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1. "Un soir qu'ils étaient couchés l'un près de l'autre, comme elle lui demandait d'inventer un poème qui commencerait par je connais un beau pays, il s'exécuta sur-le-champ. Je connais un beau pays Il est de l'or et d'églantine Tout le monde s'y sourit Ah quelle aventure fine Les tigres y sont poltrons Les agneaux ont fière mine À tous les vieux vagabonds Ariane donne des tartines. Alors, elle lui baisa le la main, et il eut honte de cette admiration."
Author: Albert Cohen
2. "El teléfono estaba sobre la colcha, pequeño, negro y siniestro. Lo miró sin tocarlo. Bip-bip. Aterrada. Bip-bip. Su zumbido iba mezclándose con las palabras de la canción, como si formase parte de ella. Porque los contrabandistas, seguían diciendo los Tigres, ésos no perdonan nada. El Güero había usado las mismas palabras, riendo como solía hacerlo, mientras le acariciaba la nuca y le tiraba el teléfono encima de la falda. Si alguna vez suena, es que me habré muerto. Entonces, corre. Cuanto puedas, prietita. Corre y no pares, porque ya no estaré allí para ayudarte. Y si llegas viva a donde sea, échate un tequila en mi memoria. Por los buenos ratos, mi chula. Por los buenos ratos."
Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte
3. "C'est (...) l'un des paradoxes de cette guerre : le côté irréprochable du gouvernement de Colombo qui, dans les zones qu'il a perdues, et ne serait-ce que pour ne pas s'avouer vaincu et avoir à prendre acte de la sécession, continue d'assurer les services publics, de payer les fonctionnaires, fussent-ils désignés par les Tigres et à leur botte."
Author: Bernard Henri Lévy
4. "Chez les Tigres noirs du Sri Lanka on entrainait les femmes combatantes qui n'étaient pas vierges à passer une journée avec une grenade dans le vagin. (ch. 2)"
Author: Bernard Henri Lévy
5. "Sento ancora la follia scorrermi dentro, ma ancora non ho scritto le parole che avrei voluto, la tigre mi è rimasta sulla schiena. Morirò con addosso quella figlia di puttana, ma almeno le ho dato battaglia. E se fra voi c'è qualcuno che si sente abbastanza matto da voler diventare scrittore, gli consiglio va' avanti, sputa in un occhio al sole, schiaccia quei tasti, è la migliore pazzia che possa esserci, i secoli chiedono aiuto, la specie aspira spasmodicamente alla luce, e all'azzardo e alle risate. Regalateglieli. Ci sono abbastanza parole per noi tutti."
Author: Charles Bukowski
6. "Where is your false, your treacherous, and cursed wife?""She's gone forrard to the Police Office," returns Mr Bucket. "You'll see her there, my dear.""I would like to kiss her!" exclaims Mademoiselle Hortense, panting tigress-like. "You'd bite her, I suspect," says Mr Bucket."I would!" making her eyes very large. "I would love to tear her, limb from limb.""Bless you, darling," says Mr Bucket, with the greatest composure; "I'm fully prepared to hear that. Your sex have such a surprising animosity against one another, when you do differ."
Author: Charles Dickens
7. "Amor de mis entrañas, viva muerte, en vano espero tu palabra escrita y pienso, con la flor que se marchita, que si vivo sin mí quiero perderte.El aire es inmortal. La piedra inerte ni conoce la sombra ni la evita. Corazón interior no necesita la miel helada que la luna vierte.Pero yo te sufrí. Rasgué mis venas, tigre y paloma, sobre tu cintura en duelo de mordiscos y azucenas.Llena pues de palabras mi locura o déjame vivir en mi serena noche del alma para siempre oscura."
