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1. "What is a rebel? Someone who says no. But saying no does not mean giving up: it also means saying yes, with every gesture."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "And sometimes, when the stars are kind, we read with an intake of breath, with a shudder, as if someone or something had 'walked over our grave,' as if a memory had suddenly been rescued from a place deep within us - the recognition of something we never knew was there, or of something we vaguely felt as a flicker or a shadow, whose ghostly form rises and passes back into us before we can see what it is, leaving us older and wiser."
Author: Alberto Manguel
3. "The only downside to playing the violin is that you never know when you're going to be asked to play. I could be out to dinner or having a drink at a bar, and someone could just give me a violin, and I've got to be ready to play."
Author: Charlie Siem
4. "When did you stop caring for me? Certainly not before Thanksgiving. You certainly wouldn‘t accept a blow job from someone if you were thinking about breaking up with her."
Author: Daria Snadowsky
5. "The sad thing is most people have to check with someone before they do the things that make them happy. We're all passing through; the least we can do is be happy, and the only way to do that is by being selfish."
Author: Gene Simmons
6. "I think we communicate only too well, in our silence, in what is unsaid, and that what takes place is a continual evasion, desperate rearguard attempts to keep ourselves to ourselves. Communication is too alarming. To enter into someone else's life is too frightening. To disclose to others the poverty within us is too fearsome a possibility."
Author: Harold Pinter
7. "Of course life frightens me sometimes. I don't happen to take that as the premise for everything else though. I'm going to give it hundred percent and go as far as I can. I'll take what I want and leave what I don't want. That's how I intend to live my life, and it things go bad, I'll stop and reconsider at that point. If you think about it, an unfair society is a society that makes it possible for you to exploit your abilities to the limit."
Author: Haruki Murakami
8. "His eyes were burning a liquid silver and his arm tightened around me. "I would never give up on you, Alex. Never.""Then why are you being such a—""What?" his voice dropped low. "I'm being what?"Infuriating. Stubborn. Thick-skulled. Freaking sexy. "Good gods, can we stop arguing and just, I don't know, make out?"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
9. "I'm not really the type to wear my heart on my sleeve. I would let someone know if I liked them, but it takes a while for me to fall in love."
Author: Joshua Jackson
10. "It was cool to wake up knowing your day would include someone else in a way that was integral to life."
Author: Kristen Ashley
11. "A fair deal, as everyone knows, is when both people give something of more or less equal value. If you were bored with laying with your chemistry set, and you gave it to your brother in exchange for his dollhouse, that would be a fair deal. If someone offered to smuggle me out of the country in her sailboat, in exchange for free tickets to an ice show, that would be a fair deal. But working for years in a lumbermill in exchange for the owner's trying to keep Count Olaf away is an enormously unfair deal, and the three youngsters knew it."
Author: Lemony Snicket
12. "Do you stop caring about someone you love - just because they don't feel the same way?"
Author: Lesley Livingston
13. "I know what I should love to do - to build a study; to write, and to think of nothing else. I want to bury myself in a den of books. I want to saturate myself with the elements of which they are made, and breathe their atmosphere until I am of it. Not a bookworm, being which is to give off no utterances; but a man in the world of writing - one with a pen that shall stop men to listen to it, whether they wish to or not."
Author: Lew Wallace
14. "Comedy is created when someone is trying very earnestly to do what he feels is the right thing to do at that moment."
Author: Madeline Kahn
15. "Walls aren't put in our life to stop us, they are there to test how much we really want somthing."
Author: Randy Pausch
16. "I'm careful, controlled, bodily conservative: if someone offered me a pill I'd only ever take a half."
Author: Roy Harper
17. "People generally let me be me. People are aware that I'm not someone particularly begging for attention. They hold back a bit with me."
Author: Sade Adu
18. "Everyone I say stop bullying it is sad and tears someones heart apart and next thing they do is Suicide because they think that is the right next step!If you are a Person who gets bullied find someone who will stop this! Don't just kill yourself for the other person to be happy because you are gone! They are just jealous of you and want to start problems and make you a troublemaker! Ignore those mean cruel evil people in you life and spend time with the nice caring sweet loving angels of yours! :DBecause bullying is a dumb and stupid waste of time!Try to shake it off the mean hurtful stuff and keep on doing the right stuff that is going to help you become a better person and when i say a better person i mean more than a better person!~Skye Daphne~"
Author: Skye Daphne
19. "The game doesn't always go your way. Forget fair. Feel forgotten.But damn it, Anna, You don't stop playing."
Author: Terri Fields
20. "A poor person is one who doesn't buy anything until he sees someone else buying it first."
Author: Vikrant Parsai

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