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1. "No, no, no, Landemere. This time I'm putting my foot down. I mean it. Don't think you're going to smear syrup on my beard, as we say in Ramaldah. You're not making me change my mind by sweet talking me. I know your tricks, and I won't fall for them."
Author: Andrew Ashling
2. "The next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my attention, just remeber that a little sweet talk works wonders." - City of Bones (said by Jace Wayland)"
Author: Cassandra Clare
3. "And next time you're planning to injure yourself to get me attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."
Author: Cassandra Clare
4. "Sure am. I even practiced my lines, though I can't believe I agreed to this. I'm delivering up our new teacher to the two of you on a silver tray. I should make you work harder for a chance to sweet talk her," Gabe said."
Author: Fiona Archer
5. "When the sweet talkin's done, a man is a two face, a worrisome thing who'll leave you to sing the blues in the night."
Author: Johnny Mercer
6. "Words ride on the energy of tone, its warmth or coldness; think of tone as the music of how words are expressed. You want this music to be soulful, whether you're giving sweet talk or tough love."
Author: Judith Orloff
7. "In case I'm not around to save your luscious ass, I wanted to know about the garage."She tipped her head, then said with a straight face devoid of humor, "You think my ass is luscious?"He fought off another grin and shrugged. "Even for a man with hands my size, it's big enough for a handful. But it's not out of proportion with your equally notable rack."That must not have been the sweet talk Priss wanted, given her darkening expression.Both hands fisted. "Pig.""You asked."
Author: Lori Foster
8. "For fuck's sake, Tegen, stop overthinkin' every damn thing. Just get on my goddamn dick and start fuckin' bouncin'."Well, how could I deny such sweet talk?"
Author: Madeline Sheehan
9. "Sweet talk's like salt. You can add some later, if need be, but if you pour out too much, you can't sift it out again."
Author: Marcia Gruver
10. "If you are a musician and you don't show any interest on the business level then you are actually vulnerable and people will rip you off. They will sweet talk you into anything."
Author: Michael Schenker
11. "I usedta live in the worldreally be in the worldfree & sweet talkingood mornin & thank-you & nice dayuh huhi cant nowi cant be nice to nobodynice is such a rip-offregular beauty & a smile in the streetis just a set-up"
Author: Ntozake Shange
12. "I don't suppose," I said, once we were in the car, "that she just gave you the job based on looks alone?" Adrian had been staring off but now flashed me a big smile. "Why, Sage, you sweet talker." "Thats not what I meant! What happened?" He shrugged. "I told the truth." "Adrian!" "I'm serious. She asked me what my greatest strength was. I said getting along with people." "Thats not bad," I admitted. "Then she asked what my greatest weakness was. And I said, 'Where should I start?'" "Adrian!" "Stop saying my name like that. I told her the truth. By the time I was on the fourth one, she told me I could go."
Author: Richelle Mead
13. "Adrian smiled and clasped my hands, taking a few steps toward me. "And as for who you are, you're the same beautiful, brave, and ridiculously smart caffeinated fighter you've been since the day I met you." Finally, he put "beautiful" at the top of his list of adjectives. Not that I should have cared."Sweet talker," I scoffed. "You didn't know anything about me the first time we met.""I knew you were beautiful," he said. "I just hoped for the rest."
Author: Richelle Mead
14. "Bitter your acts, bitter am I,Kindness your deeds, kindness am I,Pleasant and gentle, so you are,Fine honeyed lips and sweet talker."
Author: Rumi
15. "Hey, sweet talk isn't supposed to make you cry.""I think you're out of luck.""Because that was too corny?" "Because I blinked and you didn't go away. You're real."He felt the same way. The joy that she was here, the lingering panic that it was just another dream he'd wake up from, her name an echo of desperate hope in his head."
Author: Sarah McCarty

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