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1. "I miss the noise in New York: the sound of taxis and that constant buzz the city has."
Author: Bridget Moynahan
2. "Further study of central nervous action, however, finds central inhibition too extensive and ubiquitous to make it likely that it is confined solely to the taxis of antagonistic muscles."
Author: Charles Scott Sherrington
3. "Bloody Men Bloody men are like bloody buses— You wait for about a year— And as soon as one approaches your stop Two or three others appear. You look at them flashing their indicators, Offering you a ride. You're trying to read the destinations, You haven't much time to decide. If you make a mistake, there is no turning back. Jump off, and you'll stand there and gaze While the cars and taxis and lorries go by And the minutes, the hours, the days. Wendy Cope"
Author: Daisy Goodwin
4. "When I was 15, my parents left town for a month. They hid the keys to the car, but I found them. That month, I drove my stepdad's Thunderbird Super Coupe into Manhattan every day, and I would crank Cypress Hill as I flew around the city, racing the taxis."
Author: Danny Masterson
5. "Hoy el pesimismo recorre al país e infecta a quienes entran en contacto con él. México vive obsesionado con el fracaso. Con la victimización. Con todo lo que pudo ser pero no fue. Con lo perdido, con lo olvidado, lo maltratado. México estrena el vocabulario del desencanto. Se siente en las sobremesas, se comenta en las calles, se escucha en los taxis, se lee en las pintas, se lamenta en las columnas periodísticas, se respira en los lugares donde aplaudimos la transición y ahora padecemos la violencia."
Author: Denise Dresser
6. "The soft rush of taxis by him, and laughter, laughters hoarse as a crow's, incessant and loud, with the rumble of the subways underneath - and over all, the revolutions of light, the growings and recedings of light - light dividing like pearls - forming and reforming in glittering bars and circles and monstrous grotesque figures cut amazingly on the sky."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. "Only motorists can answer this puzzling question: What are taxis for? A simple pedestrian knows that they are certainly not there to carry passengers.Taxis, in fact, are a Christian institution. They are here to teach drivers modesty and humility. They teach us never to be over-confident; they remind us that we never can tell what the next moment will bring for us, whether we shall be able to drive on or a taxi will bump into us from the back or the side. .. and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life' (Deut., chapter 28, verse 66)"
Author: George Mikes
8. "Because his [Damien Hirst] art is idea art - art drawn on the back of cigarette packets and beer mats, roughed out in airport departure lounges and the back of the taxis, usually delegated to and carried by others - this leaves Damien a lot of time for what might loosely be called socializing. Hanging around."
Author: Gordon Burn
9. "Smiley was soaked to the skin and God as a punishment had removed all taxis from the face of London."
Author: John Le Carré
10. "So much luck! I'm not putting myself down, I'm not saying I don't have talent - I must have, to have got this far - but I honestly believe that some of the greatest actors in America are tending bar and waiting tables and driving taxis, and it will never happen for them."
Author: John Mahoney
11. "Opening a book in the middle of a chapter always made me feel like I was interrupting a group of strangers, wandering unannounced into their villages and apartments and taxis and slums."
Author: Julie Schumacher
12. "No nice men are good at getting taxis."
Author: Katharine Whitehorn
13. "Mi nombre completo es Ed Kennedy. Tengo diecinueve años. Soy taxista menor de edad. Soy uno más de los muchos jóvenes que se venen este pueblo próximo a la ciudad, sin demasiadas perspectivas ni posibilidades. Aparte de eso, leo más libros de los que debería, soy pésimoen la cama y un desastre haciendo la declaración de la renta. Encantado de conoceros."
Author: Markus Zusak
14. "I like the city late at night, the blasts of music and the splashes of light cast from bars that are still open, shoals of brightly-dressed clubber, the beeping taxis and the greasy, savoury smell of meat and onions from the burger vans."
Author: Mhairi McFarlane
15. "I'm no expert on types of cars. As far as i'm concerned, you could send all the cars in the world through a compactor and shoot them out into the stratosphere and put them in orbit around Mars. Except, of course, the taxis that have to be at my disposal when I need them."
Author: Peter Høeg
16. "I'd love to have our trains, our subway cars and our taxis built right here in New York City. You can create 40,000 living wage jobs... the city's contracting power is huge."
Author: Sal Albanese
17. "When a man and a woman see each other and like each other they ought to come together - wham - like a couple of taxis on Broadway, not sit around analyzing each other like two specimens in a bottle."
Author: Thelma Ritter
18. "Ah, sahib. I know you just come to comfort a old man left to live by hisself. Soomintra say I too old-fashion. And Leela, she always by you. Why you don't sit down, sahib? It ain't dirty. Is just how it does look.'Ganesh didn't sit down. ‘Ramlogan, I come to buy over your taxis."
Author: V.S. Naipaul
19. "All you need now is to stand at the window and let your rhythmical sense open and shut, open and shut, boldly and freely, until one thing melts in another, until the taxis are dancing with the daffodils, until a whole has been made from all these separate fragments."
Author: Virginia Woolf
20. "Qué absorbente es esta vida, misteriosa e infinitamente rica. Y en la gran plaza donde los taxis corrían y giraban tan deprisa, había parejas paseando sin rumbo, demorándose, abrazándose, encogidos bajo la ducha de un árbol; eso sí que era emocionante; tan silenciosos, tan absortos, que uno pasaba de largo discreta y tímidamente, como si se tratase de alguna ceremonia sagrada que resultaría impío interrumpir."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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