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1. "Tabloids can be fun. I see stuff sometimes and have a good laugh."
Author: Adrian Grenier
2. "Because when you go out, and you have fun, basically you're performing for these tabloid outlets and the paparazzi. And when you perform and create this story, they're chuffed - they get excited, they capture it, and they put it out."
Author: Adrian Grenier
3. "America wants solutions. America wants a leader. No more tabloid politics."
Author: Alveda King
4. "A close associate of his gave an interview in which the book was described as quotes 'fiction from being to end'. I suffered trial by tabloid for a couple of weeks, lots of insults in the press, in the columns - this man should be put in the tower and so on."
Author: Anthony Holden
5. "I don't read tabloids. I just don't go there."
Author: Ashley Jensen
6. "I've finally learnt how to say, 'No comment'. To appear in the tabloids is a real learning curve and a steep one at that. You had better learn quick or you get burnt."
Author: Ben Affleck
7. "I hate that tabloid idea of anybody who is famous having to forfeit their privacy."
Author: Caitlin Moran
8. "A lot of the tabloid stories are written so well, they're very clever and very funny. But you have to focus on what's really important and not read them - don't dive into it and don't get caught up in it."
Author: Calista Flockhart
9. "I don't think Amber taped Scott or testified for money, but the opportunity certainly presented itself. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but at least she never sold the story before trial to the tabloids."
Author: Catherine Crier
10. "Well, honestly, both my husband and I tend to ignore the tabloids. We see them every once in awhile or it comes to our attention that we are in a tabloid for one reason or another. But it's always false."
Author: Connie Chung
11. "I never read the tabloids."
Author: Dana Carvey
12. "First of all, tabloid stories are some of the richest and most important stories that we have. There's nothing wrong, per se, with tabloid stories."
Author: Errol Morris
13. "I taught my son to read with tabloids. We would sit to read the 'Weekly World News' together."
Author: Errol Morris
14. "I used to shy away from publicity so as not to let it get in the way of the work. But it's part of the job. The tabloids are a whole other arena. If fame happens, it happens. I just want to maintain focus."
Author: Giovanni Ribisi
15. "This is from "Marabou Stork Nightmares".Bernard's Poem:Did you see her on the telly the other daygood family entertainment the tabloids sayBut when you're backstageat your new faeces auditionyou hear the same old shite of your own selfish volitionShe was never a singera comic or a dancerI cant say I was sadwhen I found out she had cancerGreat Britain's earthy northerncomedy queentakes the rand, understandfrom the racist Boer regimeSo now her cells are fuckedand thats just tough tittyI remember her actthat I caught back in Sun CityShe went on and on about'them from the treeswith different skull shapesfrom the likes of you and me'Her Neo-Nazi spellit left me fucking numbthe Boers lapped it up with zealso did the British ex-pat scumBut what goes roundcomes round they sayso welcome to another doseof chemotherapyAnd for my partit's time to be upfrontso fuck off and dieyou carcinogenic cunt."
Author: Irvine Welsh
16. "I wanted to reject it all because I was sick of being perfect. I was so bored with normality and dreams of poster boys and tabloid covers."
Author: J. Merridew
17. "What stars do in their off-hours is a never-ending source of diddling curiosity to the tabloid sensibility."
Author: James Wolcott
18. "Some people will go to the opening of an envelope. They live their lives in the public eye and get off on it, they need it. They need that kind of adoration. If their name isn't in the tabloids once a week they feel like a failure."
Author: Jensen Ackles
19. "People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied to."
Author: Jerry Seinfeld
20. "It's that invasive and puerile curiosity to feed a tabloid culture. I don't subscribe to it."
Author: John Byrne
21. "I love the tabloids except for when I'm in 'em."
Author: Johnny Knoxville
22. "Tip to all British tabloids: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone. I repeat: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone."
Author: Jonah Goldberg
23. "I believe anything that anyone tells me. I have found that that is the best way to go through life. When I was younger, I used to be more skeptical, but then I found out that most things were true. So I believe tabloids. I believe legends. I believe anything anyone tells me."
Author: Justin Kirk
24. "I've been reading tabloids since I was nine. I love a good story."
Author: Lana Del Rey
25. "I don't earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids."
Author: LeAnn Rimes
26. "I refuse to discuss tabloid rumors."
Author: LeAnn Rimes
27. "Liza is in the tabloids almost as much as our mother was. She has struggled with her own ghosts and shadows."
Author: Lorna Luft
28. "Being pretty crazy while being chased by the National Enquirer is not good. The British tabloids were the worst."
Author: Margot Kidder
29. "Having loving and supporting parents didn't make me feel any better about the possibility of seeing my personal life splashed across newspapers and tabloids."
