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1. "I was amongst them – the first female pilot who had got admission to the Sturmoviks…Since my childhood I'd been lucky enough to meet good people. Wherever I studied, wherever I worked I would meet loyal friends, kind-hearted tutors. I was trained at the factory school by the old craftsman Goubanov, I was assisted by the engineer Aliev, who was the shift boss, in my transfer to the most important sector of operations – the tunnel. I was trained by the superb instructor Miroevskiy in the aeroclub, the secretary of the Ulyanovsk District Comsomol Committee gave me a hand at a very hard moment of my life, then there was Maria Borek from Leningrad, the Secretary of the Smolensk District Comsomol Committee, the Commissar of the Smolensk aeroclub…Was it really possible to count all those who had warmed my soul with their sympathy and human kindness and helped me to realize my dream!"
Author: Anna Timofeeva Egorova
2. "Sein Vater hatte ihn immer ermahnt, wie wichtig es im Leben war, Ziele zu haben. Ohne Ziel wurde man hin und her getrieben und am Ende des Lebens hatte man gar nichts erreicht. Hatte man sich aber ein Ziel gewählt und hielt verbissen daran fest, dann spannte sich eine für andere unsichtbare Schnur durch das Leben. Eine Rettungsleine, an die man sich bei jedem Sturm klammern konnte."
Author: Bernhard Hennen
3. "Then at last the opening music came again, with all the different instruments bunched together for each note like a hard, tight fist that socked at her heart. And the first part was over. This music did not take a long time or a short time. It did not have anything to do with time going by at all. She sat with her arms held tight around her legs, biting her salty knee very hard. It might have been five minutes she listened or half the night. The second part was black-colored--a slow march. Not sad, but like the whole world was dead and black and there was no use thinking back how it was before. One of those horn kind of insturments played a sad and silver tune. Then the music rose up angry and with excitement underneath. And finally the black march again."
Author: Carson McCullers
4. "Everyone on earth would never starve and forever find love and happiness, since we won, but if we'd lost, they would have gouged out our eyes and thrown us naked onto hot coals and poisonous snakes for all the cheering and hugging at the end, strangers hugging like the end of The Omega Virus when Steve Sturmine finds the antidote."
Author: Daniel Handler
5. "Sturm, Swung, Wucht"
Author: Erwin Rommel
6. "And if he did not always like what he had to do...he never forgot what the alternative would have been. Not only in Argentina, leading the unhappy existence of a refugee, but also in the courtroom in Jerusalem, with his life as good as forfeited, he might have still preferred—if anybody had asked him—to be hanged as Obersturmbannführer a.D. (in retirement) rather than living out his life quietly and normally as a traveling salesman for the Vacuum Oil Company."
Author: Hannah Arendt
7. "Wiec powstan narodzie, i niech rozpeta sie burza!(Nun, Volk, steh auf, und Sturm, brich los!)"
Author: Joseph Goebbels
8. "Bundan sonra ne yapilmasi gerekliydi.Simdi gidip Morgan'la konusmali miydi*Tam olarak ne söyleyecekti?"Kendini kusturmaktan vazgeç,tatlim.Dislerine zarar veriyor."Ya da belki,"AKLINDAN NELER GEÇIRIYORDUN?" Veya dürüst olup,"Sana çok agir,çok derin ve telafi edilemez hayal kirikliklari yasattigim için üzgünüm"mü demeliydi."
Author: Juliette Fay
9. "The falling apart of a man's life should make more noise. It should startle passesrby with its Sturm and Drang. It ought to sound like the Parthenon crashing down. Not this ordinary, everyday kind of quiet...He closed his eyes...And still it was quiet, this falling apart of his life, as silent as the last beat of an old man's heart. A quiet, echoing thud, and then...nothing."
Author: Kristin Hannah
10. "Sturmhond had a way of talking that made me want to shoot someone. Preferably him."
Author: Leigh Bardugo
11. "That's a good fellow,' Sturmhond said to Ivan. 'Now, I'll take the prisoner back to her quarters, and you can run off and do . . . whatever it is you do when everyone else is working.'Ivan scowled. 'I don't think—''Clearly. Why start now?"
Author: Leigh Bardugo
12. "No, Tolya, your gifts lie elewhere," Sturmhond said soothingly. "Mostly in the celebrated fields of killing and maiming."
Author: Leigh Bardugo
13. "Of course not," said Sturmhond. "Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea."
Author: Leigh Bardugo
14. "The Darkling will hunt you for the rest of your days.""Then you and I will have something in common, won't we? Besides, I like to have powerful enemies. Makes me feel important."Mal crossed his arms and considered the privateer. "I can't decide if you're crazy or stupid.""I have so many good qualities," Sturmhond said. "It can be hard to choose."
Author: Leigh Bardugo

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