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1. "I'm honored to have the endorsement of FreedomWorks. I look forward to earning the individual support of the grassroots conservatives who make up the heart and soul of this organization that has done so much to promote freedom and pro-growth fiscal policies."
Author: Adam Hasner
2. "Love is a game that two can play and both win."
Author: Eva Gabor
3. "I want the joy of knowing that I am doing something with my life, the joy of battle."
Author: Francis Chan
4. "...that left Francesca to slink into the chair opposite us. My feeling of superiority was short-lived, however, when she settled herself down and then crossed her legs.I didn't need a mirror to know my whole face had just turned red. With a hemline up to her thighs that gesture didn't leave anything to the imagination. Bones curled his fingers around mine and squeezed. His hand was still warmed from our contact moments ago. That's how fast he had to grab me again to keep me sitting where I was instead of yanking off my jacket to make her a pair of panties."
Author: Jeaniene Frost
5. "How can I be my best if I never fail,and how can I ever find peace if I never yell."
Author: Jessica Simpson
6. "I have remained someone who believes that the only things indispensable to human life are air, food, drink and excretion, and the search for truth. The rest is optional."
Author: Jonathan Littell
7. "This much is already known: for every sensible line of straightforward statement, there are leagues of senseless cacophonies, verbal jumbles and incoherences. (I know of an uncouth region whose librarians repudiate the vain and superstitious custom of finding a meaning in books and equate it with that of finding a meaning in dreams or in the chaotic lines of one's palm . . . They admit that the inventors of this writing imitated the twenty-five natural symbols, but maintain that this application is accidental and that the books signify nothing in themselves. This dictum, we shall see, is not entirely fallacious.)"
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
8. "He can cook?""In a manner of speaking," Mrs. Treadwell said, cheerfully."What manner of speaking is that?"
Author: Karen Hawkins
9. "I studied to be a chef as a side thing, a little hobby that I enjoyed doing, but I ended up falling madly in love with the food and the lifestyle."
Author: Kelis
10. "Open your eyes, ears, mind, and consciousness for the truth is right in your face. You can see it but only if you would pay attention!!!"
Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz
11. "Seek first the kingdom of heaven WITHIN, whereby lies an abundance of treasures and resources that you need"
Author: Lisa Washington
12. "I love my career. It is a career. A difficult one that takes many hours and total dedication to my craft. It is also what I was born to do--tell stories and entertain."
Author: Michelle M. Pillow
13. "Liberals are concerned about the concentration of wealth because it almost inevitably leads to a concentration of power that undermines democracy."
Author: Robert Reich
14. "I joined the Actors Studio and began to work with Lee Strasberg, and that changed my work."
Author: Sally Field

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Quotes About Two Can Play That Game
Quotes About Two Can Play That Game
Quotes About Two Can Play That Game

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