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1. "On veut gagner de l'argent pour vivre heureux et tout l'effort et le meilleur d'une vie se concentrent pour le gain de cet argent. le bonheur est oublié, le moyen pris pour la fin."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "We found Trent and pulled him off the leggy girl. "Trent, it's time to get home before your parents realize we snuck out." I said. "What?" he asked confusedly. "Plus the bouncer found out we were sixteen and he does not look happy." Logan added. The girl froze, "You're sixteen? What the hell. You little perv, you're going to pay for this." Trent sputtered, "What? No." Logan looked at her all doe eyed innocence and said "Sorry Ma'am, we have to get home now because it's past our curfew." Trent stood open mouthed in shock but his eyes were shooting murderous rays. So many death glares, so little time."
Author: Amanda Kelly
3. "Max was looking scrambled and nauseous and Will was practically holding Max up as they walked. "Dude, I get why they call it the green thing now, it's the color of your face," Trent said as he too, helped Max to sit down.Max shrugged "Go on the roller coaster they tell me. It'll be fun they tell me."
Author: Amanda Kelly
4. "Vous pourriez lire dix gros volumes sur l'histoire de l'islam depuis les origines, vous ne comprendriez rien à ce qui se passe en Algérie. Lisez trente pages sur la colonisation et la décolonisation, vous comprendrez beaucoup mieux"
Author: Amin Maalouf
5. "This light-shouldered boy could jitterbug, old style, and would; he was more precious than gold, yea, than much fine gold. We jitterbugged...Only the strenth in our fingertips kept us alive. If they weakened or slipped, his fingertips or mine, we'd fall spinning backward across the length of the room and out through the glass French doors to the snowy terrace, and if we were any good we'd make sure we fell on the downbeat, snow or no snow."
Author: Annie Dillard
6. "Eau, tu n'as ni goût, ni couleur, ni arôme, on ne peut pas te définir, on te goûte sans te connaître. Tu n'es pas nécessaire à la vie, tu es la vie ! Tu nous pénètres d'un plaisir qui ne s'explique point par le sens. Avec toi rentrent en nous tous les pouvoirs auxquels nous avions renoncé. Par ta grâce, s'ouvrent en nous toutes les sources taries de notre cœur. Tu es la plus grande richesse qui soit au monde, et tu es aussi la plus délicate, toi si pure au ventre de la Terre. On peut mourir sur une source d'eau magnésienne. On peut mourir à deux pas d'un lac d'eau salée. On peut mourir malgré deux litres de rosée qui retiennent en suspend quelques sels. Tu n'acceptes point de mélange, tu ne supportes point l'altération, tu es une ombrageuse divinité. Mais tu répands en nous un bonheur infiniment simple."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
7. "The river Trent is lovely, I know because I have walked on it for 18 years."
Author: Brian Clough
8. "I was the only person of color in the Senate, and my colleagues were Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott."
Author: Carol Moseley Braun
9. "Je ne connais rien de plus vivant que l'envie, on dira ce qu'on voudra, mais il n'y a rien de plus vivant que quand on a le désir qui frétille, que quand on désire à trépigner sur place, que quand on n'en peut plus de se palper les corps, ou même que quand on n'en peut juste plus d'être avec quelqu'un, qu'on attendait ça depuis longtemps, et que ce moment-là, rien au monde ne pourra l'abîmer. Alors les sentiments, le feeling, d'accord, m'enfin, c'est quand même en dessous, les trucs en commun, les esprits qui se rencontrent, les signaux lumineux, tout ça, oui, ça compte, d'accord, je ne dis pas, mais s'il n'y a pas l'envie au-dessus de ça, c'est mou, c'est fade."
