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1. "I breeze through Twitter - I look at the mentions, the pictures, the videos."
Author: Adam Lambert
2. "I have a Twitter handle, but I never sign on."
Author: Adepero Oduye
3. "I believe Twitter, right now, is just finishing the venture capital phase, getting into a maturity level."
Author: Al Waleed Bin Talal
4. "Rather than campaigning to help women, feminists today are more likely to be picking fights on Twitter, or dressing up petty grievances as proof of rampant 'sexism'."
Author: Angela Epstein
5. "What's cool about Twitter is that you can make a joke about something very of-the-moment or random that I wouldn't be able to joke about in stand-up."
Author: Aziz Ansari
6. "I like Twitter a lot. It is a great way to get the fans knowing another side of you."
Author: Caroline Wozniacki
7. "I've been going on Twitter every week going, 'Guys, you have to watch '2 Broke Girls' because it's incredible."
Author: Chad Michael Murray
8. "We must go for a day in the country and when surrounded by the gay twittering of the birds and the smell of the cows I will lay my suit at her feet and he waved his arm wildly at the gay thought."
Author: Daisy Ashford
9. "Twitter does have an effect on everything - things you put out there, they are out there for good."
Author: Donald Glover
10. "'Digiphrenia' is really the experience of trying to exist in more than one incarnation of yourself at the same time. There's your Twitter profile, there's your Facebook profile, there's your email inbox. And all of these sort of multiple instances of you are operating simultaneously and in parallel."
Author: Douglas Rushkoff
11. "Thought for the day: Twitter...140 character limit...must be a great tool for fortune cookie writers..."
Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
12. "Out from the servient shoulders of some smooth-tongued Waiter it stares, into the scared dilating pupils of the White Satin Bride with her pledged hand clutching her Bridegroom's sleeve. Up from the gravelly, pick-and-shovel labor of the new-made grave it lifts its weirdly magnetic eyes to the Widow's tears. Down from some petted Princeling's silver-trimmed saddle horse it smiles its electrifying, wistful smile into the Peasant's sodden weariness. Across the slender white rail of an always out-going steamer it stings back into your gray, land-locked consciousness like the tang of a scarlet spray. And the secret of the face, of course, is "Lure"; but to save your soul you could not decide in any specific case whether the lure is the lure of personality, or the lure of physiognomy—a mere accidental, coincidental, haphazard harmony of forehead and cheek-bone and twittering facial muscles."
Author: Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
13. "I'm active on Twitter, and I love my iPad and my Kindle."
Author: Evgeny Morozov
14. "I am not leaving twitter. If the mindless few defeat the thoughtful majority we are all doomed."
Author: Gary Lineker
15. "She went in the pool," she finished for me. "Ohmigod. She was killed while tweeting. It was Twittercide!"
Author: Gemma Halliday
16. "We've been texting for weeks. Surely it's rather like in Jane Austen's day when they did letter-writing for months and months and then just, like, immediately got married?''Bridget. Sleeping with a twenty-nine-year-old off Twitter on the second date is not "rather like Jane Austen's day"."
Author: Helen Fielding
17. "Bridget. Sleeping with a twenty-nine-year-old off twitter on the second date is not "rather like in Jane Austen's day"."
Author: Helen Fielding
18. "I have received nasty e-mails, messages on Twitter and ridiculous comments, not only about my size, but my family."
Author: Ireland Baldwin
19. "Anything you're interested in the world - whether it be Charlie Rose or JetBlue or a public figure or your local coffee shop - they're on Twitter and broadcasting what is interesting to them."
Author: Jack Dorsey
20. "I Twitter (or Facebook) therefore I am"
Author: Jayce O'Neal
21. "Facebook is massive in scale and scope. Twitter is a public communication forum, but if I'm following you, you're not necessarily following me. LinkedIn is, simply, a professional network."
Author: Jeff Weiner
22. "Beautiful, seamless upgrade from Twitter today, making functionality smoother and cooler. We didn't have to lobby, didn't have to beg, didn't have to elect a new leader, didn't have to push or protest. Progress is built in to the structure of the mechanism itself: this company exists to please you and me. This is a far better system than any political system on earth."
Author: Jeffrey Tucker
23. "I once threw myself a surprise party on Twitter because I was lonely. It was awesome. Thousands of people showed up and then Wil Wheaton and I made a bunch of monkey-ponies. It was the most successful surprise party I've ever thrown in my life. It was also the only surprise party I've ever thrown in my whole life."