Author: Mary Cheney
30. "In a lot of cases, as in Tom and Nicole's case, the tabloids were about to break the story, so they said just let the news out. And they called organizations such as ours."
Author: Mary Hart
31. "The THE TABLOIDS are always going to be a war for POPULARITY in the CELEB world."
Author: Meg Cabot
32. "You are being hit with tabloid-journalism bi-lines of what you are doing because you have suddenly become a star."
Author: Miranda Otto
33. "I don't really mind playing tabloid monster. I always liked those characters in the old movies."
Author: Nick Denton
34. "When you've been in the tabloids as a drunken 'It-boy', people automatically assume you're thick."
Author: Nick Moran
35. "NOBREZA SILENCIOSA. SILENT NOBILITY. It is a mistake to believe that the crucial moments of a life when its habitual direction changes forever must be loud and shrill dramatics, washed away by fierce internal surges. This is a kitschy fairy tale started by boozing journalists, flashbulb-seeking filmmakers and authors whose minds look like tabloids. In truth, the dramatics of a life-determining experience are often unbelievably soft. It has so little akin to the bang, the flash, of the volcanic eruption that, at the moment it is made, the experience is often not even noticed. When it deploys its revolutionary effect and plunges a life into a brand-new light giving it a brand-new melody, it does that silently and in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility."
Author: Pascal Mercier
36. "Now with tabloids and seeing people walking around in sweats pumping gas you're like, 'Okay, they're just like us.'"
Author: Penelope Ann Miller
37. "Tabloid discussion of bad children always blames baby-boomer liberals, careerist mothers and fashion-crazed Nathan Barley types who think it's all enormously funny. But the centre-leftish psycho-thinker Oliver James says it's all down to the Thatcher-and-after culture of turbo-capitalism, making people acquisitive and unsatisfied."
Author: Peter York
38. "I've come up in the scripted world, and I have wished there were more time slots for us to tell compelling scripted stories and not fill the airwaves with a lot of fluff and tabloid entertainment."
Author: Ralph Macchio
39. "Then, in the twentieth century, speed up your camera. Books cut shorter. Condensations, Digests, Tabloids. Everything boils down to the gag, the snap ending."
Author: Ray Bradbury
40. "If it weren't for dreams," he said. "I wouldn't know half the things I know about the future. They're better than Olympus tabloids." He cleared his throat then held up his hands dramatically: "Dreams like a podcast,Downloading truth in my ears.They tell me cool stuff""Apollo?" I guessed, because I figured nobody else could make a haiku that bad. He put his finger to his lips, "[Shh] I'm incognito. Call me Fred."
Author: Rick Riordan
41. "My career was full of struggles and dreams, disappointments and peaks and valleys. But there was no Twitter, no Facebook or TMZ. Young actors could make mistakes and not become the focus of tabloids."
Author: Ricky Schroder
42. "I like to sneak in under the radar. I don't have any paparazzi following me or have to deal with that stuff. I'm never in the tabloids. I prefer that."
Author: Rob Schneider
43. "I never talk to tabloids."
Author: Robert Wagner
44. "No charges have been filed by the L.A. district attorney's office, and for that I am appreciative. I have said it before, but we all make mistakes, and the day will come soon enough where you no longer read of mine in the tabloids."
Author: Scott Stapp
45. "I find that when you see somebody in the tabloids all the time, you have no desire to see them in movies."
Author: Seann William Scott
46. "Don't hate me for what tabloids write about me, because I guarantee it's a lie."
Author: Taylor Momsen
47. "Like sugar and, oh - let's say the most tabloidy and gossipy reality television programs - credit is, for millions, genuinely addictive."
Author: Tom Shales
48. "But if Miss Golightly remained unconscious of my existence, except as a doorbell convenience, I became, through the summer, rather an authority on hers. I discovered, from observing the trash-basket outside her door, that her regular reading consisted of tabloids and travel folders and astrological charts; that she smoked an esoteric cigarette called Picayunes; survived on cottage cheese and Melba Toast; that her vari-colored hair was somewhat self-induced. The same source made it evident that she received V-letters by the bale. They were torn into strips like bookmarks. I used occasionally to pluck myself a bookmark in passing. Remember and miss you and rain and please write and damn and goddamn were the words that recurred most often on these slips; those, and lonesome and love."
Author: Truman Capote
49. "And yet I wasn't sure what his weakness was. We all do that as we get to know someone. Like a tabloid editor, we search for both greatness and weakness, jotting down notes in our heads for future exploitation. We are never comfortable with those who have no visible flaw."
Author: Wayne Elise
50. "...mere tabloid journalists, obliged to choose between the word of a Tory MP and that of a common prostitue, have been far too stupid to see that you can put your mortgage on the latter being true."
Author: William Donaldson

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