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1. "The notion that evil is non-rational is a more significant claim for Eagleton than at first appears, because he is (in this book [On Evil] as in others of his recent 'late period' prolific burst) anxious to rewrite theology: God (whom he elsewhere tells us is nonexistent, but this is no barrier to his being lots of other things for Eagleton too, among them Important) is not to be regarded as rational: with reference to the Book of Job Eagleton says, 'To ask after God's reasons for allowing evil, so [some theologians] claim, is to imagine him as some kind of rational or moral being, which is the last thing he is.' This is priceless: with one bound God is free of responsibility for 'natural evil'—childhood cancers, tsunamis that kill tens of thousands—and for moral evil also even though 'he' is CEO of the company that purposely manufactured its perpetrators; and 'he' is incidentally exculpated from blame for the hideous treatment meted out to Job."
Author: A.C. Grayling
2. "By now the streets of Kalaupapa were filled with people racing for high ground - sick people crying"Tsunami!" as nature played yet another mean trick on them, God's last best joke at their expense. It was,after all, April Fool's Day."
Author: Alan Brennert
3. "Ne olursa olsun, her seyin anlamsiz oldugu, her seyden umut kesmek gerektigi düsüncesiyle nasil kalir insan? Her seyin anlamsiz oldugunu söyledigimiz anda bile anlamli bir sey söylemis oluyoruz. Dünyanin hiçbir anlami yoktur demek, her çesit deger yargisini ortadan kaldirmak olur. Ama, yasamak ve örnegin, yiyip içmek kendiliginden bir deger yargisidir. Ölmeye yanasmadigi sürece, insan yasamayi seçiyor demektir. O zaman da, görece de olsa, yasamaya bir deger veriyoruz demektir. Umutsuz bir edebiyat ne demek olabilir? Umutsuzluk susar. Kaldi ki susmak bile, eger gözler konusuyorsa, bir anlam tasir. Gerçekten umutsuzluk can çekisme, mezar ya da uçurumdur. Umutsuzluk konustu mu, hele yazdi mi, hemen bir kardes el uzanir sana, agaç anlam kazanir, sevgi dogar. Umutsuz edebiyat sözü birbirini tutmayan iki sözdür. Çünkü edebiyat olan her yerde umut vardir."
Author: Albert Camus
4. "Onu sevmek de, sevmemek de umutsuzdu...Bu da bir lanet degilse, baska nedir, bilmiyorum."
Author: Alma Katsu
5. "I understand now why Hillary Clinton always wore navy blue pantsuits. Remember, for four years? If you have one or two themes, then you have the same shoes, the same bag. Otherwise, it's a nightmare."
Author: Amy Klobuchar
6. "The wild pursuit of status and wealth has destroyed our souls and our economy. Families live in sprawling mansions financed with mortgages they can no longer repay. Consumers recklessly rang up Coach handbags and Manolo Blahnik shoes on credit cards because they seemed to confer a sense of identity and merit. Our favorite hobby, besides television, used to be, until reality hit us like a tsunami, shopping. Shopping used to be the compensation for spending five days a week in tiny cubicles. American workers are ground down by corporations that have disempowered them, used them, and have now discarded them"
Author: Chris Hedges
7. "Any time they try to describe the tsunami to us, I am so touched by how high they look in the air, when they explain it with their hands-they go so high."
Author: Connie Sellecca
8. "All the black leathershe needsis the E-Z boy reclinerwhere her love is parkedwith one of his hands wrapped around a remote,the other, a bottle of beer.She's right. It's kinky.The way he doesn't look awayfrom the TV,as her head bobsin his laplike a fisherman's floaton a nature program,hecticwith the pacehis breath sets.His crotch swellsunder her mouth'sprowess. He's sucha sweethearthe waitsuntil thecommercialsto come."
Author: Daphne Gottlieb
9. "We Japanese, on the other hand, know our egos are nothing. We bend our egos, all of the time, and that is where we differ. That is the fundamental difference, Hatsue. We bend our heads, we bow and are silent, because we understand that by ourselves alone, we are nothing at all, dust in a strong wind, while the 'hakujin' believes his aloneness is everything, his separateness is the foundation of his existence. He seeks and grasps, seeks and grasps for his separateness, while we seek union with the Greater Life--you must see that these are distinct paths we are travelling, Hatsue, the 'hakujin' and we Japanese" (p. 176)."
