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1. "Jack was too absorbed in his work to hear the bell. He was mesmerized by the challenge of making soft, round shapes of hard rock. The stone had a will of its own, and if he tried to make it do something it did not want to do, it would fight him, and his chisel would slip, or dig in too deeply, spoiling the shapes. But once he had got to know the lump of rock in front of him he could transform it. The more difficult the task, the more fascinated he was. He was beginning to feel that the decorative carving demanded by Tom was too easy. Zigzags, lozenges, dogtooth, spirals and plain roll moldings bored him, and even these leaves were rather stiff and repetitive. He wanted to curve natural-looking foliage, pliable and irregular, and copy the different shapes of real leaves, oak and ash and birch."
Author: Ken Follett
2. "Besides, if there were no dragons of flesh and blood and fire, whence would come the idea for these stone carvings?"
Author: Robin Hobb
3. "You forgot to cough!" he said."Sorry." She coughed."Your sneakiness is dangerous. Next time that chisel will lodge itself in my head.""Now, Peder, there's plenty of stone around here for carving. No need to practice on your own face."He stroked his chin. "You're right, my jaw is already chiseled to perfection."She agreed, but she felt too silly to say so aloud."
Author: Shannon Hale
4. "It was a heavy piece, about thirty inches in height, carved of stone. And so ugly that it defied description. Surely only a blind person could have carved it.Maybe carving it was what made the person blind."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
5. "That was on the pillar stone on Ynys Bainail," I said, indicating the carving. "What does it mean?""It is Mor Cylch, the maze of life," Tegid told me. "It is trodden with just enough light to see the next step or two ahead, but not more. At each turn the soul must decide whether to journey on or whether to go back the way it came.""What if the soul does not journey on? What if it chooses to go back the way it came?""Stagnation and death," replied Tegid with mild vehemence. He seemed irritated that anyone would consider retreating."And if the soul travels on?""It draws nearer its destination," the bard answered. "The ultimate destination of all souls is the Heart of the Heart."
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

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