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51. "Watching "a fucking stripper movie" when the strippers have dicks"
Author: Harper Sloan
52. "Are you kidding I was raised Catholic, my mom just came back from a Saint Francis Pilgrimage in Italy and bought a huge statue to prove it, big as you. Big as you. Catholics aren't like that, they can be a little slutty at times, sure and there's the pedophilia, but they aren't allowed to be strippers! It's not allowed!"
Author: Laurie Notaro
53. "I realize Jubilee is a bit of a stripper name. You probably think I have heard the call of the pole."
Author: Maureen Johnson
54. "Did you know Kyle's back?" "Yes, we saw him earlier, why my panties just dropped at the sight of him. I simply have to get him into my bed faster than a stripper looses her inhibitions."
Author: R.S. Burnett
55. "Jerome sighed and set down his fork. "Are you still doing that, Georgie? Don't I suffer enough without having to endure the humiliation of a succubus who moonlights as a Christmas elf?" "You always said I should quit the bookstore and find something else to do," I reminded him."Yes, but that was because I thought you'd go on to do something respectable. Like become a stripper or the Mayor's mistress."
Author: Richelle Mead
56. "She was no stripper with a heart of gold, that was for sure. A heart of steel, more like."
Author: Shannon Celebi
57. "His deep voice drifted to her through the crowd of women. "…my lady when she returns. Och, there ye are, Blossom," Faolán grinned, standing up and taking her hand so she could ease back into the restaurant booth. "These lasses were just asking if I was a stripper. I told them I doona think so," he said, his face clouded with uncertainty. "I'm not, am I?"The inquisitive lasses in question flushed scarlet and scattered to the four corners of the room at the murderous look on Colleen's face. "No, you're not, but I guess I can see how they'd think that," she muttered darkly. "What you are is a freaking estrogen magnet."
Author: Shannon MacLeod

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