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1. "Entangled cobwebs of my mind keep me awake at night! Need to get back to sm serious writing again!"
Author: Deeba Salim Irfan
2. "Wow," Puck mused, standing beside me. "The River of Dreams." ... Moons, comets and constellations rippled on the surface, and other, stranger things floated upon the misty black waters. Petals and book pages, butterfly wings and silver medals. The hilt of a sword stuck out of the water at an odd angle, the silver blade tangled with ribbons and spiderwebs. A coffin bobbed to the surface, covered in dead lilies, before sinking into the depths once more. The debris of human imaginations, floating through the dark waters of dream and nightmare."
Author: Julie Kagawa
3. "No fiction, no myths, no lies, no tangled webs - this is how Irie imagined her homeland. Because homeland is one of the magical fantasy words like unicorn and soul and infinity that have now passed into language."
Author: Zadie Smith

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Quotes About Tangled Webs
Quotes About Tangled Webs
Quotes About Tangled Webs

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