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1. "Mom loved my brother more. Not that she didn't love me - I felt the wash of her love every day, pouring over me, but it was a different kind, siphoned from a different, and tamer, body of water. I was her darling daughter; Joseph was her it."
Author: Aimee Bender
2. "My head is in another dimension. My feet are talking to their soles. My nose is detecting a hint of sweaty, overpumped poon. There's a spider corpse perpetually hanging on the wall next to my pillow that I don't have any desire to correct. My breath smells like Kuwait. My arms are doing the Crazy Granny Dance, and my hips are just plain jealous. I was born across the pond from a heretic's womb, and fathered by an equally atrocious Sinatra-obsessed lion tamer. If these are all the symptoms of a world-famous record producer whose lover has just ditched him for a career in straight porn, then becometh I the sum of all homoerotic fears. Now fetch me more scotch and someone to make use of my erection, preferably with their mouth."---Wolfgang Stephanopolis"
Author: Dave Matthes
3. "Hmmm, good isn't fun, but I'll try," he whispers to me. ~ The Light Tamer"
Author: Devyn Dawson
4. "Tate practically raised you from what I hear. You love him, don't you?"Her face closed up. "For all the good it will ever do me, yes," she said softly."He won't have the excuse of pure Lakota blood much longer," he advised."I'm not holding out for miracles anymore," she vowed. "I'm going to stop wanting what I can never have. From now on, I'll take what I can get from life and be satisfied with it. Tate will have to find his own way.""That's sour grapes," he observed."You bet it is. What do you want me to do to help?""It's dangerous," he pointed out, hesitating as he considered her youth. "I don't know…""I'm a card-carrying archeologist," she reminded him. "Haven't you ever watched an Indiana Jones movies? We're all like that," she told him with a wicked grin. "Mild-mannered on the outside and veritable world-tamers inside. I can get a whip and a fedora, too, if you like," she added."
Author: Diana Palmer
5. "He never retorted that the artist is not a bricklayer at all, but a horseman whose business it is to catch Pegasus at once, not to practise for him by mounting tamer colts. This is hard, hot and generally ungraceful work, but it is not drudgery. For drudgery is not art, and cannot lead to it."
Author: E.M. Forster
6. "Oh, my father, such a difficult man.His world turned on his axis.From "The Father Tamer" in BREATHE IN"
Author: Eileen Granfors
7. "Ideas are dangerous, but the man to whom they are least dangerous is the man of ideas. He is acquainted with ideas, and moves among them like a lion-tamer. Ideas are dangerous, but the man to whom they are most dangerous is the man of no ideas. The man of no ideas will find the first idea fly to his head like wine to the head of a teetotaller. It is a common error, I think, among the Radical idealists of my own party and period to suggest that financiers and business men are a danger to the empire because they are so sordid or so materialistic. The truth is that financiers and business men are a danger to the empire because they can be sentimental about any sentiment, and idealistic about any ideal, any ideal that they find lying about, just as a boy who has not known much of women is apt too easily to take a woman for the woman, so these practical men, unaccustomed to causes, are always inclined to think that if a thing is proved to be an ideal it is proved to be the ideal."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
8. "I do so hope he plays us 'The Rains of Castamere.' It has been an hour. I've forgotten how it goes -- Olenna Tyrell, the HBIC"
Author: George R.R. Martin
9. "And who are you, the proud Lord saidthat I must bow so low? Only a cat of a different coat,that's all the truth I know.In a coat of gold or a coat of red,a lion still has claws.And, mine are as long and sharp, my Lordas long and sharp as yours.And so he spoke, and so he spoke,that Lord of Castamere,but now the rains weep o'er his hall,with no one there to hear.Yes, now the rains weep o'er his hall,and not a soul to hear."
Author: George R.R. Martin
10. "The Great Bitch is the deadly female, a worthy opponent for the omnipotent hero to exercise his powers upon and through. She is desirous, greedy, clever, dishonest, and two jumps ahead all the time. The hero may either have her on his side and like a lion-tamer sool her on to his enemies, or he may have to battle for his life at her hands."
Author: Germaine Greer
11. "The tamer my love, the farther away it is from love. In fierceness, in heat, in longing, in risk, I find something of love's nature. In my desire for you, I burn at the right temperature to walk through love's fire. So when you ask me why I cannot love you more calmly, I answer that to love you calmly is not to love you at all."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
12. "Pourquoi devrais-je consacrer ce qui me reste de courage et d'énergie, sans parler de mon temps, à écrire sur les déprédations écologiques, alors qu'il suffit à toute personne moyennement intelligente de se pencher par la fenêtre pour constater, hormis en de très rares lieux, à quel point nous avons souillé notre nid ? Cette perception est parfois insupportable à certains d'entre nous, comme si nous étions condamnés à porter durant toute notre vie le pesant et répugnant havresac de ce savoir. Cette prise de conscience peut très bien entamer notre bonheur, troubler notre sommeil et nos mariages, gâcher nos promenades quotidiennes et jsuqu'à la grace éphémère d'une réalité implacable. Ce savoir se résume toujours dans la dureté de "ce qui est" comparé à "ce qui aurait pu être"."
Author: Jim Harrison
13. "His lap looked like it was already occupied--by a giant boner. It pressed against his pants like a circus tent pole. Elephants could fit under there. A lion tamer and some flying trapeze artists. A dancing bear, or five."
Author: Juniper Bell
14. "Doctora Zainab looks at her watch. I should leave. But Mai carries her book and sits next to me. She wants me to read it for her. I start to read 'This is the House that Jack Built' and I forget Doctora Zainab's presence there is only Mai's attention and Tamer looking at us. For as long as the book lasts, we are poised, no future, no past.-Minaret"
Author: Leila Aboulela
15. "I've got a friend who is a lion tamer. He used to be a school teacher till he lost his nerve."
Author: Les Dawson
16. "When we changed the channel from violent television to tamer fare, kids just ended up learning the advanced skills of clique formation, friendship withdrawal, and the art of the insult."
Author: Po Bronson
17. "I'll wait out here until the two of you are finished. Just call out if you need anything. Like a priest, cop, or lion tamer. (Aimee)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
18. "Writers, in essence, are professional word tamers; if the words walking down the lines were living creatures, they would surely fear and hate the pen's nib as tamed animals do the raised whip."
Author: Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
19. "WE do try to eat," Raoul called back to her [Kel]. I go all faint if I don't get fed regularly. Only think of the disgrace to the King's Own if I fell from the saddle.""But there was that time in Fanwood," a voice behind them said."That wedding in Tameran," added the blonde Sergeant Osbern, riding a horse-length behind Kel."Don't forget when what's-his-name, with the army, retired," yelled a third."Silence, insubordinate curs!" cried Raoul. "Do not sully my new squire's ears with your profane tales!""Even if they're TRUE?" That was Dom. It seemed Neal wasn't the only family member versed in irony."
Author: Tamora Pierce
20. "I think that you may find that Tamera's a little more vibrant and energetic, but I'm much more likely to go up to a person and say, 'Hi, I'm Tia, nice to meet you.' Whereas Tamera is like... well... she's a little shy. She's down to earth. I'm more extroverted and she's more introverted when meeting people."
Author: Tia Mowry

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