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1. "Some prescient American collectors, including Vicki and Kent Logan and Mera and Donald Rubell, began collecting Chinese art before 2000 with a genuine passion, but as the auction prices exploded everyone was beating a path to the galleries and artist studios in China. It became the 'China thing.'"
Author: Arne Glimcher
2. "It's up to the courage of the filmmakers to make art in cinema, not just business. John was rejected by studios, he borrowed money and did movies with his own money. You're either courageous or not. You have to find a way."
Author: Ben Gazzara
3. "Demasiados eruditos piensan que la investigación es solo una búsqueda cerebral. Si no hacemos nada con el conocimiento que obtenemos, entonces hemos desperdiciado nuestros estudios. Los libros pueden almacenar información mejor que nosotros..., lo que nosotros hacemos, y los libros no pueden, es interpretar. Así que si no se van a extraer conclusiones, bien puedes dejar la información en los textos.-Jasnah Kholin-"
Author: Brandon Sanderson
4. "Well, I actually first got into music as a small child, and as I became a teen, I sought out making money from music, weather that was singing lounge gigs, backup in studios, or weddings."
Author: Chantal Kreviazuk
5. "For a long time, the film business was a single-digit business on investment return. Now, because of home video, it's a low double-digit business, and the studios want to make sure it doesn't go back into the single-digit business."
Author: Charles Roven
6. "The studios knew how to build a star, and they knew what to do with you. They also taught you everything."
Author: Claire Trevor
7. "Siempre he sospechado que la amistad está sobrevalorada. Como los estudios universitarios, la muerte y las pollas largas."
Author: David Trueba
8. "The studios will go wherever they smell money. It's like sharks to the blood."
Author: Don Bluth
9. "In my day, the only people who achieved real independence were my father, Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin, who, with D. W. Griffith, formed United Artists. Other than that, everybody belonged to the big studios. They had no say in their own careers."
Author: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
10. "The major studios don't differ very much from one another as they all operate under essentially the same principles and pressure."
Author: Douglas Wood
11. "One week I was in school and the next I'm at Leavesden Studios in Dumbledore's office reading scenes with Daniel Radcliffe. Weird. And terrifying for such a huge 'Harry Potter' fan."
Author: Evanna Lynch
12. "Growing up, I would watch a movie on video and would go to the back of the VHS and locate the address for Universal Pictures or MGM or whatever. I'd write to the studios asking them if I could be in a movie. They never wrote me back."
Author: Garrett Hedlund
13. "Para un estudioso de la historia de las religiones, la variedad es una ventaja, para los hombres en general, un inconveniente"
Author: Giovanni Papini
14. "Don't forget, I've been fired by studios; I'm not the studio's guy. I'm a guy who can work with studios, but if you ask any studio, I stand up to these people."
Author: Glen Mazzara
15. "In the '80s, I can't say that Amy and I were aware of an independent film community. We could only get a certain amount of money for our pictures, which made them low budget movies, but they were distributed through studios."
Author: Griffin Dunne
16. "The sun goes down and my headlights bathe the trees and bushes. What's behind the Cascade Mountains? Winthrop. Bridgeport. The Grand Coulee Dam. But how do I know this? I've seen maps and globes and books and films, images inked on paper an shot in studios by people I've never met, but how do I know for sure anything I haven't seen? Anyplace I've never been?What if everyone's just pretending? What if the world is still unknown?"
Author: Isaac Marion
17. "When I'd checked into the bathroom with Seymour's diary under my arm, and had carefully secured the door behind me, I spotted a message almost immediately. It was not, however, in Seymour's handwriting but, unmistakably, in my sister Boo Boo's. With or without soap, her handwriting was always almost indecipherably minute, and she had easily managed to post the following message up on the mirror; 'Raise high the roof beam, carpenters. Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man. Love, Irving Sappho, formerly under contract to Elysium Studios Ltd. Please be happy happy happy with your beautiful Muriel. This is an order. I outrank everybody on this block."
Author: J.D. Salinger
18. "I remember wearing overcoats, hiding in the bushes outside of Abbey Road Studios, waiting for the traffic to clear. As it did, we would drop our overcoats and run out on to the cross walk and strike our poses."
Author: Jack Irons
19. "I am currently talking to one of the studios about making American Star as a TV series."
Author: Jackie Collins
20. "The daily act of writing remains as demanding and maddening as it was before, and the pleasure you get from writing - rare but profound - remains at the true heart of the enterprise. On their best days, writers all over the world are winning Pulitzers, all alone in their studios, with no one watching."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
21. "OSHA had come in and looked at the channel 5 studios and it sort of had something to do with wrestling, but they found that there were some safety concerns that had to be addressed."
Author: Jerry Lawler
22. "Actors dread working with studios because they dictate what you do in a way that independent movies can't."
Author: Jesse Eisenberg
23. "The core of the movie business remains intact and it's not descending in scope. Studios want movies that are bigger than ever."
