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1. "Jumping in the hot tub with this woman had been a decision of epically stupid proportions."
Author: Abby Niles
2. "I think making friends is not being afraid to look stupid, because everyone wants a friend who is willing to be stupid and fun. If you try and be too cool, it only works in high school. After that, being uncool is a very cool thing to do. So just have fun, and don't worry what other people think of you and people will want to be your friends."
Author: Adam DeVine
3. "Hobbes: Jump! Jump! Jump! I win! Calvin: You win? Aaugghh! You won last time! I hate it when you win! Aarrggh! Mff! Gnnk! I hate this game! I hate the whole world! Aghhh! What a stupid game! You must have cheated! You must have used some sneaky, underhanded mindmeld to make me lose! I hate you! I didn't want to play this idiotic game in the first place! I knew you'd cheat! I knew you'd win! Oh! Oh! Aarg! [Calvin runs in circles around Hobbes screaming "Aaaaaaaaaaaa", then falls over.] Hobbes: Look, it's just a game. Calvin: I know! You should see me when I lose in real life!"
Author: Bill Watterson
4. "They are too stupid to fear. Vertigo is too complex for them."
Author: China Miéville
5. "Hollywood is great. I also think it's stupid and small-minded and shortsighted."
Author: David Fincher
6. "You stupid fool, you know very well it's not a short novel, but something longer...A piece of work you've got to buckle down to, that needs peace and concentration. Being able to wake up in the morning and lie in bed for a while."
Author: Iván Mándy
7. "All we do is read the stupid textbook," said Ron."
Author: J.K. Rowling
8. "How horrid all this is!" said he. "Such weather makes every thing and every body disgusting. Dulness is as much produced within doors as without, by rain. It makes one detest all one's acquaintance. What the devil does Sir John mean by not having a billiard room in his house? How few people know what comfort is! Sir John is as stupid as the weather."
Author: Jane Austen
9. "There is a monsterous deal of stupid quizzing, & common-place nonsense talked, but scarcely any wit."
Author: Jane Austen
10. "One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity."
Author: Julius Streicher
11. "I can't lie, I did a lot of really, really stupid things, and it was because it was my way of crying for help."
Author: Kelly Osbourne
12. "Not the stupid person who commits mistakes. but the stupid which is always located in the same mistake"
Author: Khaled Naili
13. "The Russian did not wave or speak, but he looked directly into Billy's soul with sweet hopefulness, as though Billy might have good news for him--news he might be too stupid to understand, but good news all the same."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
14. "They're just stupid berries. Woo-hoo, so scary. Oh, please, please, save me from the berries!"
Author: Patrick Ness
15. "I would kill Mrs. Casnoff. I would blast that stupid hairdo right off her head, once I had my powers back."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
16. "Feminist," he said, clearly amused. "Next you'll be telling us you hate men."She gave him a blank look. "I only hate stupid men who don't actually understand what ‘feminist' means."He laughed. "You run into a lot of men like that?""All the time.""Really?""Even as we speak, Nick.""Oh no she didn't," said Peter. I groaned."
Author: Richelle Mead

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