and it puts the army off its stride for a second or two.We look up the road to the bottom of the hill. We see Spackle torches gathering there to meet us."Ready to grow up, Todd?" the Mayor asks."
Author: Patrick Ness

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