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1. "Oh, I can picture myself rattling along Route 66 on that thing, headphones on, singing along to ZZ Top's 'Sharp Dressed Man' or the opening line from 'Born to be Wild' by Steppenwolf - 'Get your motor running...' The trike brings out that in all of us, which is no bad thing. Forget Viagra, get yourself a trike!"
Author: Billy Connolly
2. "I was only in one play at Steppenwolf, in the early days."
Author: Douglas Wood
3. "I was a big J. Geils fan, a Steppenwolf fan and a Savoy Brown fan."
Author: George Thorogood
4. "That man is not yet a finished creation but rather a challenge of the spirit; a distant possibility dreaded as much as it is desired; that the way towards it has only been covered for a short distance and with terrible agonies and ecstasies even by those few for whom it is the scaffold today and the monument tomorrow - all this the Steppenwolf, too, suspected."
Author: Hermann Hesse
5. "Je afschuw van de politiek, je bedroefdheid over het geklets en het onverantwoordelijke gedoe van de partijen, de pers, je wanhoop over de oorlog, over de voorbije en die nog moet komen, over de manier waarop men tegenwoordig denkt, leest, bouwt, muziek maakt, feestviert, opvoedt! Je hebt gelijk, steppenwolf, duizendmaal gelijk, en toch moet je ondergaan. Jij bent voor deze eenvoudige, gemakkelijke, met zo weinig tevreden wereld van tegenwoordig veel te pretentieus en hongerig, de wereld spuwt je uit, je hebt een dimensie te veel. Wie tegenwoordig op een prettige manier, mag geen mens zijn zoals jij en ik. Wie in de plaats van gejank muziek, in de plaats van lol vreugde, in de plaats van geld geest, in de plaats van broodwinning echt werk, in plaats van gespeel echte hartstocht verlangt, voor die is deze aardige wereld hier geen tehuis..."
Author: Hermann Hesse
6. "Man designs for himself a garden with a hundred kinds of trees, a thousand kinds of flowers, a hundred kinds of fruit and vegetables. Suppose, then, that the gardener of this garden knew no other distinction between edible and inedible, nine-tenths of this garden would be useless to him. He would pull up the most enchanting flowers and hew down the noblest trees and even regard them with a loathing and envious eye. This is what the Steppenwolf does with the thousand flowers of his soul. What does not stand classified as either man or wolf he does not see at all."
Author: Hermann Hesse
7. "During that very first conversation, about the araucaria, he called himself the Steppenwolf, and this too estranged and disturbed me a little. What an expression! However, custom did not only reconcile me to it, but soon I never thought of him by any other name; nor could I today hit on a better description of him. A wolf of the Steppes that had lost its way and strayed into the towns and the life of the herd, a more striking image could not be found for his shy loneliness, his savagery, his restlessness, his homesickness, his homelessness."
Author: Hermann Hesse
8. "Put 'em on and be yourself, mister alienated loner steppenwolf bemused distant meta-izing technocrat rationalist fucking shithead."
Author: Neal Stephenson
9. "After the success of 'August,' there were people saying I should change my life. And maybe I should have bought a yacht and traveled the world instead of returning to Steppenwolf to act in and write plays. But I'm from the Midwest, and that's what we do: We go back to work."
Author: Tracy Letts
10. "'Killer Joe' was originally written in 1991 and first produced in '93 at the Next Theater's Lab - a 40 seat black box theater in Evanston, Illinois - back when I was getting started. I was just 25 and I had been acting for awhile, but it was my first play and the one that really got me noticed, especially by Steppenwolf."
Author: Tracy Letts

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Quotes About Steppenwolf
Quotes About Steppenwolf
Quotes About Steppenwolf

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