Author: Federico García Lorca
8. "It never was about the musician or the instrument - it was about the laser notes in a hall of mirrors, the music itself. It was going to change the world for the better and it has. Maybe not as fast or as much as we wanted, but it has and it still will. Whether your name is Mozart, or Django Reinhardt, or Robert Johnson, or Jimi Hendrix, or whoever is next; who you are doesn't matter so long as you can open that conduit and let the music come through. It is the burning edge, whatever it sounds like and whoever is playing it. It is the noisy, messy, silly, invincible voice of life that comes through the LP on the turn-table, the transistor radio, or the Bose in your new Lexus that makes you want to get up out of whatever you are stuck in and dance. It is Dionysus and the Maenads all over again. No one can control it and I pity whoever tries. I am old now and only a house cat sunning herself in the window - but I was a tigress once, and I remember. I still remember."
Author: G.J. Paterson
9. "The moment our bodies hit, she fought like a caged tigress. She scratched, bit, kicked, and clawed. I landed a solid punch to her chin, knocking her witless for a few seconds. Those seconds were all that I needed. I steadied my gun and fired. As the stunned woman lay motionless, I pushed to my feet. Jaxon, Ghost, and Kittie all watched me expectantly. Lilla appeared distraught, as if I might attack her next, and Kyrin was shaking his head in exasperation. "Can you not go one day without using your fists?" he asked."
Author: Gena Showalter
10. "Leap out the window, my inner Tigress cried. You aren't ready to face such a powerful Tiger. I frowned. I thought a true Tigress never backed down from a fight. Don't you know anything? When she's in heat, she avoids everything male. Now run!"
Author: Gena Showalter
11. "Aunque le pinten rayas a un sapo no se convierte en tigre."
Author: George R.R. Martin
12. "I know something of shame...How can we not all feel it? We are all small-minded people, creeping about the earth grubbing for our own adventure and making the very mistakes for which we want to humiliate our neighbors......I think we wake up every day with high intentions and by dusk we have routinely fallen short. Sometimes I think God created the darkness just so he didn't have to look at us all the time." Major Pettigrew"
Author: Helen Simonson
13. "Ah well, there you go. Young people are always demanding respect instead of trying to earn it. In my day, respect was something to strive for. Something to be given, not taken." Major Pettigrew"
Author: Helen Simonson
14. "America wielded her huge power in the world with a brash confidence that reminded him of a toddler who has got hold of a hammer." Major Pettigrew"
Author: Helen Simonson
15. "Acuérdate que debes ser como el tigre del Himalaya: escucha la voz de la intuición y del instinto. Confía en las virtudes de tu corazón."
Author: Isabel Allende
16. "When one wizard saves another wizard's life, it creates a certain bond between them. And I'm much mistaken if Voldemort wants his servant in the debt of Harry Potter." "I don't want a connection with Pettigrew!" said Harry. "He betrayed my parents!" "This is magic at its deepest, its most impenetrable, Harry. But trust me, the time may come when you will be very glad you saved Pettigrew's life."
Author: J.K. Rowling
17. "Sirius — it's me . . . it's Peter . . . your friend . . . you wouldn't . . ."Black kicked out and Pettigrew recoiled."There's enough filth on my robes without you touching them," said Black."
Author: J.K. Rowling
18. "Lily and James only made you Secret-Keeper because I suggested it," Black hissed, so venomously that Pettigrew took a step backward. "I thought it was the perfect plan... a bluff... Voldemort would be sure to come after me, would never dream they'd use a weak, talentless thing like you... It must have been the finest moment of your miserable life, telling Voldemort you could hand him the Potters."
Author: J.K. Rowling
19. "You did a very noble thing, in saving Pettigrew's life." "But if he helps Voldemort back to power — !" "Pettigrew owes his life to you. You have sent Voldemort a deputy who is in your debt."