Author: David Thomas
10. "Je m'appelle Gaëlle, j'ai trente-quatre ans, j'ai un gros cul, je suis assistante dans la com', je m'éclate dans mon boulot, je suis super-pro et je ne supporte pas les incompétents. Tous les matins, je prends mon métro à Ledru-Rollin, je lis les gratuits, je me sape chez Zadig & Voltaire, je fais des régimes au printemps, je vote à gauche ou à droite, ça dépend, j'ai les pieds bien sur terre, j'aime pas revoir mes ex, le passé c'est le passé, j'aime pas trop le théâtre, je préfère le ciné, je m'engueule souvent avec ma mère, je me pose pas trop de questions, j'aime pas les gens prise de tête, je lis les bouquins d'Amélie Nothomb et la Star Ac', ça me fait marrer."
Author: David Thomas
11. "Qu'un type de trente-cinq ans soit chez lui un mercredi à quinze heures vingt est la preuve tangible qu'il est dans une merde de première qualité."
Author: Fred Vargas
12. "La gelosia non conosceva la sua casa: in più di trent'anni di pace coniugale, il dottor Urbino si era spesso vantato in pubblico, e fino ad allora ne era stato certo, di essere come i fiammiferi svedesi, che si accendono solo sulla loro scatola."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
13. "See, the thing is, I had a little misunderstanding with Trent Gibson in Pre-Calculus earlier. I dropped my textbook on his face—accidentally, while we were discussing some…equations—and he thought I was trying to brain him. So of course, he narked to Shoemaker, and apparently accidents are grounds for disciplinary action these days."
Author: Isobel Irons
14. "I'll feel better when Trent gets his punk ass here.""I'm here, you whiny little girl," Trent said in a hushed voice. I could barely see his outline in the darkness, but his smile gleamed in the moonlight."How ya been, sis?" he said. He hugged me with one arm, and then playfully shoved Travis with the other."
Author: Jamie McGuire
15. "I don't get scared very often," he said finally. "I was scared the first morning I woke up and you weren't here. I was scared when you left me after Vegas. I was scared when I thought I was going to have to tell my dad that Trent had died in that building. But when I saw you across the flames in the basement...I was terrified. I made it to the door, was a few feet from the exit, and I couldn't leave. "What do you mean? Are you crazy?" I said, my head jerking up to look into his eyes. "I've never been so clear about anything in my life. I turned around, made my way to that room you were in, and there you were. Nothing else mattered. I didn't even know if we would make it out or not, I just wanted to be where you were, whatever that meant. The only thing I'm afraid of is a life without you, Pigeon." I leaned up, kissing his lips tenderly. When our mouths parted, I smiled. "Then you have nothing to be afraid of. We're forever."
Author: Jamie McGuire
16. "The twins, Taylor and Tyler, threw confetti in my face, music began to blare, and then I saw the worst thing I'd ever seen in my life: Trenton in a man thong, covered in about ten pounds of body glitter. He had on a cheap, yellow wig, and Cami was laughing her head off, cheering him on."
Author: Jamie McGuire
17. "No. Listen. I get off at nine. I'm gonna pick you up at ten. If you aren't dressed and ready, and I mean showered and shaved ready, I'm going to call a bunch of people and tell them you're having a party at your house with six free kegs and hookers"."Damn it Trenton, don't.""You know I will. Last warning. Ten o'clock, or by eleven you'll have guests. Ugly ones"."
Author: Jamie McGuire
18. "Tastykakes are just another of the many advantages of living in Jersey. They're made in Philly and shipped to Trenton in all their fresh squishiness. I read once that 439,000 Butterscotch Krimpets are baked every day. And not a heck of a lot of them find their way to New Hampshire. All that snow and scenery and what good does it do you without Tastykakes?"
Author: Janet Evanovich
19. "Lula had Eminem cranked up. He was rapping about trailer park girls and how they go round the outside, and I was wondering what the heck that meant. I'm a white girl from Trenton. I don't know these things. I need a rapcheat sheet."
Author: Janet Evanovich
20. "Quanti anni ha, Trentotto, Bene, allora andiamo ad esaminare questi occhi. Il cieco li spalancò, come per facilitare l'esame, ma il medico lo prese per un braccio e lo fece sedere dietro un apparecchio che con un po' di immaginazione si sarebbe potuto vedere come un nuovo modello di confessionale, dove gli occhi avessero preso il posto delle parole, con il confessore che scruta discretamente nell'anima del peccatore"
Author: José Saramago
21. "The officer asks me if I want to press charges against Trent and I glare at him like he's grown an arm out of his ass."
