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1. "Do not sag with exhaustion. There is no mandate; only opportunity. Our culture fosters inattention; we are all creatures of that culture. But by making your way through this book—by merely picking it up, perhaps—you, reader, are in a new culture, one that values looking. The unbelievable strata of trifling, tremendous things to observe are there for the observing. Look!"
Author: Alexandra Horowitz
2. "...then inn a conversational tone said, "I slapped my Aunt Martha. When my fiancé died. She told me God needed him in heaven, and I hauled off and slapped her, a sixty year old woman....People say unbelievable things to you. They deserve slapping."
Author: Connie Willis
3. "Hank: As unbelievable as you may find this, Scott, we can do some things without your guidance.Warren: You're right, Hank! Why, did you know I went to the bathroom this morning-Hank: Not without Scott!Warren: Yes!"
Author: Jeff Parker
4. "I never cease being dumbfounded by the unbelievable things people believe."
Author: Leo Rosten
5. "HBO churn out some unbelievable stuff. They really got me with things like 'Band of Brothers.' But you can't beat 'The Sopranos.'"
Author: Mark Lawrenson
6. "We think of medieval England as being a place of unbelievable cruelty and darkness and superstition. We think of it as all being about fair maidens in castles, and witch-burning, and a belief that the world was flat. Yet all these things are wrong."
Author: Terry Jones
7. "As a musician I'm kind of nomadic, Waldo-like. I show up in different places, and I'm witness to unbelievable things."
Author: Yo Yo Ma

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