Author: J.K. Rowling
20. "What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed?" said Black, with a terrible fury in his face. "Only innocent lives, Peter!""You don't understand!" whined Pettigrew. "He would have killed me, Sirius!""THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!" roared Black. "DIED RATHER THAN BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS, AS WE WOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
21. "Considerai anche che nei linguaggi umani non c'è proposizione che non implichi l'universo intero; dire la tigre è dire le tigri che la generarono, i cervi e le testuggini che divorò, il pascolo di cui si alimentarono i cervi, la terra che fu madre del pascolo, il cielo che dette luce alla terra."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
22. "Proclamava-se ali o fim do mundo, a salvação penitencial, a visão do sétimo dia, o advento do anjo, a colisão cósmica, a extinção do sol, o espírito da tribo, a seiva da mandrágora, o unguento do tigre, a virtude do signo, a disciplina do vento, o perfume da lua, a reivindicação da treva, o poder do esconjuro, a marca do calcanhar, a crucificação da rosa, a pureza da linfa, o sangue do gato preto, a dormência da sombra, a revolta das marés, a lógica da antropofagia, a castração sem dor, a tatuagem divina, a cegueira voluntária, o pensamento convexo, o côncavo, o plano, o vertical, o inclinado, o concentrado, o disperso, o fugido, a ablação das cordas vocais, a morte da palavra."
Author: José Saramago
23. "Son tres los tigres los que se juntan para atacar: el paso de los años (ese monstruo que llamamos edad), la condicion femenina (flor que se por ser flor deja de serlo para ser recuerdo de flor), y ese albur al que alegremente llamamos vida."
Author: Josefina Barron
24. "Posar el tigre tiene algo de total encuentro, de alineación frente a un absoluto; el equilibrio depende de tan poco y lo pagamos a un precio tan alto, que los breves instantes que siguen al posado y que deciden de su perfección nos arrebatan como de nosotros mismos, arrasan con la tigredad y la humanidad en un solo movimiento inmóvil que es vértigo, pausa y arribo."
Author: Julio Cortázar
25. "Her feisty interludes turned him on, and he wanted to push her into situations that encouraged the tigress in her to come out more often. The girl shimmered with untapped sexual potential. Her dick of a husband obviously wasn't able to see what he could see…"
Author: Kitty French
26. "I ask, in future, my tigress, that if you intend to be a warrior, you think like a warrior and that would mean, before you bare your claws or unsheathe your steel, you… actually… think."
Author: Kristen Ashley
27. "But where Katherine was a white kitten, Elena was a white tigress."
Author: L.J. Smith
28. "—Entonces, ¿qué es lo que deseas buscar en primer lugar? ¿Leones, tigres, elefantes? Tenemos el zoológico entero en nuestras manos.Pero no sólo se siente como el zoológico. En este mismo segundo, por primera vez, se siente como si tuviera el mundo en mis manos y voy a extender la mano y agarrarlo. Incluso si es sólo temporal. O si a él sólo parezco gustarle porque su familia lo hace, lo tomo."
Author: Nyrae Dawn
29. "Prese un giglio tigre arancione da un secchio. «Per te» mi disse porgendomelo. «No non mi piacciono i gigli» risposi. E non sono una regina pensai. «Dovrebbero piacerti» replicò. «Ti si addicono.»"
Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
30. "Odd, said Miss Pettigrew conversationally, 'the undermining effect of flowers on a woman's common sense."
Author: Winifred Watson
31. "You've gone all red. It's cooking over a hot stove. That's why I've never cultivated the art. It simply ruins the complexion. I'm terribly sorry.""It's all right," said miss Pettigrew with resignation. "I've reached the age when... when complexions don't matter.""Not matter!" said miss LaFosse, shocked. "Complexions always matter."
Author: Winifred Watson
32. "Don't mind me," breathed miss Pettigrew. "Please don't mind me. I love it. No one's ever taken an interest in my face before.""Obviously not,' said miss Dubarry sternly. "Not even yourself.""I've never had any time," apologized miss Pettigrew."Nonsense. You've had time to wash, haven't you? You've get time to get a bath. You've time to cut your nails. A woman's first duty is to her face. I'm surprised at you."
Author: Winifred Watson

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