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1. "Inti hidup itu adalah kombinasi niat ikhlas, kerja keras, doa dan tawakkal. Ikhlaskan semuanya, sehingga tidak ada kepentingan apa-apa selain ibadah. Kalau tidak ada kepentingan, kan seharusnya kita tidak tegang dan kaget."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
2. "You cannot punch Tegan in th face, you cannot punch Tegan in the face, I kelp repeating over and over in my head. It had basically been my mantra since I started here, but it was getting harder and harder to uphold."
Author: Amanda Hocking
3. "... Where did you go?""Down below.""Ugh," she said. "I've heard they're little better than animals."Funny. I thought the same thing about most Topsiders I encountered. Tegan touched my hand in silent sympathy, and I set my jaw....I stepped forward and pasted on a false smile. We were in her home, after all. The least I could do was be polite. "I'm Deuce, animal from the underground."
Author: Ann Aguirre
4. "Kita menganggap keimanan sebagai sumber kenyamanan dan pemahaman, tetapi mendapati ekspresi kita akan hal itu justru menyebarkan perpecahan. Kita percaya, diri kita adalah orang-orang yang toleran meskipun berbagai ketegangan rasial, agama, dan kultural mencemari lanskap kehidupan kita. Dan alih-alih berusaha menyelesaikan atau memediasi konflik ini, politik kita justru mengipasinya, mengeksploitasinya, dan menjadikan kita terpecah-belah."
Author: Barack Obama
5. "Belajarlah untuk sedikit relaks. Apa yang kamu sebut perasaan picisan itu bisa jadi hanya rasa takutmu saja. Yang lahir dari kekecewaan atau ketidaknyamanan pengalaman pada masa lalu. Cobalah untuk tidak terlalu tegang dan serius. Bisa jadi sesuatu yang bernama perasaan suka atau jatuh cinta kembali itu akan menarik bila kamu sedikit relaks."
Author: Desi Puspitasari
6. "Kegiatan fisik dalam menulis fiksi bertolak belakang dengan hasil yang didapat. Kegiatan tersebut adalah duduk tegang dan jenuh sepanjang siang atau malam di depan meja dan mesin ketik, pada saat aku ingin berdiri dan pergi ke suatu tempat untuk melihat sesuatu yang aku yakini lebih menarik dibanding apa yang sedang aku kerjakan."
Author: Erskine Caldwell
7. "By the blasé flatness of Tegan's expression as he approached, he might as well have just come back from taking a piss. "Everything good in there, T?" Niko quipped. "You need back up or anything? Bag of marshmallows to roast over that little campfire you just started?""It's handled.""No shit"
Author: Lara Adrian
8. "Im honored to assist, Reichen told Lucan and Tegan as the three men loaded the last of the bags and weaponry. Ive often wondered what it might be like to stand among the Order as one of your own. Be careful what you wish for, Lucan drawled. Depending how things go, theres a good chance we could end up knighting you on the field."
Author: Lara Adrian
9. "Doing some late-night home improvements, my man? (...) For what it's worth, I never had any use for that froufrou French shit, either." - Tegan"
Author: Lara Adrian
10. "Rolling orange fire silhouetted him from behind, backlighting the warrior's broad shoulders and casual, long-legged stride. As he strolled away from the inferno, the ends of his loose black coat winged out behind him like a cape befitting the prince of darkness himself. "Holy hell," Brock murmured. "Tegan."
Author: Lara Adrian
11. "Female, I give you fair warning: you are playing with fire" - Tegan to Elise (Midnight Awakening"
Author: Lara Adrian
12. "Trying to second-guess Tegan was like trying to track a tornado. A tornado he had no business chasing."
Author: Lisa Kessler
13. "Tegan leans forward, pressing his lips to mine too quickly for my taste. "Because." Another kiss. "You're." Oh, one more. "My girl." Two kisses this time. "And it doesn't feel right for you to pay me for us to work out together. Because I want to be able to kiss you when I want and I can't do that if you're my client."At least I think that's what he said. I'm not sure I caught anything after him telling me I'm his girl."I am? Your girl, I mean?"He gives my waist a squeeze and I suck in my stomach. "I thought so, unless you're only using me for my make-out abilities.""You're so -""Conceited. I know. But you like it."
Author: Nyrae Dawn
14. "A smile tilts half his mouth. "Are you checking me out, Annabel Lee?"After all this time, I shouldn't, but I blush.Tegan walks over to me. "You can look all you want, ya know? Look or don't look. It's all up to you, but I can say, if the situation were reversed, I'd definitely want to explore every part of you."
Author: Nyrae Dawn
15. "And i am... looking, i mean. you said look at you and i just want to tell you, i am. - tegan"
Author: Nyrae Dawn
16. "I'm hard to get rid of." He smiled. All Tegan's suspicions about the boy came flooding back. "So it seems," she replied icily."
Author: Peter Grimwade
17. "By the way," said Tegan, suddenly very self-conscious. "Thank you." "What?" "You were prepared to give up everything for us." The Doctor just smiled and stood up. "Oh, come on!"
Author: Peter Grimwade
18. "Biarlah hati ini patah karena sarat dengan beban, dan biarlah dia meledak karena ketegangan. Pada akhirnya perbuatan manusia menentukan, yang mengawali dan mengakhiri. Bagiku, kata-kata hiburan hanya sekedar membasuh kaki. Memang menyegarkan. Tapi tiada arti. Barangkali pada titik inilah kita berpisah.. (Arus Balik, h. 669)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
19. "And the more I started to think of our relationship as a success and less as a dysfunctional fuck-fest, I was basically like. "Yeah, sometimes I do want to punch Tegan, but 99.9 times out of 100, I don't."
Author: Sara Quin
20. "Even before people knew us as Tegan and Sara, we were stared at and studied. We've been different our whole lives. It started with being twins and then being gay and then being musicians, so we've had 32 years of dealing with being fringe people."
Author: Tegan Quin
21. "Sara: Tegan just recently discovered that unicorns don't exist. Tegan: I just thought they were extinct."
Author: Tegan Quin

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