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1. "A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "I can't say that I know the lexicon as intimately as a lot of people, so I may be unworthy of being called a Trekkie. That would be doing a disservice to the people who really are Trekkies."
Author: Alice Eve
3. "I'm immensely fortunate to have been involved in the 'Star Trek' universe. It has been a lot of fun, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been part of something so important to so many people."
Author: Alice Krige
4. "She thought of sex as the Star Trek transport.You vaporized and found yourself navigating another planet within the second or two it took to realign."
Author: Alice Sebold
5. "Man, do you ever feel it's just the hope of things we live for?' I asked. 'I mean, it's like the things themselves are just a big disappointment, you know? We like the searching, the dreaming. It's sort oflike the way previews for a movie are better than the film itself sometimes. What was that line I heard from Spock on Star Trek? He says 'Having is not as good as wanting' or something like that. Like, reality is the ultimate letdown."
Author: Augustus Cileone
6. "I think the potential for man is so enormous, if we can stay alive long enough, we're going to be seeing a lot of what Star Trek is projecting."
Author: Brent Spiner
7. "Will Shatner, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek have already put novels out."
Author: Bruce Boxleitner
8. "The innards of Ping's G5 were supposedly computer-engineered with a process called "finite-element analysis," a term that for all I know was stolen from an old Star Trek episode."
Author: Carl Hiaasen
9. "We teleported," Issie finishes. "Like in Star Trek or Harry Potter, sort of. No! Like in Dr. Who in that episode with the Sontarans and the brilliant human boy, or really any Dr. Who ever if you think of the Tardis! Holy canola! That is just the coolest thing ever! Wowie, wow, wow!"
Author: Carrie Jones
10. "Growing up, my favorite TV show was Star Trek."
Author: Casper Van Dien
11. "It was a strange trek — the sullen leading the apathetic, followed by the confused, all tailed by the inveterately amused."
Author: David Brin
12. "Doesn't anybody ever want to talk about anything else besides 'Star Trek?' There were 79 episodes of the series; there were 55 different writers. I was only one of them."
Author: David Gerrold
13. "I may have one more 'Star Trek' novel in me, but it would be in the old universe, not the new one."
Author: Diane Duane
14. "When I grew up, my dad always used to watch 'Star Trek' and any and every sci-fi show you could imagine. I used to watch it with him, and I loved it."
Author: Erica Cerra
15. "The Firefly universe was anchored in a sector adjacent to the Star Wars galaxy, with a detailed re-creation of the Star Trek universe in the sector adjacent to that."
Author: Ernest Cline
16. "We combine our three packs of pasta for dinner – pesto. We tip the dried stuff into a pan, add water and simmer. We try it, looking at each other with disbelief as it hits the tastebuds. ‘It's pesto, Jim, but not as we know it,' I say.‘Fascinating,' says Lou, unsmiling humouring my Star Trek reference, while wincing at the foul food. (And what made me say that? Is there such a thing as a dad-joke vacuum that needs to be filled, even in the wild?)"
Author: Fiona Wood
17. "Zijn goede bedoelingen werden gedwarsboomd door de onwankelbare starheid van Rebeca, die vele jaren van leed en ellende nodig had gehad om de voorrechten van de eenzaamheid te verkrijgen en die niet van plan was daarvan af te zien in ruil voor een oude dag welke verstoord zou worden door de valse aantrekkelijkheid van een anders medelijden."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
18. "'Star Trek' is a 'Wagon Train' concept - built around characters who travel to worlds 'similar' to our own, and meet the action-adventure-drama which become our stories. Their transportation is the cruiser 'S.S. Yorktown,' performing a well-defined and long-range Exploration-Science-Security mission which helps create our format."
Author: Gene Roddenberry
19. "Zo vallen rondom een herfstboom de bladeren, hij voelt het niet, regen stroomt van hem af, of zon, of vorst en binnenin hem trekt het leven zich tot het uiterste en verborgenste terug. Hij sterft niet. Hij wacht."
