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251. "Ada kalanya lelaki terkesan oleh perempuan lantaran dia sedang berada di luar lingkungan sehariannya, seperti yang terjadi pada para pekerja pengukur tanah itu. Ada kalanya lelaki tunduk kepada naluri pemberian alam; kecenderungan berpetualang. Ada kalanya pula seorang perempuan memang dibekali kelebihan-kelebihan tertentu sehingga kehidupan memberinya tempat pada wilayah perhatian lawan jenis."
Author: Ahmad Tohari
252. "Demi kezaliman yang terjadi di Palestina, di Kashmir, di Afganistan, di Irak atau di manapun juga ... kenapa mereka rela menyengsarakan saudara-saudaranya yang sebangsa dan setanahair?Berarti ada yang salah dengan rasa kebangsaan mereka. Mereka merasa lebih dekat dengan warga asing, dengan negara asing, ketimbang dengan saudara-saudaranya sendiri, dengan bangsa dan negaranya sendiri. Bagi mereka, padang pasir dan pohon kurma menjadi lebih penting ketimbang bumi yang subur ini."
Author: Anand Krishna
253. "In this funny debut, flashy Filipino fashion designer Boy Hernandez sees his American dream become a nightmare when he's ensnared in a terrorist plot and shipped to Guantanamo. Gilvarry nails the couture scene, but Boy's rough journey from Manolo to Gitmo is no joke."
Author: Andrew Abrahams
254. "Anoche cuando dormíaAnoche cuando dormíasoñé, ¡bendita ilusiòn!,que una fontana fluíadentro de mi corazòn.Di: ¿por qué acequia escondida,agua, vienes hasta mí,manantial de nueva vidaen donde nunca bebí?Anoche cuando dormíasoñé, ¡bendita ilusiòn!,que una colmena teníadentro de mi corazòn;y las doradas abejasiban fabricando en él,con las amarguras viejas,blanca cera y dulce miel.Anoche cuando dormíasoñé, ¡bendita ilusiòn!,que un sol ardiente lucíadentro de mi corazòn.Era ardiente porque dabacalores de rojo hogar,y era sol porque alumbrabay porque hacía llorar.Anoche cuando dormíasoñé, ¡bendita ilusiòn!,que era Dios lo que teníadentro de mi corazòn."
Author: Antonio Machado
255. "Bog je zamenjen Marksom, Satana buržoazijom, raj besklasnim društvom, a crkva partijom, dok su vrsta i cilj putovanja ostali slicni. Trka s preponama, na cijem cilju ceka nagrada."
Author: Arundhati Roy
256. "I'd been unable to stop questioning if I knew what I was doing, even just kissing, and I'd sort of sheepishly apologized for my inexperience. Lucius had drawn back, a strange look in his eyes and a half smile on his lips as he'd said, 'I don't think I could allow another man who'd touched you to continue walking this earth. The only reason Zinn survives is the debt that I owe him.' He'd smiled a little more broadly, joking, 'Your inexperience saves lives, Antanasia."
Author: Beth Fantaskey
257. "We can push Montana forward and we can do it with out raising taxes."
Author: Brian Schweitzer
258. "No one can duplicate the confidence that RSA offers after 20 years of cryptanalytic review."
Author: Bruce Schneier
259. "Cuando llovía con fuerza, Max sentía que el tiempo se detenía. Era como una tregua en la cual uno podía dejar de hacer cualquier cosa que le ocupase en aquel momento y sencillamente acercarse a contemplar el espectáculo de aquella infinita cortina de lágrimas del cielo desde una ventana, durante horas. Dejó de nuevo el libro sobre la mesita y apagó la luz. Lentamente, envuelto en el sonido hipnótico de la lluvia, se rindió al sueño."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
260. "So does my grocer stigmatize me when I complain of the quality of his sultanas, and he answers in one breath that they are the best sultanas, and how can I expect the best sultanas at that price?"
Author: E.M. Forster
261. "Ma è possibile che ogni volta che parlo di un sogno o di un'ambizione ci deve essere sempre qualcuno che ti guarda e sembra che dica: "diventa grande". E per gli altri diventare grandi vuol dire non credere più di essere una ballerina, un poeta, un musicista, un sognatore, un fiore. Non li sopporto.Una mattina sono uscito di casa, il cielo era azzurro e limpido, ho continuato a guardarlo mentre camminavo, stavo bene, respiravo a pieni polmoni, al terzo passo ho pestato una merda. Cosa devo fare? Rinunciare al cielo per paura delle merde? No, io no Porcaputtana!"
