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1. "Quot Libros, Quam Breve Tempus"
Author: Augustus
2. "Nunc fluens facit tempus,nunc stans facit aeternitatum.(The now that passes produces time, the now that remains produces eternity.)"
Author: Boethius
3. "Tempus Fugit"
Author: Dan Brown
4. "Fugit irreparabile tempus."
Author: Virgil
5. "Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore"
Author: Virgil
6. "My second thoughts condemnAnd wonder how I dareTo look you in the eye.What right have I to swearEven at one a.m.To love you till I die?Earth meets too many crimesFor fibs to interest her;If I can give my word,Forgiveness can recurAny number of timesIn Time. Which is absurd.Tempus fugit. Quite.So finish up your drink.All flesh is grass. It is. But who on earth can thinkWith heavy heart or lightOf what will come of this?"
Author: W.H. Auden

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Quotes About Tempus
Quotes About Tempus

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