Author: Hermann Hesse
20. "Jeg har alltid sagt at du ikke legger tilstrekkelig vekt på bifigurene. En roman skal ligne en gate full av ukjente, hvor to-tre personer man kjenner til bunns, går forbi. Ikke flere. Se på andre forfattere, som Proust - de visste å gjøre bruk av bifigurene. De bruker dem for å ydmyke hovedpersonene og gjøre dem mindre. Det finnes ikke noe mer helsebringende i en roman enn å gi heltene en slik leksjon i ydmykhet. Tenk på de små bondekonene i Krig og fred, de som krysser veien foran vognen til fyrst Andrej og ler. De er de første som ser ham, han snakker til dem, rett inn i ørene deres, og dermed løfter leserens blikk seg, nå blir det bare ett eneste ansikt, en eneste sjel."
Author: Irène Némirovsky
21. "As a kid, 'Star Wars' was much more my thing than 'Star Trek' was."
Author: J. J. Abrams
22. "Ah, dude," Paul said. "What if they beam around like in Star Trek?"Sofia snorted. "I'll be sure to ask Dark Gator if I see him." Paul burst out laughing; Tick held hid laugh in pressing his mouth closed. What?" Sofia asked. What did you call him?" Paul asked. Dark Gator." Man, oh, man, you are too good to be true Miss Italy, too good to be true." Still chuckling, he walked towards all the people. "I think I see a restaurant up there. Let's check it out. Sofia looked at Tick, her eyebrows raised. It's Darth Vader," he whispered. "And he's from Star Wars, not Star Trek."
Author: James Dashner
23. "I am a nerd, but I don't dive head-first into any fiefdom of nerdiness, except for maybe 'Star Trek.'"
Author: James McAvoy
24. "I'm not real impressed with the Star Trek weaponry, I gotta be honest."
Author: Jeri Ryan
25. "Star Trek?" I asked her. "Really?" "What?" she demanded, bending unnaturally black eyebrows together. "There are two kinds of people in the universe, Molly," I said. "Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans. This is shocking." She sniffed. "This is the post-nerd-closet world, Harry. It's okay to like both." "Blasphemy and lies," I said."
Author: Jim Butcher
26. "Sean Connery, in Vyshny Volochyokin the rain on a drizzly solo trek, said, "forgetting my sweater has made me much wetter. I certainly do miss my polo-neck."- Arthur Shappey, Limerick, Cabin Pressure"
Author: John David Finnemore
27. "Dude, you're such a geek. And that's coming from an overweight Star Trek fan who scored a 5 on the AP Calculus test. So you know your condition is grave"
Author: John Green
28. "I think Star Trek has been very double-edged for all of us - as actors, writers, directors."
Author: Jonathan Frakes
29. "Het keuze-geobsedeerde Westen geeft de mens die anders wil eten meer ruimte dan elke andere cultuur ooit heeft gedaan, maar de ironie wil dat de volstrekt niet kieskeurige omnivoor - 'ik vind alles best, ik eet alles' - maatschappelijk bewuster kan lijken dan de mens die op een manier probeert te eten die goed is voor de samenleving. De keuze voor een bepaald soort voedsel wordt door allerlei factoren bepaald, maar de rede (en zelfs het bewustzijn) staat doorgaans niet hoog op die lijst."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
30. "Remember Star Trek? They're on this huge ship and they've got all these people, right? But you only see them, maybe they go on some mission and one of them gets killed."
Author: Josh Holloway
31. "They're cloaking," I said, as the pieces clicked into place. "They're using Iron glamour to twist the light around themselves so they appear invisible." I felt a thrill of discovery, of knowing I was right. All those years of watching Star Trek had finally paid off."
Author: Julie Kagawa
32. "I came face-to-face with a gorilla which was quite good, but it was a 10-hour trek in bad weather, up hills, covered in mud, with mosquitoes everywhere and when we got there the gorilla's just sat there doing nowt."
Author: Karl Pilkington
33. "After all, we're currently living in a Bizarro society where teenagers are technology-obsessed, where the biggest sellers in every bookstores are fantasy novels about a boy wizard, and the blockbuster hit movies are all full of hobbits and elves or 1960s spandex superheroes. You don't have to go to a Star Trek convention to find geeks anymore. Today, almost everyone is an obsessive, well-informed aficionado of something. Pick your cult: there are food geeks and fashion geeks and Desperate Housewives geeks and David Mamet geeks and fantasy sports geeks. The list is endless. And since everyone today is some kind of trivia geek or other, there's not even a stigma anymore. Trivia is mainstream. "Nerd" is the new "cool."
