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1. "How did he keep playing when money gotreally tight, and there was no more food in the house? How did he play on when it became clear he was flunking out of school? Was music really enough when the whole world seemed to be collapsing around him? Or was it just the only thing left?"
Author: Antony John
2. "TreallTabhair dom casúrnó tuago mbrisfead isgo millfeadan teach seo,go ndéanfad tairseachden fhardoras'gus urláir de na ballaí,go dtiocfaidh scraithagus díon agussimléir anuasle neart mo chuid allais...Sín chugam anoisna cláir is na tairnnígo dtógfadan teach eile seo...Ach, a Dhia, táim tuirseach!"
Author: Caitlín Maude
3. "And now I know it is perfectly natural for me not to look at someone when I talk. Those of us with Asperger's are just not comfortable doing it. In fact, I don'treally understand why it's considered normal to stare at someone's eyeballs."
Author: John Elder Robison

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Quotes About Treall
Quotes About Treall

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