Author: Fabio Volo
262. "Keprihatinan, seperti halnya kebanggaan, juga kecemasan, seperti halnya optimisme—semua itu adalah pertanda rasa ikut memiliki. Atau rasa terpanggil. Barangkali karena tanah air memang bukan cuma sepotong geografi dan selintas sejarah. Barangkali karena tanah air adalah juga sebuah panggilan"
Author: Goenawan Mohamad
263. "CODE:Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in toil shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.Tanakh (JPS, Genesis 3:17)DECODED:Blessed is He that discerneth secrets.Talmud (Berakoth 58a)"
Author: H.W. Charles
264. "The Tanakh teaches that, "The diligent will rule, while the lazy will be put to forced labor". Most Jews work for themselves and hire employees instead of being employees."
Author: H.W. Charles
265. "Wealth is a planned result that requires productive work and dedication. The Tanakh says, "The plans of the diligent lead only to abundance; but all who rush in arrive only at want" (CJB, Proverbs 21:5)."
Author: H.W. Charles
266. "Cinta itu adalah perasaan yang mesti ada pada tiap-tiap diri manusia, ia laksana setitis embun yang turun dari langit, bersih dan suci. Jika ia jatuh pada tanah yang subur, di sana akan tumbuh kesucian hati, keikhlasan, setia, budi pekerti yang tinggi dan lain-lain perangai terpuji."
Author: Hamka
267. "La muerte no se opone a la vida, la muerte está incluida en nuestra vida -Watanabe."
Author: Haruki Murakami
268. "Dan akhir adalah permulaankau aku tak pernah menapaki mulajuga mungkin tak pernah sampaipada selesaiseperti puisi yang kutanamdi kuntum hatimu"
Author: Helvy Tiana Rosa
269. "Are you sure?" Aidan asked, "Gavriel's still a vampire." "He warned me about you and about them. He didn't have to. I'm not going to repay that by-" she hesitated, then frowned. "What did you call him?" "That's his name," Aidan sighed, "Gavriel. The other vampires, while they were tying me to the bed, they said his name." "Oh." With a final tug she pulled the blanked free and tossed it over to 'Gavriel' -Tana and Aidan-page 23-chapter 3"
Author: Holly Black
270. "Tana. In all my long life, though there were many times I prayed for it, no one has ever saved me. No one but you."
Author: Holly Black
271. "U nas se mnogo ljudi zale na ,,sredinu",i ne bez razloga,ali se zale toliki i tako mnogo i cesto,da je rec ,,sredina" pocela da gubi svoj smisao i da postaje opsti razlog svakoj nezgodi pojedinca, otprilike kao rec ,,satana" u srednjem veku."
Author: Ivo Andric
272. "A few days ago I heard a performance of the Sibelius fifth symphony. As the closing bars approached, I experienced exactly the large, swelling emotion that the music was written to elicit. What would it have been like, I wondered, to be a Finn in the audience at the first performance of the symphony in Helsinki nearly a century ago, and feel that swell overtake one? The answer: one would have felt proud, proud that one of us could put together such sounds, proud that out of nothing we human beings can make such stuff. Contrast with that one´s feelings of shame that we, our people, have made Guantanamo. Musical creation on the one hand, a machine for inflicting pain and humiliation on the other: the best and the worst that human beings are capable of."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
273. "The military is trying very hard right now to put a better face on Guantanamo, and I think they actually have tried to rid some of the extreme versions of abuse that we have read about."
Author: Jane Mayer
274. "Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives."
Author: Jean François Lyotard
275. "God, what is wrong with me? I've been watching too much Gossip Girl. Reading too many snarky books. Maybe I should listen to a bunch of Christian music or watch some Hannah Montana with Budge. I know, I'll view VeggieTales until the evil is purged out of me, and all the comes out of me is goodness, light, and songs about cucumbers."
Author: Jenny B. Jones
276. "Quintana's christening was in 1966, this Christian Dior show was two years later, 1968: 1966 and 1968 were a world removed from each other in the political and cultural life of the United States but they were for women who presented themselves a certain way the same time. It was a way of looking, it was a way of being. It was a period. What became of that way of looking, that way of being, that time, that period? What became of the women smoking cigarettes in their Chanel suits and their David Webb bracelets, what became of Diana holding the champagne flute and the one of Sara Mankiewicz's Minton plates? What became of Sara Mankiewicz's Minton plates?"
Author: Joan Didion
277. "I've always joked about Joe Montana not appreciating his Super Bowls nearly as much as I do because he never lost one. We lost three before we got one."
