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1. "The truth is that stress doesn't come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about these circumstances."
Author: Andrew Bernstein
2. "To my surprise, I felt a certain springy keenness. I was ready to hike. I had waited months for this day, after all, even if it had been mostly with foreboding. I wanted to see what was out there. All over America today people would be dragging themselves to work, stuck in traffic jams, wreathed in exhaust smoke. I was going for a walk in the woods. I was more than ready for this."
Author: Bill Bryson
3. "Fear and bigotry don't need explaining. They simply are, like traffic jams and taxes."
Author: Eileen Wilks
4. "If our goal is to be tolerant of people who are different than we are, Chase, then we really are aiming quite low. Traffic jams are to be tolerated. People are to be celebrated."
Author: Glennon Melton
5. "I'm being followed so much I'm causing traffic jams."
Author: John Grisham
6. "I hate to think how many minutes of my life I've spent on goddamn hold. I want those minutes back. When death comes for me, I want back every minute I was on hold in traffic jams, and behind people with eleven items in the ten items or less line."
Author: Laura Lippman
7. "I also think stress is related to control. When you're in charge of your life, you tend to not care about losing control of things that don't really matter like traffic jams."
Author: Marilu Henner
8. "In some precious and personal moments there are brief, sudden surges of recognition of an immortal insight, a doctrinal deja vu. These flashes from the mirror of memory can remind us and inspire us, especially in the midst of life's taxing telestial traffic jams, which can otherwise cause us to grow weary and faint in our minds."
Author: Neal A. Maxwell
9. "As to remedying our personal mistakes, we face no hindering traffic jams on the road of repentance. It is a toll road, not a freeway, and applying Christ's Atonement will speed us along."
Author: Neal A. Maxwell
10. "That, plus the huge traffic jams I could see on the public skyways even at this distance, told me this was no place for sensible people. Hell, it was probably no place for Terrans."
Author: Rachel Bach
11. "There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."
Author: Roger Staubach
12. "It was how wars really ended, Dieffenbaker supposed -- not at truce tables but in cancer wards and office cafeterias and traffic jams. Wars died one tiny piece at a time, each piece something that fell like a memory, each lost like an echo that fades in winding hills. In the end even war ran up the white flag. Or so he hoped. He hoped that in the end even war surrendered."
Author: Stephen King

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