Author: Joel Silver
24. "It's all false pressure; you put the heat on yourself, you get it from the networks and record companies and movie studios. You put more pressure on yourself to make everything that much harder."
Author: John Belushi
25. "And for me the only way to live life is to grab the bull by the horns and call up recording studios and set dates to go in recording studios. To try and accomplish something."
Author: John Frusciante
26. "It's hard to get movie studios to pay a lot of money for movies that don't have robots or explosions."
Author: John Green
27. "Ana Luisa me contó su versión de Quo Vadis? y es como para ponerse a llorar. Su falta de estudios resulta un problema. No obstante, puede remediarse y además veo en ella cualidades que la compensan. No tengo derecho a criticarla. Amo a Ana Lluisa y lo demás no importa"
Author: José Emilio Pacheco
28. "From that time on, I always had the studios on my neck."
Author: Karen Morley
29. "I lived in an area where there were a lot of rock musicians, and we got together regularly in our studios."
Author: Ken Hensley
30. "Florida has tons of entertainment opportunities because Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are there."
Author: Kevin Richardson
31. "Secondarily, I think films that are driven by music also terrify studios."
Author: Kevin Spacey
32. "In L.A., I live right across from Universal Studios."
Author: Kodi Smit McPhee
33. "Things have changed a great deal since the days of Mr. Mayer. The studios no longer control, as they did in those days, artists or directors or producers, as the case may be."
Author: Lew Wasserman
34. "I had no allusions of radio success. I just loved being in studios. I was having fun and in that sense I now feel a lot like I did when I did that record."
Author: Matthew Sweet
35. "I grew up in dance studios. I was forced to be in several numbers in recitals and dance competitions. I took one tap class - literally one class - and then I quit."
Author: Michael Angarano
36. "Studios are an assembly line. They can be a very good assembly line. As a producer, you concentrate on one project at a time. As an executive, you're in charge of a slate."
Author: Michael De Luca
37. "My movies are not messed with by the studios."
Author: Nancy Meyers
38. "I love Buster Keaton. I was a big fan of the stunt shows at Universal Studios. I'm a huge Cirque du Soleil nut."
Author: Neil Patrick Harris
39. "I get the music, I get the beats. And I go to the studios and write the lyrics."
Author: Obie Trice
40. "We were like a stock company at Warners. We didn't know any of the stars from the other studios."
Author: Olivia De Havilland
41. "The stakes in this game are not low. Our enterprise is no less than the introduction of an alternative language, and with the language an altered perspective, for a group of phenomena that tradition tended to refer to with such words as 'spirituality', 'piety', 'morality', 'ethics' and 'asceticism'. If the manoeuvre succeeds, the conventional concept of religion, that ill-fated bugbear from the prop studios of modern Europe, will emerge from these investigations as the great loser. Certainly intellectual history has always resembled a refuge for malformed concepts - and after the following journey through the various stations, one will not only see through the concept of 'religion' in its failed design, a concept whose crookedness is second only to the hyper-bugbear that is 'culture'."
Author: Peter Sloterdijk
42. "And I maintain good relationships with all the studios so I've never been bullied into any cut, frankly."
Author: Ridley Scott
43. "In the contract days, the big studios groomed us to play particular roles and we would stay with the image they gave us and insisted on."
Author: Robert Wagner
44. "Most studios in Memphis had a house set of drums; the drummers just brought their own sticks."
Author: Steve Cropper
45. "I loved the atmosphere of the dance studios - the wooden floors, the big mirrors, everyone dressed in pink or black tights, the musicians accompanying us - and the feeling of ritual the classes had."
Author: Suzanne Vega
46. "I think, on a larger note, that filmmakers and studios should start to tuck it in a little bit, because films wouldn't have the pressure they have if the word wasn't out about how expensive they were."
Author: Ted Demme
47. "The hardware manufacturers, game designers, cable companies and computer companies and, in fact, film studios are going to ensure that this thing marches on. They know that they are going to make an enormous amount of money from it."
Author: Thomas Dolby
48. "I know the history of the record business so well because I followed Billie Holiday into the record studios. It was so primitive compared to the sophisticated business today."
Author: Tony Bennett
49. "Out of the closets and into the museums, libraries, architectural monuments, concert halls, bookstores, recording studios and film studios of the world. Everything belongs to the inspired and dedicated thief…. Words, colors, light, sounds, stone, wood, bronze belong to the living artist. They belong to anyone who can use them. Loot the Louvre! A bas l'originalité, the sterile and assertive ego that imprisons us as it creates. Vive le vol-pure, shameless, total. We are not responsible. Steal anything in sight."
Author: William S. Burroughs
50. "Aunque sigue siendo discutible que la pena de muerte sirva como disuasorio, los estudios demuestran que la probabilidad de que los criminales reincidan se reduce casi a la mitad después de la ejecución."
Author: Woody Allen

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