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1. "My father was a member of the Teamsters Union in California, where he helped to organize better health care for workers. My mother worked for more than 20 years on an assembly line."
Author: Hilda Solis
2. "If we're all together, we have money, and we start to organize, you're going to see the Teamsters Union start to bloom."
Author: James P. Hoffa
3. "The mob's not coming back in the Teamsters Union. We've gotten rid of them, and we're free to be free of government supervision."
Author: James P. Hoffa
4. "I will never apologize for standing up for my fellow Teamsters and all American workers."
Author: James P. Hoffa
5. "We could see the Teamsters coming in from New Jersey, the AFL-CIO from Chicago. You could see all of the people being bused in."
Author: Scott Walker

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Quotes About Teamsters
Quotes About Teamsters
Quotes About Teamsters

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