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1. "I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!"
Author: Louis Tomlinson
2. "I want my first son to be called 'Tommy.' It will sound great, Tommy Tomlinson"
Author: Louis Tomlinson
3. "I like girls who eat Carrots. ~ Louis Tomlinson"
Author: One Direction
4. "Pray , Mr Tomlinson, be seated. He took his chair over against her. I stood behind hers, that I might give him agreed-upon signals should there be occasions for them.A thus-A wink of the left eye was to signify, Push that point, captain.A wink of the right, and a nod was to indicate approbation of what he said.My forefinger held up, and biting my lip, Get off of that as fast as possible.A right forward nod, and a frown-Swear to it Captain.My whole spread hand, To take care not to say too much on that particuliar subject."
Author: Samuel Richardson

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Quotes About Tomlinson
Quotes About Tomlinson
Quotes About Tomlinson

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After my wife and I were married, we obtained a rescue dog from a family that didn't want her anymore. She was a beautiful Collie/Shepherd mix named 'Precious.' It then came to pass that our first marital 'debate' was whether we should change the dog's name away from the same name used by the wacky villain in 'Silence of the Lambs.'"
Author: Bob Peterson

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