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1. "True love, the good, beautiful, one-and-only kind, the kind between loving friends and family and partners who are mostly just trying hard to do their best, it manages to overlook some pieces of its story. It overlooks what he can't give you or how she failed you or what mistakes he made when he was struggling. It stays steady at its center. It evolves, through drought and storm. It grows. It survives."
Author: Deb Caletti
2. "I must go on living. And, though itmay be childish of me, I can't go on insimple compliance. From now on I muststruggle with the world. I thought thatMother might well be the last of thosewho can end their lives beautifully andsadly, struggling with no one, neitherhating nor betraying anyone. In theworld to come there will be no room forsuch people. The dying are beautiful,but to live, to survive – those thingssomehow seem hideous andcontaminated with blood."
Author: Osamu Dazai
3. "I learned that in a tragedy there are no winners, only people struggling to survive the aftermath."
Author: Ruth Cardello

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Quotes About Struggling To Survive
Quotes About Struggling To Survive
Quotes About Struggling To Survive

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