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1. "Dying isn't as lucrative as it once was, especially since purple cloth has become so cheap. I'm switching to the business of death instead. I just got hired by the American Medical Association"
Author: Bauvard
2. "I'm a pitchman, my business comes from the pitch, nothing else."
Author: Billy Mays
3. "My point is that this Potter business has legs. It will run and run, and we must be utterly mad, as a country, to leave it to the Americans to make money from a great British invention. I appeal to the children of this country and to their Potter-fiend parents to write to Warner Bros and Universal, and perhaps, even, to the great J K herself. Bring Harry home to Britain—and if you want a site with less rainfall than Rome, with excellent public transport, and strong connections to Harry Potter, I have just the place."
Author: Boris Johnson
4. "It is nasty. You can think that you know someone in this business and you really don't. You can be stabbed in the back very easily. You can be praised very easily. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do."
Author: Daisy Fuentes
5. "I resisted the film business as long as I could, because of the big circus act and the amount of money that it costs to make films - I saw my father suffer through that."
Author: Danny Huston
6. "Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle for a business owner with any size business is the internal response to the question - 'Now what?' Often this question is followed by a - deer in the headlights - response, which is then followed by stagnation. Following stagnation comes fear."
Author: Darren L Johnson
7. "Lots of small business men have been contacting me to say they wish they had the nerve to say what I said."
Author: David A. Siegel
8. "Treaties, agreements and organizations to help settle disputes may be necessary, but they often favor the interests of business over citizens."
Author: David Suzuki
9. "I wondered why I was so startled by the encounter when there was something that seemed utterly inevitable about the moment. Not in any grand, destined sense; just in the quiet, stubborn way that unfinished business has of imposing its will on the unwilling."
Author: Emily Giffin
10. "Being in the business and growing up in L.A., I think I turned out pretty OK."
Author: Emma Roberts
11. "When the head of state of family thinks first of gouging out an income, he must perforce do it through small men; and even if they are clever at their job, if one employ such inferior characters in state and family business the tilled fields will go rack swamp and ruin and edged calamities will mount up to the full.... This is the meaning of: A state does not profit by profits - Pound's translation of Confucius"
Author: Ezra Pound
12. "It never ends, this business of being a lady."
Author: Franny Billingsley
13. "The schedules are crammed with shows urging us to travel further, drive faster, build bigger, buy more, yet none of them are deemed to offend the rules, which really means that they don't offend the interests of business or the pampered sensibilities of the Aga class. The media, driven by fear and advertising, are hopelessly biased towards the consumer economy and against the biosphere."
Author: George Monbiot
14. "Our Business here is not to know all things, but those which concern our conduct."
Author: John Locke
15. "You are fiercely heterosexual and well-formed, and it's no one's business that you've shrunk your parents and keep them in a terranium, but you have a gatling gun for a mouth, and if that's a diary you're producing from your cleavage, I'm leaving."
Author: Mark Leyner
16. "They will therefore not be in a hurry to risk their entire business by expanding too rapidly, but they are the major indicator of whether the manufacturing industry accepts there is a sustainable business in RFID production."
Author: Mike Marsh
17. "We don't choose the times we're born in, he says. That's the business of the stars. The only choice we got is what we do while we're here. To make it mean somethin."
Author: Moira Young
18. "You know your business model is broken when you're suing your customers."
Author: Paul Graham
19. "Some people have a tendency to get knocked down in this business and sulk and whine, and they just create a rod for their back, really. You have to have broad shoulders and get through it."
Author: Pierce Brosnan
20. "Throughout my business life I have always tried to keep on top of costs and protect the downside risk as much possible. The Virgin Group has survived only because we have always kept tight control of our cash. But, likewise, I also know that sometimes it is essential to break these rules and spend lavishly."
Author: Richard Branson
21. "To me, business isn't about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials."
Author: Richard Branson
22. "Sadly, in our technological, impersonal, and avaricious consumer society, people merely hold on to jobs. They put in their time, leave at the five o'clock bell, pick up their pay checks, and leave the whole business behind them. Work, for so many, becomes a necessary evil. They go at it grudgingly, at best resignedly. It is hard to fault them; the stressful conditions and uncertainty under which so many workers labor force them into an adversarial relationship with their occupations and employers."
Author: Robert Dykstra
23. "Closing the gap for women entrepreneurs should be a priority for the federal government - and yet the Small Business Administration has failed in their promise to women business owners."
Author: Ruben Hinojosa
24. "Happiness is a good business these days, more you talk crap about happiness the large number of crowd you will gather."
Author: Santosh Kalwar
25. "I pretended I had urgent business at the prosecutor's table which, in one of The System's obvious tells, was always millimeters from the jury box."
Author: Sergio De La Pava
26. "With its population made up of two categories of people, those who do business and those upon whom they prey, the city has only a painful life to offer the young person who goes there to learn and to study; for sooner or later anyone who lives there, whatever his constitution, becomes disturbed and is eventually deranged and destroyed by the city, often in the most deadly and insidious manner."
Author: Thomas Bernhard
27. "The business of love is cruelty, whichby our wills, we ntransform,to live together."
Author: William Carlos Williams

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