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1. "Nihil humanum a me alienum puto, said the Roman poet Terence: 'Nothing human is alien to me.' The slogan of the old Immigration and Naturalization Service could have been the reverse: To us, no aliens are human."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
2. "I take it that he is more than just a woodcutter. "No one is just a woodcutter, " replied Terence."A person's always more than his present occupation."
Author: Gerald Morris
3. "There's never any reason to trust someone. If there's a reason, then it's not trust.-Terence"
Author: Gerald Morris
4. "Luneta and her parents started and whirled around, to see Terence standing just inside Luneta's door. "Deuce it, Terence!" Luneta's father expostulated. "You'll kill someone that way someday! How did you get inside without any of us hearing you?" "I came in the door, of course," Terence replied, stepping forward. He held two swords in scabbards, which he tossed onto Luneta's bed as he approaced."For anyone else, the hinges would have squeaked," Luneta's father muttered."
Author: Gerald Morris
5. "The Aeon is a child at play with colored balls.(translation/paraphrase: Terence McKenna)"
Author: Heraclitus
6. "Whenever humanity seems condemned to heaviness, I think I should fly like Perseus into a different space. I don't mean escaping into dreams or the irrational. I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective, with a different logic and with fresh methods of cognition and verification. (Terence sent me this quote the other day. A good battle cry, I believe... and one I wholeheartedly respect.)"
Author: Italo Calvino
7. "Deterence is only a stay of execution, not a reprieve."
Author: Jonathan Schell
8. "Forget being a decent man, Terence. Go for castability. Could you even play a decent man in a movie?"
Author: Lorrie Moore
9. "Terence McKenna pointed out that "the profundity of [halluncinogenic inebriation] and its potential for a positive feedback into the process of reorganizing the personality should have long ago made psychedelics an indispensable tool for psychotherapy."
Author: Rick Doblin
10. "Terence: As my old da used to tell me, 'never trust a rich man'.David: Good thing I'm only moderately rich.Terence: Which is why I only moderately distrust you."
Author: Sabrina Jeffries
11. "Weddings have always been a fascinating thing to me. A time when people look in each others eyes and promise each other they will never allow anyone or anything to divide them. Out of two families, they come together to form a separate branch that links back to their roots. It's a time when two families are joined together because of the hearts of two people. A time when ill will and bad feelings should be put to rest along with the past. Weddings signify a new beginning. After all, no human alive has ever been able to choose his family...God knows, I would never have chosen mine. But as the Roman playwright Terence once wrote, 'From many a bad beginning great friendships have formed.' (Zarek)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
12. "But as the Roman playwright Terence once wrote, From many a bad beginning great friendships have formed"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
13. "A lot of newspapers say, Terence Stamp is playing himself and we're as bored as he is."
Author: Terence Stamp

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