Author: John Elway
278. "Somebody might say that they always wanted to be a fly-fishing guide in Montana and maybe they'll never get to do that but just by the virtue of having said it out loud, I think there's some power in that."
Author: John Lee Hancock
279. "Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans"
Author: John Steinbeck
280. "I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name"Though authors are a dreadful clanTo be avoided if you can,I'd like to meet the Indian,M. Anantanarayanan.I picture him as short and tan.We'd meet, perhaps, in Hindustan.I'd say, with admirable elan ,"Ah, Anantanarayanan --I've heard of you. The Times once ranA notice on your novel, anUnusual tale of God and Man."And AnantanarayananWould seat me on a lush divanAnd read his name -- that sumptuous spanOf 'a's and 'n's more lovely than"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan" --Aloud to me all day. I planHenceforth to be an ardent fanof Anantanarayanan --M. Anantanarayanan."
Author: John Updike
281. "Andrés palpó la gasa delicadamente, llevándola hacia la ventana para mirar la luz que hería el recamado. Estuvo largo rato pensativo, examinando ese objeto vivo aún pero a punto de expirar, extendido levísimo en sus brazos, brillante en medio de todo el polvo."
Author: José Donoso
282. "Los insomnes graves dan vuelta en la cama y hacen promesas al Dios Hipnosis, hijo de la noche y hermano gemelo de Tanatos, para que los auxilie en la aflicción derramando sobre sus pesados párpados el suave bálsamo de las adormideras"
Author: José Saramago
283. "Pohon yang besarnya sepelukan, tumbuh dari benih yang kecil saja.Menara setinggi sembilan tingkat, dibangun mulai dari seonggok tanah.Perjalanan seribu li, dimulai dari satu langkah."
Author: Lao Tzu
284. "But, if one cuts more deeply, the lonesome dove is Newt, a lonely teenager who is the unacknowledged son of Captain Call and a kindly whore named Maggie, who is now dead. So the central theme of the novel is not the stocking of Montana but unacknowledged paternity. All of the Hat Creek Outfit, including particularly Augustus McCrae, want Call to accept the boy as his son."
Author: Larry McMurtry
285. "Vaikk' oot kallis, armahin, mulle, kunnia kuitenkin kalliimpi on.' Se on varsin sattuvasti sanottu, eikö olekin? Ainakin paremmin kuin mitä pystyisin itse keksimään tällä hetkellä. Sillä minä rakastan sinua, Scarlett, huolimatta siitä, mitä sanoin sinulle sinä iltana vain kuukausi sitten porraspylväikössä istuessamme."Rhettin venyttävä ääni oli hyväilevä, ja hänen kätensä, lämpimät, voimakkaat kädet, liukuivat ylös pitkin Scarlettin paljaita käsivarsia. "Rakastan sinua siksi, että olemme niin samanlaiset, luopioita molemmat ja itsekkäitä heittiöitä. Me emme kumpikaan välitä vähääkään siitä, vaikka koko maailma syöksyisi hornan kitaan, kunhan oma olomme vain on turvattu ja mukava."
Author: Margaret Mitchell
286. "Far from being tortured, the prisoners [at Guantanamo] are being handled literally with kid gloves (or simulated kid-effect gloves). The U.S. military hands each jihadist his complimentary copy of the Koran as delicately as white-gloved butlers bringing His Lordship the Times of London. It's not just unbecoming to buy in to Muslim psychoses; in the end, it's self-defeating. And our self-defeat is their surest shot at victory...Even a loser can win when he's up against a defeatist. A big chunk of Western Civilization, consciously or otherwise, has given the impression that it's dying to surrender to somebody, anybody. Reasonably enough, the jihadists figure: hey, why not us?"
Author: Mark Steyn
287. "Why question what Froi of Lumatere was doing here?' he asked.' When you should be questioning what would have happened to Charyn if he hadn't been here. Who else would have saved Gargarin of Abroi from the street lords? … 'Who would have saved Quintana of Charyn from hanging? Who would have rescued her from Tariq of Lascow's compound? Who would have sent her to a safe place to birth the cursebreaker? Blah, blah, blah. I'm bored now,' Finnikin said, looking around."
Author: Melina Marchetta
288. "Then she was laughing. They both were, and the savage teeth were the most joyous sight Phaedra had seen for a long time. It was as if they were dancing. There it was. Suddenly the strangeness of Quintana of Charyn's face made sense. Because it was a face meant for laughing, but it had never been given a chance."