Author: K.A. Tucker
22. "Seriously? You've never done this for your friends before?" Trent shrugs. He manages to stay straight-faced for another three seconds before a sly smile betrays him. "Yeah, tons of times. But I liked letting you feel me up." A loud chorus of snickers and laughter erupts. They all knew he was playing me. How did they all know and I have no clue? Probably because I'm too busy drooling over his body to notice his practiced movements."
Author: K.A. Tucker
23. "Trent's chest rises with a quick inhale as his hands lift to grab mine and pull them out, placing them with a pat on the outside of his shirt. "Okay, you win. But don't do that while I'm driving or we'll end up in a ditch." He looks over his shoulder again, adding in a soft, solemn tone, "I'm serious, Kacey. I can't handle it."
Author: K.A. Tucker
24. "Ohmigod," I moan, clutching my stomach. I'm sure I'm going to be sick. I'm going to become an exhibitionist vomiter.My heart is back to beating—racing, actually—as a new level beyond mortification slams into me. I sounded just like the actress in that awful video of Ben's that Kacey made me watch over the summer. Literally. I accidently walked in on those weirdos watching it one night. Kacey took that as an opportunity to pin me down on the couch while Trent, Dan, and Ben howled with laughter at my flaming cheeks and horrified shrieks.My sister is the Antichrist. This is all her fault. Hers and Stayner's. And those stupid Jell-O shooters."
Author: K.A. Tucker
25. "Was he real?" I mumble, staring at the phone in my hand. I didn't buy this for myself, did I? "What?" Livie asks, looking up at me in surprise. "Trent, was he real? I mean, I could understand if he wasn't real. Who could be that beautiful and sweet and perfect and want someone as fucked up as me?"
Author: K.A. Tucker
26. "Forever's a long time." Trent's arms squeeze around me. "Forever's not long enough when it's with you."
Author: K.A. Tucker
27. "His words hung between them, and Faith tried to pin down when exactly their relationship had gone from cooly professional to personal. There was something so kind about him under his awkward manners and social ineptness. Despite her best intentions, Faith realised that she could not hate Will Trent."
Author: Karin Slaughter
28. "Trent had been ready to kill that man to protect me. I had seen it in his eyes. I was damn sure I wasn't comfortable with that—not when I knew how badly he wanted to differentiate himself from his father."
Author: Kim Harrison
29. "Trent gave me a weary look. "Always seeing the best in a person, Ms. Morgan?""Yeah. Except with you.""
Author: Kim Harrison
30. "Avoiding me, Quen downed a swallow of wine. "Trent is a fine young man," he said, watching the remaining wine swirl."Yes... " I drawled, cautiously. "If you can call a drug lord and outlawed-medicine manufacturer a fine young man."
Author: Kim Harrison
31. "They tried to kill me," he said, his brow furrowed as he glared at them. "You saw them!" "Yeah?" I spouted off. "They weren't very good at it!"(Trent and Rachel)"
Author: Kim Harrison
32. "Trent, is this a date?"He didn't reach for the key still in the ignition. "You never told me how your car got impounded.""Is this a date?" I asked again, more stridently. Silent, he sat there, his hands on the wheel as he stared at the front door and the neon bowling pins flashing on and off. "I want it to be."
Author: Kim Harrison
33. "Trent and Ellasbeth did the nasty? Ewwww!"
Author: Kim Harrison
34. "Memories of ice and Trent surfaced, and I wrapped my arms around my middle. I had saved him, and he had saved me. What was wrong with us?"
Author: Kim Harrison
35. "She just threatened to throw the next man who shoots at you out the window. Megan is awake. She offered to help. God, Trent, what is it with you and women?"
Author: Kim Harrison
36. "You are your father's daughter,' he said, the skin around his eyes tightening. 'Trent is his father's son. Apart, you are annoying. have the potential to be a problem."
