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1. "Keep thinking positive & being grateful! When we think POSITIVE & being GRATEFUL, good things happens to us. Positive thinking can do so much for us. From relieving stress to bringing joy & abundance, it seems to make our lives better. Unfortunately it can be quite a challenge & can't keep up with those good thoughts going. However, we can do a few things to develop the habit of positive thinking. We can turn negative thoughts around & practice reversing them. Plus, when we focus on being grateful, we feel abundant, happy & fulfilled. We start to think, "Hey, things are pretty good after all." Positive thinking & gratitude go hand in hand."
Author: Angie Karan Krezos
2. "A lot of weird things happen to me. People call out to me on the street and I figure I know them, and I walk over. And then they start to talk about a movie, and I get so embarrassed. Sometimes they think I'm Lorraine Bracco or Laura San Giacomo or Marisa Tomei. I'm sure it happens to them all the time, too."
Author: Annabella Sciorra
3. "My job, when it comes to free agency, trades, is not to pick players, but support the personnel department and the coaching staff. We have to have the financial resources to make things happen and that's my job."
Author: Arthur Blank
4. "I don't know what the future holds, but I know that God holds tomorrow, so it is exciting. Even when I have hard things happen, He loves me so big, so much. I come through it and I grow from it, because He has got me."
Author: Barbara Mandrell
5. "When bad things happen or you don't get your own way, if you can open your heart to compassion instead of shunting it down in anger, you're going to create more light."
Author: Barrie Dolnick
6. "I think good things happen to good people."
Author: Buddy Valastro
7. "There was a wonderful little short four-year time period when marvelous things happened. It started in 1908, when the Wright brothers flew in Paris, and everybody said, 'Ooh, hey, I can do that.' There's only a few people that have flown in early 1908. In four years, 39 countries had hundreds of airplanes, thousands of pilots."
Author: Burt Rutan
8. "Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, 'What the hell just happened?"
Author: Carroll Bryant
9. "The seasons do not push one another; neither do clouds race the wind across the sky. All things happen in their own good time."
Author: Dan Millman
10. "Sweet things happen. They still do."
Author: Dianne Wiest
11. "Archer had always been inclined to think that chance and circumstance played a small part in shaping people's lots compared with their innate tendency to have things happen to them."
Author: Edith Wharton
12. "Anything can be real. Every imaginable thing is happening somewhere along the dimensional axis. These things happen a billion times over with exactly the same outcome and no one learns anything. Whatever a person can think, imagine, wish for, or believe has already come to pass. Dreams come true all the time, just not for the dreamers."
Author: Eoin Colfer
13. "This is the ordinariness of the Present, without anything special, mystic or mysterious, it simply exists!! One should live through one's life from moment to moment, and allow things happen the way they want to happen. Abandon yourself into the Present! Be consciously present in every moment!"
Author: Frank M. Wanderer
14. "I will never fully understand why things happen the way they do on this planet. Too many people hold their tongue here. Too many people hide their true feelings. And at the end of the day, that does nothing but hurt someone. The men and women of Tamaran were always taught to live by their emotions, to trust that first reaction, as it is the most pure. Cyborg argues that you need time to make the proper decision. I argue that time blurs the true intent. To Earth standards, I may appear brash and rushed. I never hide what I think. Perhaps that is why Tamaran was a target for so many invasions. Our captors may have enjoyed seeing what pain they inflicted upon us, for our tears were never hidden either."
Author: Geoff Johns
15. "If we unite, we can surmount any mountain and make things happen for the betterment of all."
Author: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
16. "Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts."Harry Potter must stay where he is safe. He is too great, too good, to lose. If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger.""Why?" said Harry in surprise."There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year."
Author: J.K. Rowling
17. "Rover did not know in the least where the moon's path led to, and at present he was much too frightened and excited to ask, and anyway he was beginning to get used to extraordinary things happening to him."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
18. "Great things happen in small places. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville."
Author: Jesse Jackson
19. "Many strange things happen in this world"
Author: Johanna Spyri
20. "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."
Author: John Wooden
21. "It seems to me self-evident that if you have a life, things happen in it, and certain things do change; certain things end. People you know die."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
22. "Real life is not quite as it is in stories. In the old tales, bad things happen, and when the tale has unfolded and come to its triumphant conclusion, it is as if the bad things had never been. Life is not as simple as that, not quite."
Author: Juliet Marillier
23. "I won't struggle so much for i believe best things happen when not expected"
Author: Karla M. Nashar
24. "Call listened with amusement--not that the incident hadn't been terrible. Being decapitated was a grisly fate, whether you were a Yankee or not. But then, amusing things happened in battle, as they did in the rest of life. Some of the funniest things he had ever witnessed had occurred during battles. He had always found it more satisfying to laugh on a battlefield than anywhere else, for if you lived to laugh on a battlefield, you could feel you had earned the laugh. But if you just laughed in a saloon, or at a social, the laugh didn't reach deep."
Author: Larry McMurtry
25. "...things happen when you least expect them. Things that can change your whole life."
Author: Lesley Kagen
26. "Nowadays it is the fashion to emphasize the horrors of the last war. I didn't find it so horrible. There are just as horrible things happening all round us today, if only we had eyes to see them."
Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
27. "In life there are always these things happening if you can just get the joke."
Author: Lynda Barry
28. "These words [of Romans 12:1-2] are overflowingly rich in consolation; for just then when afflictions come over us, we should be of good courage, because that is the good will of God. Therefore we should be greatly pleased when things happen to us which displease us. The "good" will of God creates good out of evil. The "acceptable" will of God moves us cheerfully to love such good. It makes this good acceptable to us, and causes us to agree with it, even if it is evil. The "perfect" will of God will eternally perfect and bring to a[n] end all who are glad."
Author: Martin Luther
29. "The leaves of this enormous tree, those are the million places where life lives and things happen and creatures come and go."
Author: Michael Chabon
30. "But you need to make sure that the last thing you remember about today isn't that you fell down, it's that you got back up again. That's what we do when bad things happen to us."
Author: Michael Rowe
31. "Across the Atlantic, commercial therapy of all kinds provides so many more comfortable outlets for people when they are under pressure. The English tradition is to get a grip, whereas the American version is to get in touch with your feelings, to say: 'I'm a good person. Isn't it terrible when bad things happen to people like me?'"
Author: Peter York
32. "You don't know for sure why things happen, but you know, it did! It was my time to go on the show and I'm excited to see what my future holds."
Author: Pia Toscano
33. "Bad things, like good things don't happen any more often than they ought to by chance. the universe has no mind, no feelings, and no personality, so it doesn't do things in order to either hurt or please you. bad things happen because things happen."
Author: Richard Dawkins
34. "Accepting that life is insane, that bad things happen to good people and that you can find the courage to be grateful for the good in every situation and still move forward is hard (even terrifying), but heroic."
Author: Richie Norton
35. "Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens' lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons."
Author: Ron Paul
36. "Sometimes it can be bad to have too much family. Everybody gets involved in your problems, giving their opinion, gossiping, and making drama. But when bad things happen, they will be there to support you."
Author: Sofia Vergara
37. "I'm very grounded - that's how I would put it. If you met my mother, you'd probably say the same thing about her. I had a very sane upbringing, though some very insane things happened."
Author: Tracy Pollan
38. "Things happen to you out of luck, and if you get to stick around it's because you're talented."
Author: Whoopi Goldberg

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