Author: David Guterson
10. "Love is fickle and fleeting," Tsukiko continues. "It is rarely a solid foundation for decisions to be made upon, in any game."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
11. "Tsukiko sits on the floor in the center of the room, wearing a red kimono. A beating crimson heart in the pale chamber."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
12. "It is a matter of perspective, the difference between opponent and partner," Tsukiko says. "You step to the side and the same person can be either or both or something else entirely. It is difficult to know which face is true."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
13. "Marami sana akong dapat maging requirement sa babaeng pwedeng ipalit kay Jen. Kaso nagising na ako sa katotohanan, na sa itsura ko at sa laman ng bulsa ko9, pahirapang makukuha ang lahat ng gusto ko."
Author: Eros S. Atalia
14. "I don't deserve a girl like Hatsumi," Nagasawa once said to me. I had to agree with him."
Author: Haruki Murakami
15. "Eifersucht war - das hatte Tsukuru durch diesen Traum begriffen - das trostloseste Gefängnis, das es auf der Welt gab. Denn es war ein Gefängnis, in das der Gefangene sich gewissermaßen selbst einsperrte. Niemand zwang ihn dazu. Er ging aus freien Stücken hinein, schloss von innen ab und warf den Schlüssel durch das Gitter nach außen. Und niemand auf der ganzen Welt wusste, dass er dort eingekerkert war. Nur wenn er sich selbst dazu entschloss, konnte er es verlassen. Denn das Gefängnis befand sich in seinem Inneren. Doch er war außerstande, diesen Entschluss zu fassen. Sein Herz war von einer unüberwindlichen Mauer umgeben. Das war die wahre Natur der Eifersucht."
Author: Haruki Murakami
16. "It's kind of embarrassing to put this into words," she said, "but I want to stay friends with you, Junpei. Not just for now, but even after we get older. A lot older. I love Takatsuki, but I need you, too, in a different way. Does that make me selfish?"
Author: Haruki Murakami
17. "People in Japan have experienced many tsunamis and various earthquakes throughout the ages."
Author: Hayao Miyazaki
18. "God knows I'm not perfect, either. I've made tons of stupid mistakes, and later I regretted them. And I've done it over and over again, thousands of times; a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself-Misato Katsuragi"
Author: Hideaki Anno
19. "Ordinary men with extraordinary powerCommon men with uncommon resultsUsual men with unusual anointingUnschooled mortal men with immortal visionWeak men with mighty deeds-Insight for Fruitful Living"
Author: Ikechukwu Joseph
20. "Wir werden als abhängige Bürger geboren. Vom Moment unserer Geburt an sind wie Abhängige. Ein Zeichen dieser Abhängigkeit ist die Geburtsurkunde. [...] Entweder erhälst du die staatliche Urkunde [...], was dir zu einer Identität verhilft, die dem Staat während deines Lebens ermöglicht, dich zu identifizieren und im auge zu behalten (dich aufzuspüren); oder du kommst ohne eine Identität aus und verdammst dich selbst, wie ein Tier außerhalb des Staats zu leben (Tiere haben keine Personalausweise)."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
21. "Not only may you not enter the state without certification: you are, in the eyes of the state, not dead until you are certified dead; and you can be certified dead only by an officer who himself (herself) holds state certification. The state pursues the certification of death with extraordinary thoroughness—witness the dispatch of a host of forensic scientists and bureaucrats to scrutinize and photograph and prod and poke the mountain of human corpses left behind by the great tsunami of December 2004 in order to establish their individual identities. No expense is spared to ensure that the census of subjects shall be complete and accurate.Whether the citizen lives or dies is not a concern of the state. What matters to the state and its records is whether the citizen is alive or dead."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
22. "We still carry this old caveman-imprint idea that we're small, nature's big, and it's everything we can manage to hang on and survive. When big geophysical events happen - a huge earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption - we're reminded of that."
Author: James Balog
23. "Soetsu Yanagi, in the "Unknown Craftsman", writes, "Man is most free when his tools are proportionate to his needs." For example, for optimal productivity, a carpenter needs woodworking tools and an environment conducive to his work, not a steam shovel or army tank."