Author: Melina Marchetta
289. "Capisci che non stai andando bene quando non puoi raccontare agli altri i fatti più semplici della tua vita, solo perché immaginerebbero che gli stai chiedendo pietà. Secondo me è per questo che una si sente così lontana da tutti, alla fine: qualunque cosa pensi di dirgli, finisce sempre che li fai star male."
Author: Nick Hornby
290. "Bugüne kadar kadinlarin kime asik oldugunu kimseler bilmiyordu. Bunu ilk anlayan ben oldum. Kadin seytana asiktir."
Author: Nikolai Gogol
291. "—¡No va a venir una loca lechuza a la ventana de tu cuarto con una carta de Hogwarts! ¡Los Cullens no van a aparecer e invitarte a vivir con ellos en Forks! ¡No habrá nada! ¡Esto no es ficción! ¡Esto es lo que tenemos! ¡Somos nosotras y solamente nosotras!"
Author: Robin Benway
292. "Oh, for fuck's sake, quit being pussies." Montana leaned against the doorframe, Coke in hand."You hit me. I left. Billy got shot. You have this weird...brain thing." Those dark eyes met Jack's. "I don't know what's wrong with you, except that you got that ADD thing, and hey, that's not criminal. You are Billy's friends. I'm Billy's, period. I'm not leaving. You're not leaving. You hit me again, and I'll hit you back. Hard. Now, can we all stop being weird-assed people and eat some fucking potato chips from a bag?"
Author: Sean Michael
293. "Those Montana Indians were so tough that white people were scared of them.Can you imagine a place where white people are scared of Indians and not the other way around?That's Montana."
Author: Sherman Alexie
294. "Filozófusok és pszichológusok tanakodhatnak, hogy mi az, ami létezhet, és mi az, ami nem, de mi, a hétköznapokban élo kisemberek kiigazodunk a világban, és el is fogadhatjuk olyannak, amilyen. Ami velem most történik, az valós és létezo."
Author: Stephen King
295. "Most Americans do not own passports. They're not a naturally curious people. If you were to lock an American for sixty years in an empty underground bunker which contained nothing but a woolly tea cosy, the American would not even be curious enough to be tempted to see if the tea cosy would make a serviceable hat. They're far more likely to arrest the tea cosy, intern it illegally in Guantanamo Bay, and then repeatedly anally rape it until such time that it admits that it was actually a member of an al-Qaeda training cell. Even though at the time of the alleged offence the tea cosy was actually working as a shop assistant in a branch of Currys in Wolverhampton."
Author: Stewart Lee
296. "- Sucharki Podrózne Kapitana Osmiopantera. Poznaje - odezwal sie chochlik. - Bardzo wielu ludziom morza ocalily zycie.- Na pewno. Uzywacie ich jako tratew czy rzucacie rekinom, a potem przygladacie sie, jak tona?"
Author: Terry Pratchett
297. "Existe una raza de hombres inadaptados, de hombres que no pueden parar ni establecerse, hombres que destrozan el corazón de quien se acerque a ellos y que vagan por el mundo a la ventura...Recorren la tierra, remontan los ríos, escalan de la montaña las cimas más altas, llevan en sí la maldición de la sangre gitana y no saben lo que quiere decir descansar. Si no se movieran de una misma senda llegarían lejos: fuertes son, valientes y sinceros. Pero acaban cansándose siempre de todas las cosas y sólo adoran lo extraño y lo nuevo."
Author: Truman Capote
298. "O viaggio implacabile della società umana! O perdite di uomini e di anime lungo il cammino! Oceano nel quale cade tutto ciò che la legge lascia cadere! Funesto allontanarsi di ogni soccorso! O morte mortale! Il mare è l'inesorabile notte sociale dove la pena getta i suoi dannati. Il mare è l'immensa miseria. L'anima, alla deriva tra quei gorghi, può divenire cadavere. Chi la resusciterà?"
Author: Victor Hugo
299. "Affondava come una lama nelle cose; e al tempo stesso ne rimaneva fuori, osservava. Aveva l'impressione costante, anche ora guardando i taxi, di essere lontana, lontanissima, in mare aperto, e sola. Sempre aveva l'impressione che vivere, anche un solo giorno, fosse molto, molto pericoloso"
Author: Virginia Woolf
300. "Today's Europeans and Americans who reached the age of awareness after midcentury when the communications revolution lead to expectations of instantanaiy are exasperated by the slow toils of history. They assume that the thunderclap of cause will be swiftly followed by the lightening bolt of effect."
Author: William R. Manchester

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