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1. "I think as a child you know when it's time for your parents to split. You realise they love each other, but they're not in love with each other. And I think as a child it's much better for your parents to split than for them to stay and have dysfunction within the family."
Author: Abbie Cornish
2. "The dog growled again, long and ferocious. The hair on my neck tingled.And just when I knew he would attack, a horrible scream split the air, and Darlene passed out and fell over on her side."
Author: Carol Petrie
3. "I was at a school in England, a prep school, from the ages of 8 and 13. And every play they did was a musical. Parents love musicals. And I don't sing. It was driving me crazy. 'We're doing 'Macbeth.'' 'Yes!' 'The musical!' And I was always in the chorus, because of course, in all the main parts, you had to be able to sing."
Author: Charlie Cox
4. "Did you tell my mother that you called me a bitch last night,too?" I asked him. "Because that's the best way I know to win parents over."For a split second,he looked uncomfortable. Almost immediately, he recovered and went back on the offensive. "You shouldn't wear those jeans.People might think something."I stomped my foot on the stair. "Like what? I want to show off my fire-crotch? What do you care? God! Stop following me." My hair was down now, and I felt it smack into his chest as I whirled around and flounced down the rest of the stairs, across the lobby, and into the cold night."
Author: Jennifer Echols
5. "In addition, Steinberg has found that adolescence is especially rough on parents who don't have an outside interest, whether it be work or a hobby, to absorb their interests as their child is pulling away."
Author: Jennifer Senior
6. "When I first met Cara, she was twelve and angry at the world. Her parents had split up, her brother was gone, and her mom was infatuated with some guy who was missing vowels in his unpronounceable last name. So I did what any other man in that situation would do: I came armed with gifts. I bought her things that I thought a twelve-year-old would love: a poster of Taylor Lautner, a Miley Cyrus CD, nail polish that glowed in the dark. "I can't wait for the next Twilight movie," I babbled, when I presented her with the gifts in front of Georgie. "My favorite song on the CD is 'If We Were a Movie.' And I almost went with glitter nail polish, but the salesperson said this is much cooler, especially with Halloween coming up."Cara looked at her mother and said, without any judgment, "I think your boyfriend is gay."
Author: Jodi Picoult
7. "My parents split up when I was about 2. I realize more and more how much I'm like my father. My gentleness comes from my mother."
Author: Justin Townes Earle
8. "I was very strict on that point. No devouring classmates." Jeremy rolled his eyes. "Other parents warn their kids not to talk to strangers. I had to warn mine not to eat them."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
9. "Oi!'I drop in on him the first chance I get.Round three. There's one coming on the inside and I start paddling for it. He starts for it too, telling me, ‘It's mine, sunshine.'‘Get stuffed.'As I feel the surge take my board, he grins across at me. ‘Split it?'So we split the peak, he goes left and I go right, and I know, like me, he's thinking, How good is this?"
Author: Kirsty Eagar
10. "Emma is a mattress who got thrown off the truck when her parents split up. It's not like you can blame a mattress when people don't tie it down tight enough."
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
11. "I come from a broken home. My parents split up when I was nine. Everyone gave me a good wallop. But I come from a time when you just put up with that, you got on with things rather than sitting moaning about them."
Author: Len Goodman
12. "I don't know why my parents split up. I guess they just drifted apart, but I do know they stayed very good friends."
Author: Minnie Driver
13. "And will they all hang with with you, for fellowship,and split death into equal shares like loot?""I am not caught yet,"
Author: Scott Lynch
14. "As an infant, my oldest brother was taken from my parents and they weren't allowed to raise him. For centuries, my father thought him dead while my mother … well, both of them really, were imprisoned by different gods. When they were finally reunited, long after my oldest brother was grown, they had my brother Ari right away."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
15. "The Christmas after Mom & Dad split up, they both went crazy buying us presents. Matt, Jonny, and I were showered with gifts at home and at Dads apartment. I thought that was great. I was all in favor of my love being paid for with presents. This year all I got was a diary and a secondhand watch. Okay, I know this is corny, but this really is what Christmas is all about."
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
16. "The parents have a right to say that no teacher paid by their money shall rob their children of faith in God and send them back to their homes skeptical, or infidels, or agnostics, or atheists."
Author: William Jennings Bryan

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