Author: Jeff Davidson
24. "The pain and shame felt are unknown to those with planned vacations. They know not of the tsunami that rescinded the homes, goals, and hopes of its victims—swallowed by the sea of greed."
Author: John Talmage Mathis
25. "Her sey içime dokunurdu. Bir yabancinin pesinden giden bir köpek. Içimi burkardi. Yanlis ayi gösteren bir takvim. Sirf bunun için aglayabilirdim. Aglamistim da. Bacadan tüten dumanin bitisinde. Devrik bir sisenin masanin kenarinda takilip kalisinda.Hayatimi daha az duygulanmayi ögrenmeye harcadim.Her gün daha az duygulandim.Büyümek midir bu? Yoksa daha beter bir sey mi?Kendini mutluluktan korumadan mutsuzluktan koruyamazsin."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
26. "She was in big trouble now."You stupid man," she said to the body on the floor. "Why did you have to lunge at me like that? Why couldn't you have left well enough alone? I told your father I wasn't going to marry you. I told him I wouldn't marry you if you were the last idiot in Britain."She nearly stamped her foot in frustration. Why was it her words never came out quite the way sheintended them to? "What I meant to say was that you are an idiot," she said to Percy, who, notsurprisingly, didn't respond, "and that I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man in Britain, and- Oh, blast. What am I doing talking to you, anyway? You're quite dead."
Author: Julia Quinn
27. "All the sudden Ryodan's standing one inch away from me, hand under my chin, holding my face up to his. "You'll never be just anything. A tsunami can never be ‘just' a wave.""Get off my chin.""I like that about you. Waves are banal. Tsunamis reshape the Earth. Under the right circumstances, even entire civilizations."I blink."You're going to be one hell of a woman one day, Dani."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
28. "My body melts into his hard one until his strong arm, coiled around my small waist, is all that hols me upright. I don't know if I'm bad for him, or him for me. All I know is that this is as inevitable as an incoming tsunami, and I'm just bracing for the swim of my life."
Author: Katy Evans
29. "For some odd reason, I like a man in sweatsuits. Obviously, you want your man to look good in a suit, but I like when men look comfortable, and the swagger just stands out of that."
Author: Lauren London
30. "I think as a business it would be amazing if the euro was to collapse, but financially and economically I think that would be a bit of a tsunami for everybody to cope with."
Author: Lloyd Dorfman
31. "It can happen like that. It can build slowly. It can come like a gentle rainfall, or it can slam into you like a tsunami. You are my tsunami, love."
Author: Lora Leigh
32. "Corner SeatSuspended in a moving nightThe face in the reflection trainLooks at first sight as self-assuredAs your own face - But look again:Windows between you and the worldKeep out the cold, keep out the fright;Then why does your reflection seemSo lonely in the moving night?"
Author: Louis MacNeice
33. "[Fire] is lightfooted and shamanic, dancing between the visible and invisible, undoing matter one collapsed molecule at a time, wreaking utter destruction with a touch softer than breath. Its poor cousins, wind and water, are one-dimensional rubes by comparison. Wind is all push, push, push. Water is suffocating, but passively so. And even when water gets it together to be a torrent or a tsunami, it is but wet wind. Fire is at once elemental and otherworldly. Fire dances on the grave of all it destroys. Fire is serious voodoo."
Author: Michael Perry
34. "Ma ei armasta seda maailma. Ma tõepoolest ei armasta seda. Ühiskond, milles ma elan, on mulle vastik; reklaam ajab südame pahaks; info ajab oksele. Minu töö arvutispetsialistina seisneb andmete, infohulga ja ratsionaalsete otsustuskriteeriumite mitmekordistamises. See on täiesti mõttetu. Ausalt öeldes on see isegi halb; täiesti kasutu lisapinge närvirakkudele. Selles maailmas on küll kõike muud vaja kui lisainformatsiooni."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
35. "Hatsuharu Sohma: [after tripping Kyo] If I hadn't had tripped you, you wouldn't have stopped now would you.[addressing the audience]Hatsuharu Sohma: By the way what I just did was very dangerous. And if it had been anyone but Kyo they probably would have been hurt pretty badly, so don't try it at home.Kyo Sohma: Don't try it here and who are you even talking to?"
