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1. "Well,' said Mrs. Erdleigh, speaking kindly, as if to a child who has proposed a game inevitably associated with the breakage of china, 'I know trouble will come of it if we do."
Author: Anthony Powell
2. "I couldn‘t make sense of the mess in my head. Diego was dead, and that was the main thing, the devastating thing. Other than that, the fight was over, my coven had lost and my enemies had won. But my dead coven was full of people who would have loved to watch me burn, and my enemies were speaking to me kindly when they had no reason to."
Author: Stephenie Meyer

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Quotes About Speaking Kindly
Quotes About Speaking Kindly

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When I ask teachers why they teach, they almost always say that it is because they want to make a difference in the lives of children."
Author: Arne Duncan

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