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1. "Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton's 'Batman' was one of the most inspiring - I saw that and I was like, 'I want to be her, I want to do that.'"
Author: Anne Hathaway
2. "Tim Burton... as an actor you wait and wish and hope and pray you'll work with him."
Author: Casper Van Dien
3. "Tim Burton is underrated. I loved Big Fish, loved that movie, think it's the best movie of the year, hands down. Really impressed with that."
Author: David Zucker
4. "I dream of working with iconic directors such as Tim Burton, Baz Luhrmann, Terry Gilliam and Wes Anderson - so I'm setting my sights pretty high! My perfect role would be in a fairy-tale period piece, and I'm quite upset all the Harry Potter movies have been made as I'd love to have been in those."
Author: Dree Hemingway
5. "...But Christman? Not for the spooky.' 'Yeah?' Kristen giggled. 'Well, tell that to Tim Burton. He thinks Cristmas is all about the spooky'"
Author: Jessica Verday
6. "If we had to go live action, I'd hold out for Tim Burton to direct."
Author: Phil Foglio
7. "These last few years, working with Tim Burton, it's been the best time I've ever had."
Author: Richard D. Zanuck
8. "No, there's going to be no even tenor with me. The more uneven it is the happier I shall be. And when my time comes to die, I'll be able to die happy, for I will have done and seen and heard and experienced all the joy, pain, thrills — every emotion that any human ever had — and I'll be especially happy if I am spared a stupid, common death in bed." ? Richard Halliburton"
Author: Richard Halliburton

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