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1. "By the eighteenth century the most reliable way to get a bath was to be insane. Then they could hardly soak you enough. In 1701, Sir John Floyer began to make a case for cold bathing as a cure for any number of maladies. His theory was that plunging a body into chilly water produced a sensation of "Terror and Surprize" which invigorated dulled and jaded senses."
Author: Bill Bryson
2. "It might be truly said, that now I worked for my bread; ‘tis a little wonderful, and what I believe few people have thought much upon, viz. the strange multitude of little things necessary in providing, producing, curing, dressing, making, and finishing this one article of bread.I that was reduced to a meer state of nature, found this to my daily discouragement, and was made more and more sensible of it every hour, even after I had got the first handful of seed-corn, which, as I have said, came up unexpectedly, and indeed to a surprize."
Author: Daniel Defoe
3. "Îmi dau foarte bine seama ca o femeie poate gusta un dans cu un partener imperfect, daca acesta nu e cu desavârsire un imbecil. Stângaciile, ca si timiditatea, au un farmec discret prin surprizele care le provoaca, prin panica naiva care o raspândesc. Femeile iubesc uneori imperfectiunile acestea atât de calde..."
Author: Mircea Eliade
4. "Stangaciile, ca si timiditatea, au un farmec discret prin surprizele pe care le provoaca, prin panica naiva care o raspandesc."
Author: Mircea Eliade
5. "Strange bent over these things, with a concentration to rival Minervois's own, questioning, criticizing and proposing. Strange and the two engravers spoke French to each other. To Strange's surprize Childermass understood perfectly and even addressed one or twoquestions to Minervois in his own language. Unfortunately, Childermass's French was so strongly accented by his native Yorkshire that Minervois did not understand and asked Strange if Childermass was Dutch."
Author: Susanna Clarke

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