Author: Natsuki Takaya
36. "We can act to deal with the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami, but the disaster was only faintly political in the economics and indifference...the relief will be very political, in who gives how much (Bush offering 15 million, then 35 million under pressure, the cost of his inauguration and then 350 million under strong international pressure)...but the event itself transcends politics, the realm of things we cause and can work to prevent. We cannot wish that human beings were not subject to the forces of nature, including the mortality... we cannot wish for the seas to dry up, that the waves grow still, that the tectonic plates ceast to exist, that nature ceases to be beyond our abilities to predict and control... But the terms of that nature include such catastrophe and suffering, which leaves us with sorrow as not a problem to be solved but a fact. And it leaves us with compassion as the work we will never finish"
Author: Rebecca Solnit
37. "And you think that's it? All is forgiven and he'll just be cool with me having Storm King's grandchildren because we're all united in some super team? That's naive."Dorian's face suddenly hardened. "Equally naive is the thought that I would carelessly allow him to do anything to you or your children. How many times do I have to convince you of my protection? Do you really think that if he comes back here and attempts to harm one hair on your head, I'll allow it? Eugenie, if he so much as looks at you in a way I don't like, Rurik and his conspirators over there won't have a chance to act because I'll have long since run that bastard kitsune through myself." Dorian's tone astonishingly became light and easy again. "Now then. I wonder where we'll be making camp tonight."
Author: Richelle Mead
38. "And you, Sarah Jacobi"—he pointed to a woman with white robes and spiky black hair—"you were sent to Antarctica for causing the tsunami in the Indian Ocean."
Author: Rick Riordan
39. "Biz insanlar, hem de nice bir zamandan beri mutsuz bir çocukluk içindeyiz."
Author: Romain Gary
40. "At noontimeWhen the earth is bright with flamingheat falling straight downthe cricket setsup a high-pitchedsinging in his wings"
Author: Sappho
41. "Please go, I beg you. I wish to stay as your equal. When I'm with you, my resolve weakens. -Tsukuyo to Gintoki(Gintama)"
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
42. "Everyone with all those good intentions came to help Indonesia rebuild from the tsunami; but the co-ordination problem was very big, because they came with their own way of doing business; they came with the inflexibility of their own governance."
Author: Sri Mulyani Indrawati
43. "And round her house she setSuch a barricade of barb and checkAgainst mutinous weatherAs no mere insurgent man could hope to breakWith curse, fist, threatOr love, either"
Author: Sylvia Plath
44. "I swear. Everyone here gets so worked up over the most minute details.~Mayuri Kurotsuchi"
Author: Tite Kubo
45. "The constant shower of the sun's maneerases the footprints on thin icedo not fear deception for the world lies atop deception~Toushiro Hitsugaya"
Author: Tite Kubo
46. "Olvastam egyszer valahol, hogy a sírásra nincsen tudományos magyarázat. A könnyek csak is a szem nedvesítésére szolgálnak. Nincs tulajdonképpeni oka, hogy a könnymirigyek egy érzelem utasítását követve túltermelodjenek. Szerintem azért sírunk, hogy felszabadítsuk a bennünk lakozó állatot – anélkül, hogy elveszítenénk emberi mivoltunkat. Mert igenis él bennem egy vadállat amely vicsorog, és morog, és a szabadságra törekszik – Tobias felé és mindenek elott az élet felé. És hiába is próbálom képtelen vagyok megölni ezt a lényt. Úgyhogy ehelyett belezokogok a tenyerembe."
Author: Veronica Roth
47. "Inimene on kõikjal saatusega silmitsi ja sunnitud otsustama, kas kujundada kannatus saavutuseks."
Author: Viktor E. Frankl
48. "Haftalardir, mutsuz oldugu için olaylara baska anlamlar yüklüyordu; ara sira yoldan geçen temiz yüzlü, iyi kisileri durdurup "Mutsuzum" demek geliyordu içinden, yolda sarki söyleyen bu ihtiyar kadin, her seyin düzelecegine inandirirdi Lucrezia'yi. ... Ne saçma bir düstü mutsuzluk."
Author: Virginia Woolf
49. "I love chilling in a cute sweatsuit and wedge sandals or sneakers."
Author: Vivica A. Fox
50. "A poem is a serious joke, a truth that has learned jujitsu."
Author: William Edgar Stafford

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