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1. "Natalya: "It was our favorite sister of NASA who guilt me into putting my tits on line to rescuing you helpless ornaments."
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
2. "O philosophy, life's guide! O searcher-out of virtue and expeller of vices! What could we and every age of men have been without thee? Thou hast produced cities; thou hast called men scattered about into the social enjoyment of life."
Author: Cicero
3. "He is guilty, but he will be acquitted, from motives of humanity, in accordance with the new ideas, the new sentiments that had come into fashion,"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
4. "Nearly 30 years since his only tour of Australia, mention of Tavaré still occasions winces and groans. Despite its continental lilt, his name translates into Australian as a very British brand of obduracy, that Trevor Baileyesque quality of making every ditch a last one."
Author: Gideon Haigh
5. "Watching Jamila sometimes made me think the world was divided into three sorts of people: those who knew what they wanted to do; those (the unhappiest) who never knew what their purpose in life was; and those who found out later on. I was in the last category, I reckoned, which didn't stop me wishing I'd been born into the first."
Author: Hanif Kureishi
6. "I'm a football guy at heart; maybe I should have played football for a living instead, because I play a lot of football videogames; I'm really into them."
Author: Jason Kidd
7. "They separate us into groups. The Ringleaders and the Others. I belong to the Ringleaders because my weak, pathetic, traitorous, fundamentally base peers point to me when someone asks them who is in charge."
Author: Melina Marchetta
8. "After what seemed like a monumental effort she reached the door and exited into the night air, leaving the rest of her"
Author: Paul Pilkington
9. "Fighting giants was one thing. Bacchus making into a game was something else."
Author: Rick Riordan

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Quotes About Transcendentalism In Into The Wild
Quotes About Transcendentalism In Into The Wild
Quotes About Transcendentalism In Into The Wild

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