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1. "Race to the Top was only marginally different from No Child Left Behind. In fact, it was worse, because it gave full-throated Democratic endorsement to the long-standing Republican agenda of testing, accountability, and choice. Race to the Top abandoned equity as the driving principle of federal aid. From the initiation of federal aid to local school districts in 1965, Democratic administrations had insisted on formula grants, which distributed federal money to schools and districts based on the proportion of students who were poor, not on a competition among states."
Author: Diane Ravitch
2. "Testing is not a substitute for curriculum and instruction. Good education cannot be achieved by a strategy of testing children, shaming educators, and closing schools."
Author: Diane Ravitch
3. "We know the parental support, community support, makes a difference. It's not just the metrics of testing and putting pressure on the schools and on the teachers."
Author: Donna Shalala

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Quotes About Testing In Schools
Quotes About Testing In Schools
Quotes About Testing In Schools

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