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1. "I am basically turning football players into sprinters for a while. When we first talked about it, I didn't know how my expertise could be used."
Author: Ato Boldon
2. "I have to keep going, as there are always people on my track. I have to publish my present work as rapidly as possible in order to keep in the race. The best sprinters in this road of investigation are Becquerel and the Curies..."
Author: Becquerel
3. "Humans are built for endurance, not speed. We're awful sprinters compared to every other animal. We try to run our races as if they were speed races, but they are not. They're endurance races. Even a marathon, the way it's run now, it's not an endurance contest."
Author: Christopher McDougall
4. "You find sprinters testing other sprinters' mental capability. But these are my good friends on the track. I don't think we need to do that."
Author: Donovan Bailey
5. "Before me, sprinters retired at 23 or 24. I run because I still like it, I can make a living, and I feel I was born to do it. And because people tell me I can't do it."
Author: Evelyn Ashford
6. "Love affairs are for emotional sprinters; the pleasures of love are for the emotional marathoners."
Author: Robertson Davies

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