Author: Kim Harrison
37. "Mazie, Mazie." Untangling his long frame, Trent pressed away from the window. "I find you a puzzle. Unfortunately, I never did enjoy puzzles much as a child. There was always the mess of missing pieces and the temptation to force parts where they did not fit. I much prefer the whole picture, unclouded and unveiled."
Author: Leigh LaValle
38. "It was then Jessica realized he wasn't using his left hand at all, and that he held the arm oddly, as though something were wrong with it. There shouldn't be except for a minor bullet wound. She'd aimed carefully, and she was an excellent markswoman. Not to mention he was a very large target.He looked her way then, and caught her staring. "Admiring your handiwork, are you? I daresay you'd like a better look. Regrettably, there's nothing to see. There's nothing wrong with it, according to the quacks. Except that it doesn't work. Still, I count myself fortunate, Miss Trent, that you didn't aim a ways lower. I'm merely disarmed, not dismanned. But I have no doubt that Herriard here will see to the emasculation."
Author: Loretta Chase
39. "Some things," she said, "are best not known for sure, Lord Trentham."
Author: Mary Balogh
40. "I closed my eyes, shook my head, and laughed softly at his breathy words. Funny how I still hated that nickname, but my heart fluttered every time he said it. I hadn't forgotten the longing to hear him say it again while I was with Trent, because I knew hearing him say it meant seeing him again. And I knew that no matter how ridiculous it was, I would never complain about it again."
Author: Molly McAdams
41. "Damen Trent pushed his fat fingers between the blinds, peering across the street. Sure enough, all the windows of the Mekinet News building were in darkness."
Author: Peter James West
42. "Now when you have administrators deciding what sexuality is, and what's a taboo and what's not in terms of content, you got guys, like, Trent Lott who equates homosexuality with a disease."
Author: Richard Serra
43. "I suddenly felt all girly and giggly, which was a complete foreign feeling. If I started twirling my hair, I was going to have Trent shoot me."
Author: Sariah Wilson
44. "Un fantôme en pleine forme tient de la contradiction, tout comme un financier altruiste ou un Woody Allen optimiste. Peut-être les fantômes, lorsqu'ils reviennent sur terre, se montrent-ils sous leur jour le plus heureux ?"
Author: Takuji Ichikawa
45. "The echo of two boys playing in a pool testing each other to see who could hold their breath the longest.… Whadda ya wanna do now?— I know, we could wrestle like the Roman gladiators— Okay— What do we fight for?— Loser has to do the victor's homework for a week— Nah, raise the stakes. Loser has to suck the victor's johnny— Trenton recalled the long ago memory of two boys wrestling, butt naked in the back yard and the battle went on forever locked in each other's grip. A stalemate tangle in each other's arm. And they kissed finding each other's tongue. The taste of it so good and frightening at the same time and they pulled apart fearfully— Deez— Yeah Trent— I don't think we should tell anyone about this, okay? — Yeah okay—"
Author: Talon P.S.
46. "I wanted to thank Trent, but all I could do was give him a faint smile before I lost consciousness. Everything had worked flawlessly. I had planned the perfect murder - my own."
Author: Terry Lovett
47. "What was it like, being married to six actresses?""Like being married to one of them. They're all pretty much alike.""Why'd you keep doing it, then?""Hope is the thing with feathers," Trent said, "that tickles your scrotum at the moments when you most need a clear head."
Author: Timothy Hallinan
48. "È che pensava a lei, la criticava, e di nuovo, dopo trent'anni, provava a spiegarsela."
Author: Virginia Woolf
49. "The man swimming against the stream knows the strenth of it."
Author: Woodrow Wilson
50. "Il diametro della bomba era di trenta centimetri e il diametro del suo raggio d'azione era di circa sette metri, con quattro morti e undici feriti... E non parliamo nemmeno del pianto degli orfani che si leva fino al trono di Dio e ben oltre, creando un creando un cerchio senza fine e senza Dio."
Author: Yehuda Amichai

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