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1. "Die Männer hatten die Bajonette aufgepflanzt. Sie standen in steinerner Unbeweglichkeit, das Gewehr in der Hand, am vorderen Hange des Hohlwegs und starrten in das Vorgelände. Ab und zu, beim Schein einer Leuchtkugel, sah ich Stahlhelm an Stahlhelm, Klinge an Klinge blinken und wurde von einem Gefühl der Unverletzbarkeit erfüllt. Wir konnten zermalmt, aber nicht besiegt werden."
Author: Ernst Jünger
2. "Iki kere iki çekilmez bir sey. Iki kere iki dört, bana sorarsaniz bir küstahliktir. iki kere iki dört ellerini bögrüne dayayarak yolumuzu kesen, saga sola tükürük atan bir külhanbeyinin ta kendisidir. iki kere iki dördün yetkinligine inanirim ama en çok övülmeye deger bir sey varsa, o da iki kere ikinin bes etmesidir."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
3. "Masal tehlikeli bir diyardir, orada gafiller için tuzaklar, küstahlar içinse zindanlar vardir."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
4. "But the real and actual 'riggedness' of the Eurovision lies in the vision it presents to us as to what 'Culture' is supposed to be: a monotone, cheap, cloned industrialized song with some glamour attached. The formula is always the same: 24 cloned songs, like computer automated, and 2 'crazy' ones so it seems that all this clonedness is actually supported by creativity. But in this image of 'craziness' there is the same formula: cloned, boring songs with some carnavalesque stuff attached. The factual dynamics of the event are in fact fascist: its almost purely Riefenstahl, but the Chinese mass production version of it. It shows us one thing and one thing only: Countries are an illusion, they are all the same. There are no countries."
Author: Martinus Hendrikus Benders
5. "About eight days ago I discovered that sulfur in burning, far from losing weight, on the contrary, gains it; it is the same with phosphorus; this increase of weight arises from a prodigious quantity of air that is fixed during combustion and combines with the vapors. This discovery, which I have established by experiments, that I regard as decisive, has led me to think that what is observed in the combustion of sulfur and phosphorus may well take place in the case of all substances that gain in weight by combustion and calcination; and I am persuaded that the increase in weight of metallic calyxes is due to the same cause... This discovery seems to me one of the most interesting that has been made since Stahl and since it is difficult not to disclose something inadvertently in conversation with friends that could lead to the truth I have thought it necessary to make the present deposit to the Secretary of the Academy to await the time I make my experiments public."
Author: Stahl

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Quotes About Stahl
Quotes About Stahl

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