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1. "Angry Trish had changed all his contacts to characters from Fifty Shades of Grey. He knew this because Al's Auto Shop, usually listed first, was now "50 Shades of Grey gave me more orgasms than you." After that he had Anastasia Steele and A Helicopter. Worst of all, his mom—whose number he could thankfully remember—was listed as The Red Room of Pain."
Author: Debra Anastasia
2. "Though Trish and her bad boy types weren't exactly Kindra's style, she had to agree that Violet went for quiet and uninteresting. Sort of like mild salsa. Why even bother? You'd be better off just biting a tomato."
Author: Erin McCarthy
3. "E po, mirupafshim! Po me mbyt trishtimi, nga merzia. Seç kam nje brenge ne shpirt, Makar Aleksejeviç. As vete s'e di arsyen. E tille dite paska qene. Mirupafshim!"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
4. "You're scaring the dog," Trish pointed out. She rarely called me by name. They do that inprisoner of war camps, I've heard. Depersonalization."
Author: Garth Stein
5. "Thank you, Edward. You really are special. Being able to create something so wonderful.....But it's too bad... ... You couldn't put me back together too. Trisha Elric"
Author: Hiromu Arakawa
6. "There they were, the movers and shakers of Benjamin Franklin Hight - the sports stars, the cheerleaders, the good, the great, the gorgeous - bent over their pizzas.Trish sensed my angst and said, "My mother says girls like Lisa Shooty get the ultimate curse known to man.""What's that?""Too much too soon."I looked at poor, cursed Lisa who had been sprayed with sex appeal at birth. She had gleaming teeth and long, raven-black curls. She threw back her head and laughed with diamond-studded joy."When do you think the curse takes effect?" I asked."Not in our lifetime," Trish answered."
Author: Joan Bauer
7. "Around 14, I was turned on to Shania, Reba, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood... and I've followed it ever since."
Author: Laura Bell Bundy
8. "Trish had qualms about joining the women and talked it over with Mary Pleshette. "I don't know about this whole business of women being in men's jobs," she confessed to Mary. "I like the differences between men and women and I think we should keep them." Mary asked her which differences she was afraid of losing. Trish didn't answer for a long time. "Oh well," she finally said, "we'll still be women--we'll just have better jobs."
Author: Lynn Povich
9. "I got to make 'Trishakti' with Arshad Warsi, who was a newcomer at that time. The movie took three years to complete and became dated by the time it was released. The movie did not even get a proper release and bombed at the box office. It was a very bad patch of my life and a big disaster for my career."
Author: Madhur Bhandarkar
10. "And while Trish stared - stared, as it now seemed, into her own eyes - Guy held her hand and watched the crowd: how it bled colour from the enormous room and drew all energy towards itself, forming one triumphal being; how it trembled, then burst or came or died, releasing individuality; and how the champion was borne along on its subsidence, his back slapped, his hair tousled, mimed by female hands and laughing, like the god of mobs."
Author: Martin Amis
11. "Trish decided to go to New York for grad school, and I decided to join her. I wanted to study library science and work on the mainland. She generously offered me a place to stay while I enrolled in school."
Author: Penny Watson
12. "We created a line of pet food called Nutrish that's made to human standards, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to animal rescue. One of our top-tier donors is the ASPCA, and they help us challenge animal shelters all across the country to get more animals placed in homes."
Author: Rachael Ray
13. "It's so obvious that you're gonna ask a good looking dude to be with you for the rest of your holiday while you only know his name for like 2 hours, 32 minutes, 12 seconds.""Trisha! Being mean is my job! June, you're so predicteable, like, it's not a shock for us if you're gonna ask a good looking dude to be with you for the rest of your holiday while you only know his name for like 2 hours, 33 minutes, 2 seconds."
Author: Rea Lidde
14. "What chance?' she had asked, bewildered.‘Your chance. Your chance to live your own life. Right now you have the look of a woman who is seeing ghosts. Not everybody believes in ghosts, but I do. Do you know what they are, Trisha?'She had shaken her head slowly.‘Men and women who can't get over the past,' Aunt Evvie said. ‘That's what ghosts are. Not them.' She flapped her arm toward the coffin which stood on its bands beside the coincidentally fresh grave. ‘The dead are dead. We bury them, and buried they stay."
Author: Stephen King
15. "Not everybody believes in ghosts, but I do. Do you know what they are, Trisha?She had shaken her head slowly.Men and women who can't get over their past . . . That's what ghosts are."
Author: Stephen King
16. "And her eyes, violet, like the sky before a storm. Ralph and Trish had brown eyes. Max's were hazel. But Ondine. No, Ondine's eyes had to be purple, wide set, and heavily lashed. Beyonce and Yoda's love child."
Author: Tara Bray Smith
17. "Stay here with me, Trishy. Don't go back to your old life. Make a new one, here. With me. I know it's a hell of a big thing I'm asking—but I'm asking. Stay.- Joe"
Author: Toni Blake
18. "And I'm so thankful that I've been allowed to show another side of Trish."
Author: Trish Stratus
19. "Somebody like me wouldn't have gone on to the Trisha show because I already had a public profile."
Author: Trisha Goddard
20. "Într-o noapte m-am întors acasa, si Trish, care credeam ca-i atât de echilibrata emotional, tocmai încercase sa se spânzure. Magic, nu? Si-a pierdut jumatate din viata mâncând produse dietetice sa nu-si strice ficatul, iar cealalalta jumatate încercând sa se sinucida."
Author: Willy Russell

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