Author: Ken Jennings
34. "Atticus:"I found it difficult not to grin like a geek at a Trekkie convention."
Author: Kevin Hearne
35. "I know stuff about 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Star Wars,' but 'Star Trek,' I don't know."
Author: Kunal Nayyar
36. "I was working out at a gym in Montreal when I was doing 'The Bone Collector.' I walked in and said 'Where do I sign in?' Somebody behind me, without even seeing my face, said 'Excuse me, are you on 'Star Trek'?' They recognized me from my voice."
Author: Leland Orser
37. "I adore the way fan fiction writers engage with and critique source texts, by manipulating them and breaking their rules. Some of it is straight-up homage, but a lot of [fan fiction] is really aggressive towards the source text. One tends to think of it as written by total fanboys and fangirls as a kind of worshipful act, but a lot of times you'll read these stories and it'll be like ‘What if Star Trek had an openly gay character on the bridge?' And of course the point is that they don't, and they wouldn't, because they don't have the balls, or they are beholden to their advertisers, or whatever. There's a powerful critique, almost punk-like anger, being expressed there—which I find fascinating and interesting and cool."
Author: Lev Grossman
38. "I was hedging. I had no idea about what would happen if I told him something about the future.Like that Siena would face a plague within a few years. And that Florence would eventually rule them.What would happen if I let such things slip? All sorts of time/space continuum stuff might come crashing down. Or maybe it wouldn't.I should've watched more Star Trek as a kid."
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
39. "But he knew people and he was head writer for Have Gun Will Travel, and if you took those early Star Treks that we did and put us in a western wardrobe and put us on wagon train going west, we can say the same lines."
Author: Majel Barrett
40. "De schoonzus van een van mijn vriendinnen heeft onlangs telefoon in haar huis laten aanleggen! [...] Ik zal je eerlijk bekennen dat ik listen en lagen verzonnen heb om ook eens een keer door het toestel te mogen komen spreken. Ik vind het heel aantrekkelijk, maar toch meer bij een vriendin dan bij mij thuis. Daar zou ik geloof ik niet graag een telefoon willen hebben. Als het eerste nieuwtje eraf is, wordt dat gebel waarschijnlijk een plaag."
Author: Marcel Proust
41. "I've been getting a lot of science fiction scripts which contained variations on my 'Star Trek' character and I've been turning them down. I strongly feel that the next role I do, I should not be wearing spandex."
Author: Marina Sirtis
42. "In our first season we had a 22 rating. Today Seinfeld, a hit show, gets a 15. Lost in Space actually had a bigger audience than Star Trek got at that time."
Author: Mark Goddard
43. "I'm still a 'Star Trek' fan. You never stop being one."
Author: Mila Kunis
44. "I've often reflected on this in the past weeks as I've been following the presidential campaign: Very often, I thought it would have been great for both of these guys to sit down and be force-fed a couple of dozen episodes of Star Trek."
Author: Patrick Stewart
45. "I only went to one Star Trek convention and that was in the late '80s. I hadn't gone to a convention before that. It was quite amusing, with the people dressed up and all of that."
Author: Persis Khambatta
46. "Insanlar daha çok mesaleye benziyorlardi;birileri üfleyinceye kadar yanarlardi.Ne kadar nadir diger insanlarin yüzleri sizi sizden alip,kendi duygularinizi en titrek düsüncelerinizi sizlere yansitirdi?"
Author: Ray Bradbury
47. "I am an amateur mountain climber. Once or twice a year I go off to Chamonix in the French Alps, under Mont Blanc, and with a guide do treks that include rock climbing at high altitude."
Author: Robert Littell
48. "When I came out to L. A., I got a part in an episode of 'Star Trek: Voyager,' and I hired an acting coach."
Author: Sarah Silverman
49. "I get inspired when I look at Tom Lennon, who did 'Reno 911!' for six seasons while writing huge movies and directing and also doing other pilots; he did that FX pilot, the 'Star Trek' thing."
Author: Scott Aukerman
50. "My mother fed my love of demons, science fiction, and paranormal. She was a devout horror movie fan who kept me up until the wee hours to watch 'Outer Limits,' 'Night Gallery,' 'Twilight Zone,' and 'Star Trek.' We lived to watch those reruns."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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