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1. "Everyone thought that things were getting back to normal. They had no idea that normal didn't exist for me any more. Normal had been smashed on the rocks beneath the bridge."
Author: Cat Clarke
2. "Dwindling energy is one of the most boring things about being old. From time to time you get a day when it seems to be restored, and you can't help feeling that you are 'back to normal', but it never lasts. You just have to resign yourself to doing less--or rather, taking more breaks than you used to in whatever you are doing. In my case I fear that what I most often do less of is my duty towards my companion rather than indulgence of my private inclinations."
Author: Diana Athill
3. "Though things between him and me had been tense for a few days,they'd quickly gone back to normal. He never can stay pissed at me for long.Look at this face. Could you?"
Author: Emma Chase
4. "That was how I was going to get things back to normal—by working. I never thought I would use the words "working" and "normal" in the same sentence, but I'll try anything to avoid facing reality."
Author: Gary Reilly
5. "When you grow up--and from the look of things, you have awhile--but you learn things never go back to normal simply because everyone's sorry. Sorry is ridiculous."
Author: Marisha Pessl
6. "...because I'm sure that as soon as things really get back to "normal," once our kids or grandkids grow up in a peaceful and comfortable world, they'll probably go right back to being as selfish and narrow-minded and generally shitty to one another as we were."
Author: Max Brooks
7. "I'm saying that I can wait. For now. But when things get back to normal—assuming that ever happens—I want my shot. We can make each other happy, Faythe. I know it. And I'm done walking away from things I want just because they don't come easily. You're worth the work."
Author: Rachel Vincent

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