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1. "The superfluity of the comforts of like destroys all joy in satisfying one's needs, while great freedom in the choice of just what makes the choice of occupation insoluble difficult and destroys the need and even the possibility of having an occupation. p 1209"
Author: Leo Tolstoy
2. "As for plenty, we had not only for necessity, conveniency and decency, but for delight and pleasure to superfluity."
Author: Margaret Cavendish
3. "I am one of those for whom superfluity is a necessity."
Author: Theophile Gautier
4. "Since belief is measured by action, he who forbids us to believe religion to be true, necessarily also forbids us to act as we should if we did believe it to be true. The whole defence of religious faith hinges upon action. If the action required or inspired by the religious hypothesis is in no way different from that dictated by the naturalistic hypothesis, then religious faith is a pure superfluity, better pruned away, and controversy about its legitimacy is a piece of idle trifling, unworthy of serious minds. I myself believe, of course, that the religious hypothesis gives to the world an expression which specifically determines our reactions, and makes them in a large part unlike what they might be on a purely naturalistic scheme of belief."
Author: William James

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