Author: Jenny Lawson
24. "I did have a Twitter account that I tried for a couple days, but found I had nothing to say. There are some interesting facts I could share, but I don't want to share that part of myself."
Author: Jim Parsons
25. "One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time."
Author: John Piper
26. "I'm kind of new to Twitter. I'm about one year in, so I'm a little late to the party."
Author: Josh Charles
27. "I don't read Twitter."
Author: Josh Trank
28. "I told you not to take off work for this.""And miss your big finale? No way.I'm all atwitter to see how things turn out.""That's cute, Jordo." Then he frowned as Nick McCall was suddenly there, in their lives, andKyle was therefore being a little…cautious beforewelcoming him into the family."Be nice, Kyle," Jordan warned."What?" he asked innocently. "When have I evernot been nice to Tall, Dark, and You Can't BeSerious About This Guy?""I like him. Get used to it."
Author: Julie James
29. "Asana and complementary services are bringing the evolved team brain to the entire world. In great companies like Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, people already add information to and extract insight from these systems much the same way our hands and brain exchange signals."
Author: Justin Rosenstein
30. "I have a Twitter, but I'm not a tweeter... if that really makes sense."
Author: Kiernan Shipka
31. "The whole Twitter phenomenon is really indicative of what's happening in this country. And I say this in condemnation of myself as much as anyone else - we are growing into a nation that has no time, desire or capacity for truth. All we can handle is 140 characters of knowledge."
Author: Kurt Sutter
32. "All the people who follow me on Twitter know my sense of humor. I sometimes forget the blogosphere will give it more weight than I intended."
Author: Kurt Sutter
33. "I still love a well-crafted joke. Twitter's been great for that."
Author: Kyle Kinane
34. "She meant you have to live a story for a time.''And?''And then you can write it, in time. What have you lived?''Kind of a personal question for Twitterland.''Kind of the perfect question to answer in fiction."
Author: L.L. Barkat
35. "If I had my way, the woman I marry, she wouldn't be a part of Twitter and she wouldn't be on Facebook."
Author: Lance Gross
36. "I freakin' hate Twitter, man. I honestly don't understand the purpose of it."
Author: Landon Liboiron
37. "On twitter, you may have a zero follower; but in real life, this is not possible because everyone has a shadow!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
38. "Twitter is so short, it's safe. I don't want my bosses to be like, 'Hey, your script is due and we saw you wrote four blog pages.'"
Author: Mindy Kaling
39. "Among the social media - I've tried them all - Facebook is a bit of a game, but Twitter is a productivity tool. I use it regularly and I'm addicted to it."
Author: Nouriel Roubini
40. "…does not need Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon. She is a whole social media network all by herself."
Author: Pandora Poikilos
41. "I see a lot of comments on Twitter and stuff about how ugly I am, how bad I am at the drums, how awkward I look, and I'm like, yeah, I agree with most of those things."
Author: Patrick Carney
42. "?Each scar, dent, flaw, bald spots, clumsiness? represent life? fighting the fight 2 live? We Will Win#Brain Tumor Thursday on Twitter"
Author: Rachel Grady
43. "I don't really use YouTube that much. I am a very Internet-oriented person, but I'm more of a Twitter freak - I'm always on Twitter. Or chatting with friends."
Author: Rebecca Black
44. "I think it's funny how excited people can get about things I say that don't have anything to do with music. I made a disparaging comment about McDonald's on Twitter once and people flipped out on me."
Author: Ron Pope
45. "So I don't think I'll make Poet Laureate,but I swear I'm not twisted and bitter,If finely-wrought talentsdon't weigh in the balance,I can always write haiku on Twitter."
Author: Rosy Cole
46. "NC passed law against global warming science, therefore it's not happening. So I'm ignoring Twitter's 140-character limit, so it's not happ"
Author: Stephen Colbert
47. "Being on Twitter is like having a fern."
Author: Steve Martin
48. "His eyes were locked on me. We looked like Bambi and Faline, twitterpated, unable to be around normal people, at least I did."
Author: Tara Brown
49. "I've found my calling with Twitter. It's all about the amount of interaction you do, and the traffic you move, and I'm really good at that. I keep going and going and going, and no one can believe that I can keep it up."
Author: Tila Tequila
50. "I can't think of a bigger waste of police time than chasing somebody who has said something offensive on Twitter."
Author: Tony Parsons

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